Friday's Fancies + Have a relaxed weekend!

Friday's Fancies

Floral print shirt, $55
Paige Denim floral print shorts, $114
Betsey johnson bikini, $108
Betsey johnson bathing suit, $90
Jigsaw espadrille shoes, £3
H m jewelry, £6.99
Ray-Ban wayfarer shades, £60
Jigsaw summer straw hat, £65
Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Moist Glow - Liquifuschia, $24
Clinique 'Sun' Advanced Protection Stick SPF 45 No Color One Size, $18

Hooray for Fridays!  This week has been a big one for us as we're adjusting to the life of owning our home.  There is so much we need to buy! And we've already bought so much!  We need to mow!  We need furniture!  We go to the hardware store all the time!  It's pretty awesome though.  Oh yes.

It was decided last weekend that on Friday, we were going on our annual summer journey south to Kentucky lake.  I'm so excited to spend the weekend on the boat, drinking beer and chillin' with some of my favorite people.  Life is treating us well these days and I'm feeling so incredibly fortunate.

I've got my bags packed, the sunscreen stocked and my sunhat at arms reach.  If only I were really going to look half as cute as I could in the outfit above. Sadly I'll be sporting cotton shorts and a plain jane tank all weekend with a rather boring swimsuit to boot.  But it's cool.

What are you getting up to this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it's wonderful!  Have a great weekend, everyone!  Spend some time relaxing with a delicious beverage in hand!

Thursday's Randoms

First off, this picture really makes me smile.  I love the way it's styled and the hair is gorgeous.  I've been thinking about my hair a lot lately.  It's not in good shape, guys.  The ends are so frizzy and fried and split and I feel lost.  My bangs have become too long and the color is...ick.  I need some hair advice!  I'm trying to grow it long (it's currently pretty long but I'm afraid if I trim away all the bad parts it will be medium-length again.  About a year and a half ago, I tried out the ombre trend at the salon but it didn't quite work out.  Needless to say, I came out of there with overly bleached hair that I had to dye and re-dye myself to get it to look right.  The ends of my hair are blonde from that bad bleach job, so I'm chocking the damaged parts up to that.  Is there a way to repair it? I've never really encountered this problem before and I don't know if damage repair products will do the trick or if I have to sadly chop it off.  I need a trim, yes, but I don't want to lose the growth.  Any advice, sweets?

Etsy's handpicked items always draw me in - for good reason.  This mint and brass necklace from Etsy shop Fortune is absolutely gorgeous.  

I couldn't resist posting these too, because the more I look at them the more I love them.  Via Fail Jewelry

I can't get enough of the color in these mouth-watering desserts!  They would have all been perfect to use at my best friend's bridal shower a year and a half ago, hah.  The zebra + Tiffany blue color combo is incredible and I'm in awe at the beauty of the display!  Via HWTM

Last, here are some shots from our first Waterfront Wednesdays. I had no clue we were going but it was pretty much just what I needed.  I really like this new city of ours.

Home Goods

Just a few home accessories I'm lusting after.  You know, if I was chock full of money and could buy all of these cool things.  But a girl can dream...

1. Flower pot table lamp from Finnish Design Shop - $390
2. Early 20th Century Tapestry Blankets from Jen Jones Welsh Quilts - $326 ea
3. Halve Bookends from Dig - $49.99
4. Sunrise clock from Clockeee - $85
5. Oiva Toikka barn owl from Selfridges & Co - out of stock
6. Table Globe from Design Within Reach - $295
7. Tea sub infuser from Utility - $16
8. Tatine Garden + Forest candle from Tatine - price unknown

House Call

Friends, I'm so excited about today's post!  Yesterday, I discovered via Facebook that my incredible sister-in-law had a feature on Apartment Therapy!  I still can't get over it all, I'm so proud!

A couple of years ago, I got news from my brother that they bought a house.  I was so happy for them and their new purchase, but even happier when I realized just how much they loved it.  I heard the details - about how it was a commercial property converted by artists they knew, about how there was a gigantic basement that could be converted to a music venue.  Shipping containers hang out in the backyard, full of leftover materials from the artists who converted the house.  Lockers for kitchen cabinets!  Tons of amazing details for two very creative people.  It was perfect.

