Please come home soon!

Because we miss you! 


But also, we hope you're having loads of fun!

All photos by Raegan Stremel, again, cause she's awesome I tell you!

Floral Dresses

I am so into this trend.  It reminds me of the 90's but in a good way.  Paired with some cute heels or sandals or even boots, this look is so feminine and cute and I plan to purchase some of these less expensive ones for my upcoming trip to Austin!

Boy bought me a bottle of perfume from Nordstrom for Christmas, but my mom bought me the same bottle and wrapped it up all nice and pretty.  So we took his back and now I have a lot of store credit.  I think this dress is a great way of spending it, don't you think?  I love that it's kind of 50s meets 90s meets today.  I especially love that it's been paired with these awesome boots.  Love.

This BB Dakota dress has some pretty rad colors and the floral print is so vibrant and fresh.


Again, this Almost Famous one screams 50s meets 90s meets today, and I love how soft and delicate it is. 

These two Forever 21 dresses are cute, affordable and right on trend. 

I've got mad spring fever!

J. Lo Hewlitt, I never would have guessed...

She has been 'vajazzled'.  In light of the penis pants we featured earlier this week, I thought it would be somewhat appropriate to follow up with this lovely number. 

J. Lo Hew apparently went on "Lopez Tonight" and spilled the beans about her 'precious lady'. 

"After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski crystalled my, um, precious lady."

Apparently a NYC Spa called Completely Bare Spa (aptly enough) provides the service where an esthitician decorates your goods with stick on crystals of your choice.  So incredibly classy! 

All I have to say is WOW.  That's not exactly the next move I think I'd make.  What about you lovely ladies?  Is vajazzled next in line for you?  Do I want to know?!

(photo via here)

Happy Annivesary, Bitchka!



 Today is our 4-year anniversary.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown.   




All photos by the fabulous Raegan Stremel (website still under construction but don't let that hold you back cause the girl is goooood).

Seriously? Penis Pants?

Wow. Haute couture is getting a little risqué thanks to designer Isabel Mastache.

Would anyone actually wear these?

On second thought, I retract my question in fear of dignifying a response....

Photo via dlisted

Joanna Newsom

How awesome is she?  I can't stop listening to her new record, "Have One On Me".  It's soooo pretty and the perfect kind of music for these snowy days we've been having.  Well, it's actually perfect for any kind of weather. 

Her new record is dreamy.  Her voice is so unique and beautiful and combined with the harp, it's mindblowing.  If you haven't heard any of her stuff before then you're truly missing out.  Last summer she played a concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and I was so disappointed that I never got around to buying tickets. I love her and have been meaning to go catch a CSO concert so this was the perfect combination.  But alas, we are lazy.  Anyhoo, this latest album is a bit different than the others but only in a way you might expect.  It's her third album, and it goes to show how she's evolved as a musician. 

Not only is she incredibly talented but she's incredibly beautiful and to top it all off, is dating SNL's Andy Samberg.  So cute!  So go to grooveshark or lala or purchase the new album (you should really do it) and prepare to be swept off your feet.

(photos via, viavia and via)

Very Special Birthday Wishes

Friends and followers, please send 99x the love to my grandma who is 99 today!

We had champagne and our family recipe birthday cake, and a really great knees-up

3 generations of D'Cruz-es

Congratulations, Lily; you're an inspiration and a marvelous grandma and I love you tonnes.


Ladies and gentledudes, my step-sister's beautiful baby girl, Olive!

I love her.  She's always smiling and quiet and happy and loving.  She's a lil' angel!

Project Runway for Wii?!

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Is this for real?  I'm SO EXCITED!  Last Christmas my 9-year-old niece got a Project Runway sewing kit from my mom.  I have to admit, I was kind of jealous (even though I don't know how to sew and have failed misearbly every time I've tried - the sewing portion of Home Ec in 7th grade was painful for me).  So now that there's a Wii game for it I'm thinking this might be more up my alley!  I just hope Tim Gunn is around to mentor me and when I deliberately make hideous outfits I hope that he tells me they're awesome. 

The funniest part is that if you own a balance board, you can actually walk your models down the runway.  I can see the endless hours of entertainment for Badger as I'm "strutting my stuff" down the catwalk.  

(via StyleList)


I want my hair to look like this (maybe not as long, but think of the messy buns I could have then!)

It's so care free yet adorable.  The perfect sun-kissed hair.  Do you think my upcoming stay in Austin will automatically turn my hair into this?!

Even pooches are hipsters

Has anyone seen this website?  It's one of my new favorites, for sure.  It's along the lines of FU Penguin only it appears to be updated a little more on the frequent side, which I appreciate.  


