I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight

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Yesterday, Stevie and I drove past SO many daffodils! I could hardly believe my eyes.  It's February 29th, for pete's sake!  I also noticed that the tulips I planted last October have started to sprout.  It makes me happy that I successfully grew some pretty tulips for our front yard, but it makes me terribly frightened that they'll die off when mother nature decides to bring old man winter back.  Either way, I'm feeling crazy for spring flowers and thought you might enjoy my latest obsession.

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berry

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I want to take this color board and dunk it in a glass of champagne.  Anybody else feel me on that one? Also, is anyone else suddenly so ready for spring?  

Weekend Recap

What a weekend! Man, it was good.  So many good things happened that it was almost magical.  Some highlights include ::

  • Friday night dinner with family + friends - I made blueberry pavlova for dessert and it was as if a sugar cloud !
  • Car shopping - we've decided on a 5-door Subaru Impreza! I can't wait to go on many adventures in our affordable, safe and stylish car that gets great gas mileage.  Can you tell I'm excited? 
  • Best regular season college basketball game EVER - With it being the final border showdown between KU and Mizzou and all, there was a lot at stake.  The game was in my old stomping grounds, Lawrence, KS.  We couldn't let Mizzou win.  So when we were down by 19 points in the second half, I kindly took the dog outside.  I let her play and sniff for way longer than normal.  But when I came in, the game had changed.  The game unfolded in ways you can only dream up and I can't even explain how awesome that was to witness.  I mean, 19 points?  But they did it.  In O.T. and by one point.  I may or may not have shed some tears of joy, and I'd be lying if I didn't say it felt like we had just won the national title.  Needless to say, it was awesome and sums up every little last bit about why college basketball totally rules. 
  • Napa River Grill - We dined at the most appropriate restaurant we could think of to celebrate our old anniversary.  I savored my sea bass, had a little too much wine and enjoyed getting dolled up to spend the evening with my husband.
  • The Oscars!  Oh my!  I'm so proud of Bret McKenzie! And Octavia Spencer! Christopher Plummer (and his sweet speech)! Michelle, Cameron, Natalie...so beautiful!

How were your weekends? Wonderful?  I hope so.  Here's to a great week ahead!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Dazzling Weekend!

Friday's Fancies Oscars Edition

1. Monique Lhuillier Dress // 2. Zarb champagne // 3. Michael Kors Leg Shine // 4. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick // 5. Jimmy Choo clutch // 6. Kimberly McDonald stud earrings // 7.  Christian Louboutin Lady Peep pumps

Happy Friday, friends!  This week's Friday's Fancies post is dedicated to all the red-carpet excitement that is coming up on Sunday!  It's crazy that it's already time for the Oscars again.  I can't wait to see how everyone is dressed and whether or not the wins are exciting.  All of this red carpet talk is totally putting me in the mood for some champagne!  Naturally, I couldn't leave it off the list.

I would feel oh-so-glam in this Monique Lhullier dress.  Even though the length is not quite Oscar appropriate, it's still a dazzler and I would love every last minute wearing it.  The stud earrings would be a dream come true to wear and let's not forget the importance of leg shine, right?

What have you planned for this final weekend of February?  Our spring-like weather is gone (in the blink of an eye, basically) so we can put our focus back on our indoor projects.  The wainscot is officially up but he ran out of glue so the project isn't 100% yet.  Hopefully I'll be telling you it IS complete come Monday.  Our dating anniversary is tomorrow (hooray!) so we'll surely be dining out somewhere nice and treating ourselves to some good old fashioned romance.  Last, we've decided it's time to finally invest in a second car (it's difficult in a sprawling city versus one where you can get what you need on foot or by train).  I am pretty sure test-driving is on the docket for the weekend as well.  How exciting!

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it's marvelous.  Until Monday! xoxo

Thursday's Randoms

How does your garden grow? Now that spring is inching closer, we're talking more and more about our soon-to-be vegetable garden.  Husband has it all planned out, to my delight, but I keep finding so many awesome ways to grow everything.  Our biggest problem will be keeping deer out of our stuff, not to mention the cat, dog and other animals wandering through.  But it's almost time to start! Via

Ever since I spotted these on pinterest last week, I've had an undeniable craving for them.  They look so perfect in every single bite.  How can one resist??  Via

Speaking of spring, this skirt would make a great addition to anyone's closet for the upcoming warm months!  I'm in love already.  Via

And wouldn't this necklace match perfectly with the warehouse skirt above? I do declare it would.  It would indeed.

