Weekend Recap

{this is kind of how I felt this weekend}

It was the weekend, now it's Monday, blah, blah.  I'm sad it's over and quite frankly I just want to fast forward to Friday.  I love it when weekends are filled with sunshine and warm temperatures, causing you to energize and conquer.  That is exactly what this weekend held for us.  Some highlights include ::

  • Dinner + hot tub time w/the fam.  We brought Stevie over there for the first time and of course she figured out the only way into an area that left her trapped.  Her was rescued though, don't you worry ;)
  • Can I just talk about how much I love, love, love Parks & Recreation?  Every new episode gives my abs a great workout.
  • After breakfast on Saturday morning, I went out to buy more eggs to make the always delicious zucchini + blueberry bread.  I decided to stop at a new-to-me market and fell.  In.  LOVE.  They sell Intelligentsia coffe there!  And bulk bin everything!  I had samples galore!  And smelled so many flowers!  
  • My husband's mom stopped by for a quick visit and we ventured down to the nursery at the end of our road.  We've been wanting an evergreen to plant in front of our neighbor's junk pile to block it from our view.  We came home with a Spring Grove Arborvitae and planted it right there in front of the worst view.  A belated Earth Day treat.
  • Skyping with one of my bestests!
  • After a pretty severe evening thunderstorm (that brought a lot of hail to Churchill Downs on opening night) we stayed in for the night and relaxed on the couch with the pup.
  • Veggie Eggs Benedict, courtesy of the mister.  Followed by a trip to the Peddler's Mall.
  • Finally planting all of our seeds, transplanting the tomatoes and making the garden a reality!
  • Painting a spare bedroom this shade of gray, to match the print which resides over the fireplace

Accomplishing so much feels so good.  Getting time to relax afterwards before the work week starts again? Amazing.  

Here's to a great week ahead!

Friday's Fancies + Have a spring-in-your-step kind of weekend!

Friday's Fancies

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Happy Friday, everyone!  We made it!  For me, the week actually kind of flew by quickly, which is always a good thing.  I'm sure the weekend will fly by even quicker though.  What are you all up to this weekend?  We really don't have any plans, so we'll see where the freedom takes us.  The weather is supposed to be so-so, but I'm hoping for sunshine and some outdoor time if possible.

The Friday's Fancies theme this week is about date night, whether it be with your significant other, a group of friends or a night out on the town with your family.  I'd love to be able to wear this Malene Birger blouse, with great colors and a fun print - I'm pretty sure it would be flattering for many people, don't you?  I imagine going out to a lovely dinner, followed by an evening spent laughing with a bottle of wine or delicious cocktails.  

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it's nothing short of awesome!  'Til Monday...

Thursday Loves

Holy wow. Is this for real?  My God, it's beautiful!  How can I get myself there right this second?  How?!

Just a little dose of "aww" for your Thursday.

I am really into this blouse by Free People - the colors, the print, the texture.  It's all perfect!

I'm not entirely sure how often my mom reads this blog of mine, but today I am hoping she is nowhere near it.  Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers I send her for mother's day (because I can never be in the same state as her for the special day), I opted to go the route of the adorably-packaged gift box.  Rachel of Elephantine and Mignon Kitchen Co. put together this amazing mother's day gift box - and when I saw it, I fell in love pretty quickly.  Wouldn't you love to receive something like this?! I hope my mom likes it as much as I do!  Be sure to visit the shop and show support for one of our own!

I'm such a sucker for porcelain bowls - especially of the soft, muted kind.  Etsy shop Urban Cartel has all kinds of goods to make my heart skip a beat - bowls, plates, vintage milk bottles.  Sigh...I want it all.

Fortune Will Follow

Color Pop

dress // sweater // sandals // bracelet // studs // clutch

Holy mother of color - my eyes are in heaven!  When I spotted this print via Pinterest, I went weak in the knees.  I am such a fan of the color palette so I couldn't resist creating an outfit to wear.  If only I could take it all on my upcoming vacation.  If only...

Dreaming in Color :: Hot Pink

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Lipstick, sandals, lamps, oh my! It seems as though I'm always drawn to the vibrant hue around this time of year.  Can you blame me? With hot pink being used on all things pretty, how can you not fall for head over heels?

Weekend Recap + A Winner!

