Lusting for...Vikings

As I get closer and closer to welcoming a little Peanut into my world, I find my interests gearing toward the whimsical and (sometimes ridiculously) adorable. One of my favorite blogs, Pacing the Panic Room, featured Sandra Monat and her amazing artwork at Herzenart. For anyone thinking about holiday gifts for little ones, this may be the new place to go.

She's got the most adorable Viking dolls:

I love his face!

And he can eat breakfast with Peanut on these nifty nautical plates:

She also has dolls inspired by our friends across the pond:

I can actually hear their voices: "You'll never catch me, you dirty pig!" Hahahahahaha!

You can find more of Monat's amazing dolls, toys, and artwork here.

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!  I found these gems that my mom sent me last year and thought I'd share.  Halloween was a big deal to us growing up, which is why I still love it so much to this day.  Every year, my mom made our costumes.  We would tell her what we wanted to be and she would whip something up for us in no time.  She really did enjoy it and there's no changing that now.  She still does the same for my nephew and nieces!  She even decorates her house to the nines with stuff and it's getting more and more outrageous every year.  Those kids are lucky to have such a crafty, cool grandma, right?  I think so.  Anyway, hope you have a wonderful and spooky weekend, full of tricks and treats!

My first Halloween, 1983

My brother circa 1981

My brother's first Halloween, 1979.  The back of the picture says, "darn thing!"

My favorite Halloween, 1988.  

My brother and I plus our cousins.  I obviously loved that flapper girl costume! But isn't my brother's Dracula one great?!

Punk rockers, 1985?

Hair! Yeah!

Hello Ladies,

My cool and hip friend/neighbor has started blogging about tresses! Check out The Beehive Hair Blog:

I always noticed her great hair, so this blog makes perfect sense :-)

I'm jealous because I'm growing out my own short 'do - thanks to that, and my bike helmet (!), I'm a little stuck in a hair rut. Perhaps now I can get some inspiration from Haley's sweet new blog!

Mo Whoopie Pies, Please!

That's right.  This Mo Pie made Whoopie Pies and they are g-double-o-d-good.  Today was an overcast and chilly day in Chicago and it put me in one of those moods that make me want nothing but chocolate and coffee and snuggle sessions.  It was the kind of chilly fall day that comes rather unexpectedly so the oven was a blessing to turn on.  I whipped up these whoopie pies in no time and added some peppermint to the filling for that added deliciousness.  I don't have the toppings Martha used to make it look Halloween spectacular but I was really just going for taste here, folks.

America's Scariest Trails

Backpacker Magazine has compiled a fantastic list of the scariest trails that America has to offer.  With Halloween approaching this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share them and hear what you have to say.  

My favorite read of this article was the section, "Really, I saw it myself".  The readers comments about their individual happenings got my heart racing and my imagination running wild!  Now, I have the uncontrollable urge to go hiking in one of these haunted places, with a group of smart and strong men of course, with weapons and things.  Who's with me?

Has anything scary ever happened to you while in the woods?  I was camping in Yellowstone with my brother and his friends 10 freaking years ago, and a bear came through our campsite.  Nothing happened but the thought of a brown bear roaming free in Yellowstone being inches away from me while I slept was pretty unnerving.  And awesome.

* Thanks for sharing this, Anna!

This one's for you, Anna

I couldn't resist sharing these cute pics from cuteoverload! Hope they brighten up your day!

Jackson Hole Wedding

I saw this wedding over at Once Wed and wanted to share with you its beauty.  Isn't the bride lovely?  I love that everything feels so Wyoming about this wedding (as it should) and that they found such creative ways to incorporate the charming rustic touches.  I love her simple white flowers and the soft feel of the photography.  They look so happy in love!

Lusting for :: Osborn Shoes

Osborn Shoes was founded by Aaron Osborn who happened to meet an unemployed cobbler while doing charity work in Guatemala.  A group of talented artisans make up the company, having set up shop in the volcanic mountains outside of Guatemala City.  The workshop is by no means a sweatshop, each shoe is a piece of art, crafted by its maker.  How awesome is that?  Would you wear these shoes?  I really want that first pair, it just screams Mo don't you think?

Lusting for :: Free People

What I wouldn't do to get a Free People shopping spree.  I'm so. in. love.

Seriously, everything they carry is absolutely fabulous.  

A few weeks ago, I actually took the time to sift through the jeans at a thrift store.  Time and patience is key because you know what I found? The perfect pair of Free People jeans!  For a mere $2! Unbelievable! *pats own back*

Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning!  I hope everyone's weekends were great.  Ours was!

On Friday night, I saw ex-coworkers of mine, had some one-on-one time with one of my favourite ladies, had serious snuggle sessions with Gus and watched Project Runway (are you as embarrassed by the ending as I was?  I felt so uncomfortable watching that - but I don't want to spoil anything for those who might not have seen it yet).

Saturday the mister and I had a lovely day together.  We scoured the Logan Square thrift stores for costume pieces (note to self, next year, do not go to the thrift store on a Saturday afternoon the weekend before Halloween unless you want to wait in line for 30 minutes).  There are no overalls to be found here.  Does anyone have any tips for us?  They need to be for a tall skinny man.  He's going to be Luigi!

We carved pumpkins.  His is way better than mine but that's ok.  I don't pride myself on carving skills anyway!  We watched Night of the Living Dead too.  They're coming to get you, Barbra!

Yesterday we watched the Bears lose.  So we drank.  All day.

Also, we decided we're going to Vegas in two weeks with family! Huzzah!

Have a spooky weekend!

Friday, sweet Friday.  You're here again and alas it is time for a great weekend to ensue.

I wanted to leave you with the two links below.

This artist created some amazing Dexter prints that gave him some really good luck.

Check out the invitations on the print-your-own-art section.  They are so similar to ours!

What are you up to this weekend?  I'm getting ready to go downtown to meet up with my former coworkers for drinks.  We're costume shopping and pumpkin carving tomorrow and on Sunday we're watching the Bears game with friends in the suburbs.  A good weekend awaits!  Enjoy yours, my friends!

Would you rather...

Just out of curiosity (and because it's almost the weekend), would you rather...

Be in a relationship with a musician who's always on tour...


Date a man who is always there for you,with a steady job, but always sits at home on the couch, refusing to do anything?

Kind of random - but I just wanted to play.  I've dated musicians (my husband is one but up until his band broke up a month ago, he was a local musician who only went on tour once a year or so) and it's hard to try and start a relationship with someone who is never around.  But, they sure do have their benefits...right?!

Ruche :: Home and Office

I'm always pleased when stores I love come out with new departments and lines.  Lo and behold, one of my favorite online stores, Ruche, did just that!  Now, you can not only find awesome clothes and accessories but you can find cute little goods for your home and/or office!

See?  Just some little things to really rev up the cute factor!


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