I'm obviously in the bright-colored mood today, and when I spotted Essie's spring collection via Matchbook Magazine, my nails were all like, "hey, paint me that beautiful orange color at once!".  

The weather is warm today (70 and sunny!) and it's got me itching for sunshiny days ahead.  I hope you are getting a glimpse of spring this week as well!

Together We Shall Go Until We Die

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Just a little romance for your Tuesday viewing pleasure.  6 years ago, my heart started going pit-er-pat just thinking about a certain something, someone, slowly making its/his way into my life.

I love the way I feel when I reminisce about the time leading up to our first kiss.  Those butterflies that make your stomach ache with excitement and anticipation come rushing back every time.

I knew he was something special from the beginning.  I knew he wasn't going anywhere.  I just knew.

6 years ago my life completely changed; I had met my better half.  And I have cherished every day since.

Weekend Recap

Time flies.  Whether you're having fun or not, time flies.  And now it's Monday again.  Wah wah waaaaah.  I'm not sure how it happens week after week, but it feels like Friday night is here and the rest of the weekend is yours for the taking.  All of a sudden it's Sunday night at midnight and you're panicking because you're really not that tired.  And you know how that one ends...

Alas, it is Monday morning and we're back to it.  The weekend was lovely and peaceful (with some exceptions, which explains my absence on Friday) and I wasn't ready for it to end.  Some highlights include ::

  • Fire & Ice - on Thursday we ventured to the water tower to watch our friend Alex draw with lasers.  It was incredibly awesome and the whole night was beautiful.  Not only did a crowd of people watch him draw with lasers in the dark on glow-in-the-dark paint (with everyone ooh and awe-ing) but among beautiful photographs and sculptures, there was ice sculptures and fire spinners (which we enjoyed with free beers in hand).  So much to love.  What was not so much to love was coming home to a dog who had diarrhea all night long (tmi, sorry) starting at 3 a.m. after hours of incessant barking.  Needless to say, the mister and I got very little sleep that night and I had to work the next day.  Boo hiss.
  • Free pizza! America won the coin toss and we're Papa Johns members.  Free pizza for us, hoorah!
  • The Ides of March - I love that Ryan Gosling's character was referred to as Stevie.  The movie was good but because of the utter exhaustion, I barely stayed awake.
  • The mister hung all of the wainscot in our master bathroom.  Now we just need to hang the trim and chair rail, paint and touch some stuff up.  Hoorah!
  • Raegan's surprise party - she had a hunch, which sucks, but we still had fun surprising her with dinner at Doc Crows.  Happy birthday, Raegan!
  • Chill Sunday w/the pets.  Stevie really is such a sweet pup.  She's got that bell system down pat.  Now if only she would get a clue when the cat hisses at her.

How were your weekends? Excellent, I hope.  I'm excited about this week - our plans are minimal and it's the week of our dating anniversary.  6 years and counting!  So you can be sure to look forward to some romance-inspired posts this week :)

Happy Monday, lovelies.  Here's to a great week!

Thursday's Randoms

I'm in love with this Lauren Moffatt dress and I want the whole world to know!  Via Greedy Girl

Villarreal Ceramics is the featured artist on Etsy today, and it's really no surprise why.  Between her hand-painted ceramics featuring feathers and llamas to her hand-crafted wall boxes and sculptures, it makes total sense that Etsy would want the world to know about Vanessa Villarreal's talent.

I'm really loving the looks of this sepia throw from Jayson Home and Garden.  I'm also really missing that store today...

Caprese bites? Yes, please! Anything bite-sized is making me happy these days.  Can you tell?!

This easy minimalist oak desk from Design Sponge looks fantastic!  I would love to recreate this look in our home - and definitely copy the color going on here.

What's inspiring you today?