Then I got to visit.  My mind was blown!  The house itself is incredible but with their creative touch, it was magical.  It's the perfect house for Halloween and Christmas parties (I know this because I've been to both).  It's the perfect house for intimate shows (I know this because my husband's former band played a show in their living room a few years back).  It's the perfect house for crazy loud rock shows (I have yet to be able to attend a show at the Track House - their very apt moniker - but I have seen pictures and heard good things) and for family get-togethers.  Needless to say, it's pretty awesome.

What's most awesome to me is that it's always struck me (and a lot of others) as a house that belongs in Dwell or on Apartment Therapy or some other amazing publication/website.  And now it's on A.T. and I'm thrilled!

Also, I wanted to pass along some good information to all of you.  Georgia's Etsy shop, The Big Harumph, has free shipping for all Facebook fans for a limited time!!  Click the link to like The Big Harumph on Facebook to get the coupon code.  Hooray!

Last, be sure to check out photos from this beautiful wedding on Style Me Pretty.  I love that her prints show up everywhere, but I especially love that they're being used in weddings.  It makes my heart flutter :)

Weekend Recap

Sorry for the late post, friends...but I am just now hooked up to the series of tubes (haha) called the internet.  

Guess what?  

Any guesses?  Yes?  

Yeah, that's right.  WE FINALLY MOVED IN!!!

We're homeowners livin' in a home, enjoying every last bit of it.  

The weekend was great.  We had our closing on Friday, which took less than an hour and we immediately moved in after.  With the help of our awesome family, it took an hour to unload our moving truck!  Can you believe that?  I'm still having a hard time believing it.  Some highlights of one of the best weekends ever include ::

  • Closing + the best feeling in the world
  • Moving in in an hour, obviously a highlight
  • Having everyone over to check the house out + hang out
  • Waking up in our new house
  • Mowing the yard - it was my first time and I gotta admit I liked it *
  • Unpacking
  • Bringing Gus home - it was love at first sight for the little guy
  • Saturday w/friends, pizza, beer and oldies
  • Sunday dinner with the fam - I've missed this kind of stuff and I'm so happy to be able to get together with everyone whenever we want! If only MY family could move here :)

So many things about this house make me so so so so very happy.  It's quiet out here.  The only sounds we really hear are cicadas and crickets and things.  It's the complete opposite of our life in Chicago, especially because we lived on a very busy street and right next to a bar.  At one point in the night, my husband got up to use the bathroom and looked out the window to see the biggest deer walking around in our yard.  Until we have vegetables planted** I can say that having deer in our yard is freaking awesome.  

Today the internet/tv was set up and tomorrow our brand new washer and dryer arrives.  I am so giddy with all the excitement, I feel like I could explode with happiness any moment!  

How were your weekends? I'd love to hear!  Also, if there is a radio silence from my end, do not worry. We're busy bees unpacking, arranging and painting, oh my!

* It was my first time mowing because growing up my mom and brother loved it too much to ever ask me to do it
** We'll get a fence, don't you worry.

Friday's Fancies + Have a cool weekend

Friday's Fancies - LWD

French connection dress, $200
J Crew wedge heels, $50
Proenza Schouler military shoulder bag, $1,995
ASOS vintage filigree ring, $34
Tom ford sunglasses, $463
Butter London 3 Free Lacquer Nail Polish, $14

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about a) the little white dress and b) staying cool.  It's hot as hot gets out there.  Every time I step outside it's hard to breathe and feels like I'm baking in the oven.  I'm not really complaining (every time I freak out about the insane amounts of sweat pouring out of me, I just think about that good ole blizzard in February) I just wanted to emphasize how hot it's been.  Wooh boy.

The French Connection dress is pretty much amazing, right?  I'm such a sucker for dresses like these, full of colorful tiny details but incredibly simple.  The J.Crew wedges seemed like a logical choice to pair with the stunner of a dress and I couldn't resist the thought of wearing it with those very hollywood Tom Ford sunglasses.  Throw in a fun cocktail ring and some pretty purple Butter polish and the whole look is just that...polished.  Hoorah!

What are your weekends looking like?  I'm just going to try my best to stay cool and hydrated.  Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it's a good one! Stay cool, my friends.  Stay cool.  Also, go 'like' my FF at {long distance loving} just for the fun of it ;)

Thursday Randoms

This Free People Sleeveless Printed Tie Front Buttondown is making my heart all aflutter, with its pretty pattern and colors and especially their choice of pairing it with that skirt!