Well, it's Monday again.  No good.  No good at all.  But at least we had a restful weekend to get ready for Monday's ugly head.  Despite the weather being cold and dreary, it was a great weekend.  Some highlights include ::

  • We finally broke in the grill (even if it was half-assed, thanks to the cold front on Friday evening)
  • Hangin', chillin', relaxin' with some favorite people
  • Dutch baby! Mmm mmm mmm
  • Zappos outlet - I got a cute pair of Kork-ease for 50% off, but sadly, the whole reason we trekked the 20 minutes to Shepherdsville, KY was to return a pair of sneakers that did not fit the mister's size 13 feet was to indeed return them.  Turns out that's not allowed there.  But hey, I got some sandals!
  • Holy donkeys!  We stopped by the "world's most awesome flea market" and although awesome it was not (at all) there were some funny donkeys wrestling out front.  Worth it? Maybe...
  • Coals Artisan Pizza - yummy and a lovely atmosphere 
  • Thunder over Louisville! It was my first Thunder experience ever so naturally I insisted on being able to see the fireworks from some point of view.  It's not that I wanted to go and immerse myself in a crowd of over 500,000.  I just wanted to be able to sit next to my favoritest person ever and ooh and awe at the sky.  So we did.  From a very funny advantage point (across from a farm and seed store, in front of some other store, with a strange building in front of us, whatevs, it worked)
  • Reality Bites - seriously, when was the last time you sat down and watched?
  • Lazyish Sunday - we ran our errands and ate our lunch, but we took time to make fresh ravioli and start (finally) The Walking Dead

How were your weekends? Pleasant, I hope!  

Finally...we have a winner!  Lucky #38 - Amy B!  Congratulations, Amy! Thanks for playing, everyone! 

Friday's Fancies + Have a Relaxing Weekend!

Friday's Fancies

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Well friends, I am so relieved to know it's Friday.  This week has been...weird, and I am glad for it to be over.  I can't wait to relax this weekend, break in our new grill with some friends, maybe watch some fireworks and possibly even plant some flowers.  What do you have planned?

One of the things I would love to add to my weekend is a picnic.  With the weather being as nice as it's been the last month or so, it's the perfect opportunity to do so day after day.  So what is stopping me? I even have an adorable picnic basket from a lovely friend, complete with the perfect plaid blanket to sit on.  I would pack champagne, cheeses, bread.  I would bring cards to play and a book to read.  And I would most definitely try to wear something like today's Friday's Fancies, that is for sure.  

Whether you're attending a picnic or not, I hope your weekend is wonderful! Until Monday...

P.S. - don't forget to enter the $50 Shabby Apple giveaway!

Thursday, randomly

Whoa.  Isn't this shot oh so lovely?  I'm...in love.  


How awesome is this mid-century wooden table lamp? I think...I'm in love...with this as well.

My not-so-in-shape body really appreciates the high-waisted swim trend this year.  While I won't be ordering this Free People bikini, I'm totally into the idea of finding one similar.  Via

Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Whatever person builds something like this for a wee person deserves to have all the #1 dad/grandpa/grandma/mom/etc mugs there are in this world.  This is so unbelievably cool.  Via

Oh Flourishing Foodie, you know how to suck me in, every time.  And then you go and take a Sweetapolita cake and make it your own, thus making me even more of a fan.  I love it. So beautiful.

Don't forget to get your name in the Shabby Apple giveaway!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

A Not-too-Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Dear Readers,

Remember how I promised a very special post today? Well, I'd like to tell you a little bit about it ::

Shabby Apple and I are joining forces to bring you guys a $50 giveaway! One lucky winner will receive $50 towards the purchase of their choice!  As long as you're a resident in the USA, you could be a winner! If I were to have $50 to spend at Shabby Apple, I might be interested in using it towards this Waterfront dress to wear to something like Waterfront Wednesday or the Hackney to wear on Derby Day (but these dresses would work perfectly in any other city than Louisville).  They even have lovely retro-inspired swimsuits and some pretty incredible shoes.  So what are you waiting for? Enter the giveaway right now!

To enter ::

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Hurry! You have until Sunday evening to get your comments in!  Good luck!