Let's Move Mountains

hat // sweater // parka // mittens // sunglasses // shoes // travel kit // jeans

I want to be there, in that moment, on that boat.  Right now, please.  I think I'd wear something similar to this, to really fit the part.  It looks like the sky has something to say, don't you think?  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Why did the banana go out with the prune? Because it couldn't get a date!

Hope you're enjoying this commercialized day full of hearts of the red and pink variety.  Kiss your sweetheart, and if you don't have  a sweetheart, tell your mom, dad, sister, brother and/or grandma/grandpa how much you love them. 

Here's hoping your days are fabulous!

P.S. Happy 1st birthday, Liam! Uncle Mo loves and misses you! xoxoxo

Weekend Recap

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, I can't resist a good shot of pure romance.  Despite my pesky cold, the weekend was absolutely enjoyable.  We may not have done much but we made the most of our time off.  Some highlights include ::

  • Peggy Sue Got Married - when was the last time you saw this movie? Or have you seen it at all? I had never seen it, and neither had the mister.   We loved it just as much as we hoped.
  • Because I'm sick, I spent a lot of time on the couch with the pup.  I finished reading The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver (so good), caught up on New Girl and drank my fair share of tea.
  • An evening with family / hogging a certain baby...
  • A peaceful Sunday spent eating husband-made cranberry scones and dumpling soup, watching random tv and bits of the Grammy's (I didn't even know Bon Iver was nominated for best new artist and I'm still so weirded out by them being alongside the artists they shared the nomination with - still, I'm happy they won).

In other news, we got Stevie a bell for going potty outside, she's got most of her tricks down pat and even gives me high fives without being taught.  

How were your weekends? Did anyone celebrate Valentine's Day early? Did any or all of you dance to a few Whitney tunes in her honor? 

Friday's Fancies + Have a Romantic Weekend!

Valentines Day

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With Valentine's Day being next Tuesday, naturally I'm all aflutter with hearts, flowers and all things pink and red.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't always been like this.  I used to be one of the many who didn't enjoy this commercial holiday.  But I've always been fond of the candy.  Let's just make that one clear.

Seeing as though I a) never wear blazers and b) never wear heels, this outfit is definitely the definition of Friday's Fancies :: dream BIG!  Louboutins, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana lipstick.  Oh.  My.

What are you all up to this weekend? Any fun Valentine's plans for you?  This time last year we were digging our way out of the apartment and heading to Galena, IL for a romantic weekend in a cozy cottage.  We were so excited to get there that we immediately popped open a bottle of bubbly - which immediately sprayed the ceiling and spewed out half the contents of the bottle.  Just thought you might want to know that little tidbit :)

Have a great weekend, everybody!  I'm nursing a scratchy throat this weekend with lots of tea and honey.  Hopefully I'll be back to my healthy self in time for some weekend fun.  

Thursday's Randoms

Today I want to go to there.  I want to look out over the ocean, hear the waves crashing and feel the serene calm that comes along with it.  Now who wants to take me there?

I'm smitten over these Harry Barker dog beds (on sale!).  Stevie is currently using Gus' bed, which Gus never used.  It's the perfect size right now but she is growing like a weed.  I'm thinking that turquoise beauty needs a spot in our home.  

I'm pretty sure that any home office could stand to have this snail tape dispenser.  It cracks me up!  Via

I know that it's already February - but I still don't have a nice calendar for 2012.  In fact, we've been using a free calendar in our junk mail from a real estate agent in the area.  Wouldn't this nature calendar from Etsy store Miles of Light be perfect?

Guys, can you tell I"m a sucker for Madewell? I feel like all my dream clothes come from there - yet I have only ever bought shoes from them!  If only I could go on a Madewell shopping spree.  I would buy this dress, for sure.

Last, I just thought you all should know that I'm totally in the mood to snarf a lot of these down.  That is all.  Via

How are all of you today? I'm feeling a little bit under the weather.  I'm at home with Stevie, who is trying her hardest to chew every last bit of a wicker basket in our living room.  An over excited puppy + sick Mo = bad combination.  Wish me luck...

Mane Inspiration

Beautiful, beautiful hair...how I covet thee.