I'm also feeling quite smitten with this Hickory Pouch from Layerxlayer.  It's simple and refined - what more could you ask for in a pouch?   I'm also pretty into their other stuff, including the wayfarer pack.

Since I live in the land of bourbon now, what better way to celebrate it than to bake a bourbon peach hand pie?  This recipe from Smitten Kitchen has me drooling and craving and then repeating.

There's something about this bedroom that has me feeling soothed.  It must be the incredible natural light and the combination of that navajo blanket and plants.  I'd like to transport myself though, right away.

Last, I'm loving the idea of having turkish towels used throughout our new home.  There's just something about them that strikes me as lovely and I want an entire collection!  Via Etsy shop Turkish Towel (bonus, they are a retired couple!)

Etsy find :: Minnow Bathers

Since I've been spending most of my time in my bathing suit as of late, I was excited when I came across Minnow Bathers' Etsy collection of unique swimwear.  I would love to spend my afternoons lounging poolside in one of those floral beauties or the black and white bandeau.  I must say, these Toronto designers have mad talent and if I were able to drop some money on a new swimsuit I would definitely show them some love!

Would you buy a swimsuit on Etsy?

Home Inspiration :: Nature

One of the many questions I've been asked about our impending living situation is what is your decorating style?  It's something I've thought about carefully but found that I wasn't able to fully describe it without my handy dandy Pinterest in front of me!

So last night as I was trying to fall asleep, my mind drifted towards elements, style and colors that make me feel good.  I dreamt of ways to decorate our bedroom to leave our bodies feeling soothed and comforted.  I thought of ways to redo our bathrooms to feel tranquil and calm.  Then my mind started to wander to outside the home and all the nature I'll be surrounded by.  I think that in and of itself has made me the happiest when thinking of the home we're patiently trying to move into.  So it hit me (well not really because I think I've known this for awhile considering this is pretty much how I decided to style our wedding).  I want the outdoors brought indoors.  I want my favorite part of the great outdoors represented in our beautiful new-to-us home.  The forest is a wonderful place, filled with woodland creatures (ahem, we are Badgers after all), beautiful colors and amazing sounds.  I love spending my time in the forest, with a campfire, hearing a crippling creek in the distance and listening to the sounds of nature surrounding us.  So why not incorporate that into our new living space?  

The inspiration ::
{Images 1, 2, 3, 4}

Magnificent trees in all their splendor.  The deep shades of green provide dramatic pops of color when paired with wooden furniture and accents.
{images 1, 2, 3, 4}
{images 1, 2, 3, 4}

The combination provides endless amounts of happiness in my book.  I'm in hog heaven over here just thinking about the possibilities.  What decor makes you happiest in your home?

Stay tuned for more home decor inspiration throughout the week!

Guest Postin'

Today you can also find me on Jenny's lovely blog, Jenny in Ohio.  She asked me to post for her while she's on an awesome vacation and I was so flattered.  Thanks for having me, Jenny!

Weekend Recap

This weekend was good, but not as good as it was supposed to be.  I spent a serious amount of time by the pool, drinking beers and eating food - which in itself, is pretty freaking awesome.  We hung out with family and friends and laughed a lot.  Some highlights include ::

  • Lebowski Fest - we made it out to see my sister-in-law's boyfriend's band play (what a mouthful) while we gawked at festival goers in their bathrobes and such.  I had no idea this festival existed but I have to say it was all really great - especially that stamp we got on our arms with a picture of the dude that simply said, "abide".
  • Poolside all day Saturday - my in-law's pool totally rules.  It's sure been nice to spend my time in there these past 5 days. 
  • Dinner with awesome people
  • Poolside all day Sunday
  • Hang out session with pooches + m-i-l
  • Breaking Bad season premiere!

All in all it was a good weekend.  But did you notice something big was left out of it? I jinxed the house by writing the Friday post, I swear.  Something really annoying happened when the loan was with the auditors in the final stage - literally hours before we were set to close.  Imagine my dismay - the tears, my hopes crushed.  I have no idea when we'll move in and it kills me.  So for now I'm just trying to hold my head up high and enjoy as much of that pool as I can (I think I'm succeeding in that).  Wish us luck :(

How were your weekends? Any of you Chicagoans go to Pitchfork?  Hope everyone is doing well!

Have an amazing weekend!