Tell me that doesn't resemble someone you know!  The caption reads: "for Tillie, having a Mad Men premiere means dressing up, drinking Manhattans and being totally insufferable."

"Popeye insists he doesn't have 'a thing for Asian girls' even though his last four girlfriends have been Pekingese."

"Leila ruined the cupcake decorating party after telling the story about how she hooked up with Calvin Johnson."

"Hugo asks you to please be careful, that's a first edition Nabokov."

I could spend hours on this site if I hadn't already read it in its entirety!  So funny!


This is a post not just in praise of lists, it's in praise of one list in particular. My good friend Becca inspired my friends and I to write a "30-before-30" list at my hen/bachelorette weekend and 6 months on, I am so thankful. I just have to say the following, so please don't barf (too much):

Since then, I feel like I've really seized the day with some things I might have had um-ed and ah-ed about beforehand (see previous post). It's given me small (and some not so small) goals to think about, little milestones to try to achieve in a more timely fashion.

I also love my list because my very closest girlfriends wrote them too and we all learned about each others' desires, and found goals we shared.

I've had some experiences I've reveled in not just because they're fantastic in and of themselves, but also because they're one 30th of a target I set myself for some greater overall reason.

Have you ever made a list like that ("40-before-40", "33-before-33", "10-before-10am")?? What's on it? What have you done recently to make one of your - or someone else's - dream come true?

Photos c/o,, The French Factrice

Olympically inspired?

Impromptu skiing trip. Such fun! No longer afraid of lack of friction. Instead, confidently zig-zag down high mountain passes with wind in hair!

Mmmm Hopleaf!

This restaurant/bar is to die for.  I dream about it all the time (even though every time I leave there I'm completely stuck in a food coma for days).  Last night, we ladies went and celebrated Raegan's birthday with delicious beers and fantastic food.  If you live in Chicago and haven't been there you are MISSING OUT.  I had the CB&J (cashew butter, fig jam, cheese - all fried and served panini style) with a side of stilton macaroni & cheese.  It was heavenly.  Some of the girls had brisket.  Some had mussels.  Everyone was happy, it's hard to go wrong there.   The only downside was our hour and a half wait, which resulted in us being less sober than anticipated and very hungry and eating way late.  But when you're with a group of awesome people it all works out well.  Anyway, go to the Hopleaf right now if you haven't been.  Quit sitting there, GO ALREADY! 

So Many Weddings!

So as Mo gears up for the "biggest day of her life so far," I'm gearing up for the summer of "the most weddings ever attended by anybody, ever." I'm super excited for all of the wine, noshes, pretty white dresses, and hysterically happy friends. I cannot think of a better way to spend my summer vacation!

Of course, it also means purchasing forty bajillion new dresses, getting a kick-ass new haircut, and looking fabulous in 90 heat for three months straight. And if you know me, you know I hate heat. And sun. And anything that makes me sweat. If I could afford it, I'd get those creepy Botox injections in my armpits to stop the geysers of shame that erupt once the thermometer reaches 45 degrees. No joke.

ANYHOODLE, I'm in the market for some sweet cocktail dresses. I've got the one great wedding frock that looks something like this:

Although, I never seem to look as austere in MY dress; I think I need a metallic background to stand against. And I'd never wear such a restrained dress with such bridesmaid-y shoes. I'm thinking more of a hot nude pump, and a tailored tuxedo jacket for the cool evening.

To add to my summer collection, I think I'm going to purchase this little number from Victoria's Secret. I can dress it up with heals and bangles, but it's jersey so I can dance and drink in it!

I gravitate toward this shape of dress. I think I like the curve-skimming looks of the late 70s and the hugging jersey dresses from the early 90s. Big hoop earrings! Tribal bangles! And to top it all off, I need a sweet, kicky new do. I was thinking this:

Of course, I think I'll take the gorgeous face, British accent, and awesome makeup too. Is it possible to hire a personal air-brusher, just to walk around with me? Hm.

How about you? What's your dress style? High-waisted? A-line? Mini? Shift? What are your favorite dress stores?

Messy buns

And I'm not talking about anything dirty here folks.  Just some good clean hair talk.

I have really thin hair.  It sucks.  It's also straight as an arrow.  So I'm not able to pull much off because it never lasts.  Which makes me a little worried about wedding day hair, but I'll worry about that later.  The real problem is, I don't know how to successfully pull my hair back and make it look cute and messy at the same time.  SERIOUSLY, I don't.  I want it to look like this:

But alas, it just falls right down, the bun NEVER looks like that because I don't have enough hair to "make it work".  I want it to look like this sometimes:

But that never works out either.  I tried following these instructions, but failed. What is wrong with me!?!

I just want cute buns huns! 


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