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Their locks are so long and luscious, with just the right amount of sun-kissed.  Having pulled from these inspirations, I went to the salon.  For the first time in...nearly a year!  Can you believe that?  My husband has been trimming my hair for me and I've just let my bangs grow out entirely.  My hair color was nothing to write home about.  I needed change.  So off to the salon I went.  My oh my did it feel (and smell) good to have someone else wash and dry my hair.

It went from a brassy brownish color to a rich brown color with streaks of blonde.  I really love it, a lot! If only I had the time and energy to style it like above.

What kind of hair are you lusting after these days?

Guest Post :: A Cozy Day

A Brief History of A Cozy Day
Spring may be near but there are still plenty of days left in winter to spend curled-up in front of the fire. Everyone has a favorite way to pass the time; maybe it's on your grandfather's leather recliner, in your partner's oversized sweater and with a particularly aromatic blend of tea. Whatever your preferred regime may be it's likely long established.
There are many elements that contribute to a successful day on the sofa, and though each of these elements has a place in your own personal history these items also have an interesting history of their own.       

The Favorite Book
Down and out in Paris and London is a wonderful companion to a blustery day by the fire. Published in 1936, George Orwell's memoir chronicles his experience as destitute young artist living in Paris and London.
Born in India, Orwell moved to Paris in 1928 on his way back to England after having abandoned a career with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma. While his family was of modest means and could have helped him, he chose to live life on his own and pursue writing, much to the dismay of his parents.
Writers often cite the first chapter of Down and Out as the chapter that taught them how to write descriptively. In it he gives a nuanced description of his hotel, neighborhood and the eccentric individuals with various storied backgrounds who live and struggle with him.

The Favorite Sweater
The favorite sweater is a staple of any successful cloudy day. An established favorite is the Aran Sweater. The Aran Islands are located off the West coast of Ireland. As fishermen and farmers, Aran islanders made their sweaters to hold up against the harsh maritime climate of the Atlantic. The sweaters are made with heavy wool, and according to the Aran Sweater Market, "can absorb 30% of its weight in water before feeling wet." Wool functions to draw moisture away from the body and out through the fabric so as to keep the wearer warm. Since it’s a natural fiber it doesn't cause the body to overheat while it protects from the elements.
The sweaters also have a special family meaning to them. Each pattern represents a different clan and their identity. Clan patterns are made up of a variety of stitches that represent different elements of Aran life. Some represent ropes, some seaweed and others wealth and success.
Feeling inquisitive? Pull out your own Aran sweater and spend some time trying to figure out what that your pattern means.

The Favorite Tea
The favorite tea is another essential component to a day inside. It warms you up from the inside when it's cold on the outside. Tea was introduced to the US in the 18th century after trade was established between China and the UK. Ever since coming to the US it's been a popular drink. Of course with the exception being the immediate aftermath of the Boston Tea Party.
While there are several different categories of tea, the two categories people are most familiar with are black and green. What most people don't know is that both types of tea come from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis (originally found in China and India), and are only altered during processing. There are many, many varieties of tea all different depending on location, soil quality, climate, altitude and processing. For example, Darjeeling is a black tea harvested in the Himalayas and has a musky quality to it. Earl Grey, on the other hand, is a blend of black tea that is favored with bergamot. But black and green are the two main ones.
Once leaves have been harvested they're taken to a factory to be processed. To make black tea, leaves are then left out so that moisture evaporates. After this stage, they leaves are broken up into different sized particles so that their natural chemicals can be released and mix with air. Particles are then left out for several hours to ferment and are then placed in hot air chambers where the pieces change color. Green tea is processed a little differently, rather than breaking up the withered leaves before they enter the hot air chambers, the leaves are left in tact.
If you're feeling creative try adding a few flavors from around the house. Lavender always makes a nice addition, especially when you mix it in with a bit of sugar. 
So there you have it.  A little bit of history about a few of the items that, when mixed together, make for a perfect winter day, blissfully spent doing as little as possible.

Izzy Woods is a professional writer and researcher.  Thanks for contributing to the Mo Pie, Please team, Izzy!

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Hope you get to have a cozy day soon enough!