Weekend Recap

What a weekend! I'm not-so-glad it's Monday again, because my weekend should have lasted forever.  Some highlights include ::

  • Happy Hour @ Nachbar  - we met Raegan & Murphy (cute pups) for a drink and ended up being joined by all of our other favorite people
  • Friday night in - we ate quesadillas, played with Stevie and watched TV all night
  • Rainy Saturday - our garden plans were foiled but we made it out to a nursery to look for trees (didn't find any) in between the rain showers and also caught up on laundry/groceries
  • The ballet! Raegan treated me to a date night at the ballet, which included dressing up and plenty of cocktails.  The ballet itself was a 60th anniversary celebration, taking the best of other stories and dazzling us with some of the most beautiful choreography + music you could imagine.  I loved every last bit of it! 
  • After the ballet, we stopped for a fancy cocktail at Meat
  • Sunday brunch - the mister's grandmother treated us to a delightful brunch at the Village Anchor.  It was sunny, the restaurant was perfect for the occasion and the temperature was just right.  It was so very good.
  • Gardening - we got our soil, mixed it all up, planted some argula and lettuce and felt pretty good about our accomplishments.  Followed by mowing and weed-wacking, it felt like an incredibly productive day.
  • Cards on the screened-in porch, followed by a fish supper, followed by an enjoyable and quiet evening together.

How were your weekends? As lovely as mine? I certainly hope!  Here's to a great and productive week ahead, my friends! And be sure to check back tomorrow for a very, and I mean very special post!

Friday's Fancies + Have A Happy Weekend!

Friday's Fancies

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Happy Friday, everyone! Aren't you glad it's here?!  I'm really into this week's Friday's Fancies' theme....pastels! I love spring time and the fact that these colors pop up all over the place.  And if I could, I would wear this outfit nonstop.  I know it's kind of taken right out of the J.Crew catalogue, yet it has a little bit of my own touch to it.  I really need to get a pair of coral jeans like those.  I have been lusting after them forever now, it seems.

So what are you all up to this weekend?  I'm not entirely sure where the weekend is taking us.  I do know that we'll be going to brunch at the Village Anchor this Sunday (hello, red velvet pancakes!) and we're planning on filling up our garden bed with soil.  Maybe we'll even plant some things!  

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it's fabulous!

Thursday Loves

I swear, I find the best fishbowls that this world has to offer.  Online, of course.  And very expensive, but of course.  The thing is, I wasn't even looking for one.  I love our fishbowl and our 2 goldfish are well into their second year!  I just think this "fishscape" is pretty darn amazing.  Via

After 6 long weeks of anticipation, our Subaru FINALLY showed up!  I drove it to work yesterday and the husband drove it last night to get pizza from Spinelli's (mmm).  Needless to say, we are in love.  I'm so excited for the many adventures this little Impreza will take us on!

I've had hammocks on the brain as of late.  I've been craving a cat nap in the sun with a frosty beverage at my side.  Now I've discovered a slew of beautifully handmade hammocks and I can't stop lusting after them all.  I definitely think an order is in my future.  Via

Well, today it's being finalized.  We're officially going to Jamaica for some good times with good people.  Our plans to go back to Florida were foiled, so why not take the next step up and leave the country altogether?!  I'm pretty pumped about a tropical vacation to someplace that was never really on my destination list but has gotten me excited anyway.  Have you ever taken an all-inclusive trip before? We have never, but I'm hoping it's all for the best!

Last, here is one seriously cool small room via Apartment Therapy.  I love the color on the wall and I'm head over heels for that blue pot + plant combo.  Nicely done.  Via

How have your weeks been?  Hoping they are wonderful.  Happy almost Friday! xoxo.

Free Mason

A collection of all things pretty, with mason jars being the guest of honor.  The way I see it, mason jars are everywhere around us, so why not make the most of them?  With so many unique ways to do so, the options are endless!

Weekend Recap

{image and recipe}

What a beautiful weekend! It was so nice to just be at home, relaxing with my husband and the pets.  The weather was seasonal and the sun was shining.  Easter was a delight and as you can see from above, dessert was yummy.  Some highlights of the weekend include ::

  • Dinner and drinks at home, followed by a lovely round of Yahtzee sitting at our kitchen bar, just the two of us.
  • Going to bed early all three nights - we both needed it, badly.  I slept like a baby!
  • Husband's dad came over to hang out with us and help finish the garden bed.  They did a wonderful job and while we still have no soil, the bed is finished and ready to start growing veggies!  Stevie and I did a great job supervising ;)
  • Thai food! Lucky for us, the place down the street is delicious AND serves Textured Vegetable Protein in all their meals.  Hoorah!
  • Another quiet Saturday night, spent drinking champagne (me) and whiskey (him) while catching up on last week's Mad Men.  The Betty storyline is out of nowhere, but packed with drama.  I like it.
  • Sunday morning walk with Stevie.  She sucks at walks when we're both there.  Does anyone else have or had that problem?  Clearly the mister needs to take her on adventures just the two of them.  Yowzas.
  • Carrot Cake - it's been awhile since I have either eaten or made anything carrot cake related.  Boy am I glad I did!
  • We're total slackers and just now filed our taxes.  Oops! Nothing like waiting until the last minute...
  • Easter get together with the family! Salmon! Doggies! Cake!  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