Holy donkeys, we're going to be this couple by days end!  I can't hardly believe it!  Perhaps because it's been a long time coming. Perhaps it's because we have been sweating it for the last few weeks and thought it might not even happen at all.  But patience has paid off and we are finally closing this evening.  So now it's FINALLY time to let the fun begin and the stress can melt away.

These past few days have been good for the soul.  We've been staying with family which is always nice. We've been fed, pampered and have really felt the love.  My days have been spent poolside, which couldn't be a better way to de-stress from the most stressful point in my life ever.  Seriously - this has all been like the few weeks leading up to your wedding...times ten.  

This weekend our plans consist of moving, settling and drinking.  Sounds good, right? What's on your plates?

Last, a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to my special guest bloggers!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of your posts.  You guys are the best.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

*PS - I decided to pass on my weekly Friday's Fancies post this week because of all the madness, but I'll hopefully have a great one for you next time!

Guest post - Johanna of 101 Things I Love

Chicago, I love you…

Hi! My name is Johanna of 101 things i love. I was thrilled and honored when Meagan asked me to guest post during her move. {we’re sad to see her go!} I’ve been a long time fan of Mo Pie, Please and wanted to send her off with some warm fuzzies illustrating what makes her old home so great in hopes that she’ll visit often! 

I’ve been a Chicagoan all my life. Born in the ‘burbs, graduating to a full time fan for over a decade. And no matter where my travels take me, and I’ve seen many-a-cool city, I always return home appreciating the awesome city I live in that much more! Here are a few reasons why…

  • Architecture: Skyscrapers, gargoyles, pillars and bridges. This city is a photographer’s dream to shoot with so many styles represented on every block. My favorite shot was taken on my birthday last year outside the new Modern Wing @ the Art Institute. Peruse the art and stay for a glass of wine. It’s the perfect, outdoor spot to take in the scenery not to mention our awesome skyline.
  • Culinary Scene: If there is one thing I live for – it’s trying out new restaurants and cuisines. Two of my favorite Chicago eateries are part of this collage. Mon Ami Gabi and Tank Sushi. If you’re a fan of French food and the bistro scene, than Mon Ami Gabi is a must. The atmosphere is  unique in that the cold weather lends to an authentic bistro style bar and cozy booth area and the warm weather {my favorite!} lends to a great outdoor area complete with twinkling lights and a great wine selection. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Tank Sushi is one of the more creative sushi venues out there, in my opinion. Three pages of some of the most unique rolls and the freshest nigri you could ask for. It’s also situated in my favorite neighborhood…Lincoln Square which we’ll get to next!
  • Neighborhoods: Lincoln Square has become a fast favorite for me. Its quaint boutiques and antique shops sandwiched between an amazing German beer hall make it not only a great date spot but a great neighborhood for the stroller crowd. They even have their own May and Oktober fests!
  • Retail Therapy: If I could have my way, I would make money shopping for a living. And there’s no better area to get my retail on then in Bucktown; particularly the shops on Damen. From Marc Jacobs to Akira to BCBG, the hours fly by and leave my credit cards worse for the wear.
  • Music Scene: Undoubtedly, Chicago’s music scene is one of the most unique and diverse. You can hear Ray LaMontagne in a park staring up at skyscrapers or be amongst just a few 100 other music lovers in a small venue like the Aragon Ballroom or The Vic {my personal favorite} and hear the likes of Wilco to Spoon. No matter what your musical influence, you’ll also appreciate and grow to love Chicago’s blues scene including the legendary Kingston Mines.

There you have it – my favorite Chicago nuggets. And to Meagan: thank you for having me. Chicago and I will miss you but we wish you all the best on your new journey. I know we’ll all be following you as you turn the page and start a new chapter in your book. Cheers!

Guest post :: Jillian of Cornflake Dreams

when i moved to chicago four years ago i was fortunate enough to get a job working in the marketing department at an architecture firm in the heart of downtown. the position quickly opened my eyes to the overwhelming amount of beautiful architecture in the city. 

Chicago is FULL of gorgeous buildings with their own rich histories. The Wrigley BuildingThe SpertusThe John Hancock Center, aquaThe Carbine & Carbon building (hard rock hotel), and The Rookery are a few of my favorites.

Architecture Aside---Chicago has stolen my heart with the abundance of green space. i adore summer trips to the beach and navy pier, concerts in downtown millennium park, and neighborhood farmers markets. the city in the summer with all of it's diversity and history really is second to none (i had to throw in chicago's fancy new tourist slogan). 

thank you to meagan for inviting me to guest post. the city of the big shoulders will miss you but now you can play tourist when you visit! stop by cornflake dreams anytime for even more fashion, design and travel inspiration from a chicago girl. 

if you have visited chicago what are your favorite things about the city? 

