About Mo

Born and raised in Kansas, Meagan left the prairie for bigger and better things.  She landed in Chicago, met the man of her dreams and has currently settled in the heart of Logan Square with said man - her husband, and fuzzy cat named Gus Gus (you can also call him Mr. Whiskers).  Their longing for a stable life of living in a house with a garage and a yard is leaving them wondering what they could have; thus contemplating a big move out of Illinois to somewhere more affordable and closer to family.

All jokes aside, she is proud to be a Kansan and misses all of the wonderful people she left behind.  She moved to Chicago to finished school at Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's degree in journalism.  After taking a job doing research at a prestigious law firm for three years, her free-spirited heart won out and she left the position to pursue other interests.  Still believing this was the best decision she could have made, she currently enjoys being home with Mr. Whiskers and has picked up hobbies such as baking and knitting.  The blogosphere has given her the opportunity to meet her crafty side that she thought she never had.  It has also reminded her over and again how much she loves shopping.  With discovering all of these new things since becoming unemployed, Meagan hopes to one day open up a shop that sells things she loves made with love from others in the area.  She hopes that each and everyone of you that visit Mo Pie, Please will give a helping hand in making that dream a reality.  Whether it be the sweet and encouraging comments you leave or the opportunity to meet designers or a potential business partner - anything'll do!

She also has the knack for spotting typos and really enjoys writing.  If you're interested in cutting her a financial break, really love to read what she has written or are interested in her doing a guest post for your blog, please contact her at Meaganpie (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss further.


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