How were your weekends? How were your Easters?! Any cute egg hunts?  It was such a beautiful day to celebrate the holiday.  I hope you all had a lovely time and I wish you all the best for the upcoming week!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Cheery Weekend!

Friday's Fancies

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm so glad it's the end of the week - my husband is finally home from all his travels (and I get to keep him here for longer than a few days this time, whew!).  I can't wait to rest and relax this weekend and spend some time with family on Sunday.  I'm pretty sure our plans are minimal but making this week's Friday's Fancies has got me craving a good fancy date with my main man.  Maybe I'll just get dressed up at home and prance around in heels and a pretty spring dress just for the heck of it.

Speaking of Friday's Fancies - this week's is centered around flowers, naturally.  With spring in full force it's only appropriate to dedicate a week to the loveliness.  Unfortunately, the flowers around here (daffodils and tulips) have already blossomed and gone away.  Plus it's going to freeze tonight.  So I have to be patient and wait for the next round of beauties to bloom and hopefully stick around for longer than the others.  

I'm head over heels in love with this floral shift dress from Oasis.  The print and colors are gorgeous and open up opportunities to play with bright accessories.  And I seriously want to be able to wear that Elizabeth & James blazer all the time.  Seriously.

What have you got planned for the weekend and for Easter? I'm excited to be spending Easter with family this year - it'll be the first time we've properly celebrated the holiday in years.  Although there will be no easter egg hunt (maybe the dogs could have one, haha) it will still be great to get together.  

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Thursday's Randoms

If only I could drop the kind of money it takes to own this intimate set from Stella McCartney.  It's so gorgeous and sexy and I want to wear that bra all the time.  Via and Via

This is the kind of day I want to be having most days.  There was a strange cool-off for us here in the Lou, and I don't have a bike, so needless to say I won't be having a day like this.  But I want to.  And I'm assuming you probably do as well.  Via

I've been asked to bake something for our Easter get together with my mother-in-law.  I am excited to bake something but I'm not sure what I'll make.  I'm curious about these cadbury cupcakes.  Curious indeed.  What do you think?  Via

Just a few of my favorite things at Indigo Home.  I could seriously go nuts and buy everything they have.  I love their tips, too.  This new-to-me store is amazing, I tell you!

I am sorry, but I think it's impossible to not be in love with this handmade badger dress.  Maybe I'm partial, but it is adorable and that is that.  Via

What is inspiring you this week? Happy almost Friday!

Gray + Coral Crush

Shirt // Polish // Runner // Bag // Pouch // Sandals // Shorts // Bike

Loving the mix of coral + gray as of late.  There is so much good stuff out there in both of these hues and I just can't get enough.

Weekend Recap + A Winner!

Welcome to Monday, everyone.  Not only did my check liver light come on this weekend but my warning light for near-heart attack came on.  Holy crap, college basketball! You never cease to impress me.  Some highlights of the weekend include ::

  • Outdoor evening dwelling - tiki torches lit, puppy at the feet, beer in hand.  Check.
  • Garden bed building (him) / repotting every single house plant (me)
  • Visitors!  Maggie & Jen trekked down from Chicago for a weekend of fun (that's still kickin it til' Tuesday!).  
  • Even though the Cardinals lost, I got over it quick.  Because my Jayhawks are going to the National Championship game!!! Rock Chalk! And against Kentucky of all teams...
  • Manicures + shopping - such a lovely way to spend a Sunday, especially one that started out stormy and ended so beautifully and warm.

It was a great weekend - but it's still not over (even though I'm at work).  Tonight is going to be crazy and I'm very thankful to have a house full of KU fans and not the other way around (as it tends to go around these parts). 

Now on to the winner of the Kristen Solecki giveaway ::

Susan said...
Love Kristen's work! The vintage illustration 'Kathryn' has always been my fave. I already follow her on FB, just followed you!
March 27, 2012 7:58 AM

Congratulations, Susan!  We will be in touch :)

Have a great week ahead, everyone!


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