*a small disclaimer to keep meagan from getting upset she is moving} remember:: chicago has seemingly endless winters (even blizzards!), michigan avenue pedestrian traffic that will give you walker-rage. and crazy drivers who love their horn... remember the good. and look forward to your new beautiful home!

Guest post :: Danielle of Breakfast at Toast

Hi. Danielle at Breakfast at Toast here! I am so excited that Meagan asked me to guest post on her blog today! Thank you, Meagan!

I moved from LA to Chicago on August 1st, 2010. I met Meagan in May {and in case you were wondering... yes, she is as sweet as you would imagine her to be.}. Since she is leaving Chicago I have decided to do a little ode to some of the most beautiful sites in this very beautiful city.

 the ferris wheel at navy pier

 view from the ferris wheel. gorgeous!

 view from the water

 love how the water + sky reflect off the buildings

an authentic midwest farmer's market. there's nothing like it.
{at least not for this california girl}

 the beloved bean {aka cloud gate}

the pup is doing lots of this

because it won't be long before he looks like this
he couldn't get over the shock + horror of the snow

i took it a little better than he did.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention Sun Savvy. Early this month I had a mole removed and wrote a story about it on my blog. Alison of Long Distance Loving left a comment, I emailed her, we chatted and Sun Savvy was born. I would love it if you would all stop by, read a little about us + sign our pledge for sun safety!

Meagan, you will be missed in Chicago but I am so excited for this next chapter of your life. I know we will keep in touch and am looking forward to reading about the move on your blog! For more of my adventures in Chicago {+ some in LA, too} and daily posts on fashion, decor + everything that inspires me, please visit Breakfast at Toast.



Guest post :: Ashley of Ashley Nicole Catherine

Good morning, everyone!  Today kicks off "Ode to Chicago" week.  Be sure to stop back by this week for all the guest bloggers who have kindly put together their own posts dedicated to Chicago and all it has to offer.  I want to say thank you to everyone for helping me out while we get settled in our new home!  

hi, everyone! this is ashley of fashion and style blog ashley nicole catherine. as you know, meagan is moving this week (we'll miss her!) and asked me to share what i would miss about chicago if moved to another city. well, hands down, one of the best things about chicago is the boutiques! the shopping here is amazing, but my favorite places to shop are the independent boutiques unique to chicago.

two of my favorites are mint julep in lakeview and handle with care in old town. both carry a range items at different price points and lots of designers i love like shoshanna and trina turk. mint julep has great affordable accessories and you're sure to find an amazing dress at handle with care!

thanks for having me, meagan! chicago will miss you!

Thanks so much Ashley!

Weekend Recap + Goodbye, Chicago!

The time has come...we're packing up our lives and headed south for a new adventure.  After living in boxes for the last few weeks, we've reached our breaking point!  I can't wait to see what lies ahead for us Badgers, and I'm so blessed to have you all along for the ride.

Chicago, you've sort of treated me well.  You introduced me to some amazing people, including my husband.  You scratched that big city itch I've had my whole life.  You allowed me to finish college at a pretty rad school.  But you also treated me in ways to be expected. Money, money, money.  That's all you think about.  How can I take her money.  You know I'm right.  Oh and those winters can kiss those dreams of making me miserable goodbye. Chicago, the time has come to say farewell.

In other news, our weekend was a decent one.  Nothing too eventful but good nonetheless.  Some highlights include ::

  • Friday night dinner + games with awesome friends
  • Brunch at Revolution
  • Record shopping
  • Breaking Bad (holy cliffhanger!)
  • Packing, donating, packing, beer, packing
  • Unexpected girls hangout at this lovely brand new Logan Square establishment*
  • Natural Born Killers (just a great movie to watch right before bed after you've had cheese)

See? None too eventful.  But that don't matter, cause this week will be enough to make up for it.  Eesh, wish us luck!

How were your weekends? I'd love to hear!

I've decided to take some blogger time off this week to do some adjusting to our new lives.  But never fear, awesome Chicago bloggers are here! All week, as a matter of fact.  So get excited!

* I will miss Logan Square terribly.  Especially in summer.  But not in winter.


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