Weekend Recap

Stevie says hey, everybody!  How were your weekends? Ours was nice - it was relaxing and entertaining, to say the least.  While the skies opened up and down-poured on us on Saturday, we stocked up at the grocery store and snuggled up inside.  Some highlights include ::

  • Dinner w/my mother-in-law.  Husband is building her a computer so we took the pup over to play with the pug (they quickly became bff's) and snuck away for some mexican food (however, that was a total bust).  We came back to have drinks and watch the dogs play (the pug was over the moon)
  • Saturday brought non-stop rain, which meant taking Stevie out was kind of a nightmare.  She's been doing so so good with her potty training but when it rains, the accidents tend to spike.  Gotta work on that some more.  The good news (and the highlight here) is that she is sleeping through the night in her kennel!  Although I probably just jinxed that.  We both slept pretty lightly expecting her to need to go out.  But not a peep til morning...
  • 50/50 - with beers in hand, we sat down to watch the flick with excitement.  I love JGL and Seth Rogen and had only heard good things about this film.  It did not disappoint, even though it was kind of a downer.  Just be prepared to feel sad if you haven't seen it and plan to.  It's worth it though.  So very good.
  • Even though we lost to Mizzou (grr), watching the KU vs Missouri game was really enjoyable.  I thought we had it in the bag with about a minute and a half - but my oh MY how a minute-and-a-half changes everything.  We'll see how it goes at Allen Fieldhouse at the end of the month.
  • I finally organized our bookcase in the office.  From this inspiration.  What an improvement.
  • We took Stevie to the trail and wore her out good while letting her meet many different people.  She's a magnet, to say the least.  We've also been playing monkey in the middle with her every day.  She does good and performs tricks for treats.  But she gets crazy, and I mean crazy.  My leg and fingers usually suffer from her craziness.
  • Jason Wu for Target - that's right, I snatched up a blue top
  • Superbowl party - so much good food and drinks.  Not so much good entertainment on the tv.  What did you guys think? I spent most of my time keeping an eye on the pooch...

Well here's to a great week ahead! Happy Monday, my friends.

Friday's Fancies + Have a Sunny Weekend!

Spring Fever

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Happy Friday, friends!  This week's weather has been amazing - I've tried to enjoy it as much as I can.  Needless to say, Stevie has been enjoying it immensely.  Because of all the spring-like weather we've been having, this week's Friday's Fancies truly has a spring in her step.  All of the bright pops of color are leaving me craving a drive with the windows down with music blaring.  Are you getting that vibe too?

I hope you're all able to enjoy some nice weather wherever you are, even if Phil says 6 more weeks of winter.  Even though it's supposed to rain here this weekend (big shocker) I'm looking forward to a good time.  The bathroom project will be worked on and we're hosting a mini get-together for the superbowl (complete with a blizzard bar and feta onion tartlets, just to name a few).  Whatever you decide to do this weekend, I hope you have an amazing time!

Thursday's Randoms

Punxsutawney Phil predicted more winter this morning but many other groundhog's seemed to offer a different opinion.  Whatever the case may be, I'll take it.  If it means winter is finally coming, well, that's fine because that's only rght and natural.  If it means warm weather is here to stay? Why complain?  Also, I can hardly believe that snowpocalypse was this time last year! What a couple of days that was.  I made us watch Groundhog Day while we were snowed in!

Well, it's February.  Which means many things.   Some reasons why I love this month so much are a) my mom made Valentine's Day pretty cool growing up.  I would always get a piece of jewelry or a cd or something cool along with candy.  Also, she helped out a few years at the florist so I would get pretty flowers from her.  b) it is the month that my husband and I started dating 6 years ago.  6 years? Holy wowzers!  c) I'm just a fan in general of pink and red together so seeing stores decorated for Valentine's day makes me happy.  

Blue Moon and Corona cupakes?  Yes, please.  Here's the recipe for the Blue Moon ones.  Mayhaps I should make these?


Through Marie Claire magazine, I discovered this beautiful (and very expensive) lingerie store - Agent Provocateur.  If only it were feasible to spend $350 on a bra and panty set....

This chicken coop has a rooftop garden! I love how inventive people are.  I would really like to have a few chickens in our yard to go along with our soon-to-be-crafted vegetable garden.  I love the idea of being able to eat an entire meal from our backyard.  If we have the room, why not?  

What's inspiring you this Thursday? Hope your weeks are going great!


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