Felt + Linen

Felt + Linen

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Colour Patch 1 by Rachel Castle is such a lovely collage of bold color.  It translates so well into fashion and every day items, so I couldn't resist but pick out a few of my faves.  

Weekend Recap

Another weekend is behind us but oh what a good weekend it was.  You may be wondering, who is this cute baby and why is she on your blog?  Well, this cute baby is Ava, and I am her aunt Mo.  Hooray!  Some highlights of the weekend include ::

  • Hang out sesh with Raegan - involving beers, good music and Yahtzee.
  • Taking Stevie to the vet and to the trail - she got a clean bill of health (and it's pretty awesome to take a dog to the vet in comparison to a cat, you know?) and all the people who saw her out and about stopped to gush over her.  She's pretty awesome.  
  • Family time - we all got together for some food and love and we all stared and held and fell in love with baby Ava.
  • Takeout + TV - the mister and I know how to do it up right, or something like that...
  • Bathroom project - FINALLY we got around to making this happen.  I painted our master bathroom 'mystical sea' by Behr and we bought wainscot to hang next weekend.   It's going to look b-e-a-utiful.

Between a puppy, some baby love and feeling accomplished with house projects, there was a lot to feel good about this weekend.  Let's just hope this week is a reflection upon it!  Here's to a good week ahead, my friends!

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Today, January 29th, marks the day which my home state was admitted to the union.  Every year on this day I feel the need to celebrate all things Kansas.  I think that might stem from the fact that Kansas day was a really big deal in elementary school - we always had an assembly and spent the learning day celebrating the best of the state's history.  This day reminds me of many good times in my life, of good people I celebrated with who still remain my friends and of all the things that bring a smile to my face when I think about my 22 years in the sunflower state.  

Even though the Jayhawks lost this weekend, and I can't come close to having a beer from the best brewery in the world, I'm still going to celebrate.  I will listen to this band (reminds me of my years in Lawrence), maybe try to hunt down a sunflower or two to brighten up our home and think about all of my friends and family back home.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Have a Funny Weekend!

Sorry for the extra delayed post today - our internet has been down all day and we've been suffering ever since! Well not really, but the husband does work from home so it was a little stressful for him.  We're back up and running now so we're all good.  I just couldn't leave you all hanging without wishing you a great weekend! And I figured a little humor couldn't hurt in the process, right?  Also, I just watched this video earlier and I can't stop giggling.  Oh Chicago...

Thursday's Randoms

These sprinkle spoons from my favorite baking blog - Sweetapolita, are filling me with happiness and giddiness reminiscent of my childhood days.  She seriously always has the coolest ideas, especially for her kids.  I just love how fun and exciting these look!

Tiffany pinned Ralph Lauren's pool today and it's got me yearning for a vacation right about now.  Last night I brought up the fact that I'm dying to go to Mexico sometime soon and this photo (even though it looks nothing like Mexico) just reinforces that desire.  I love how RL's pool looks just like a pond or part of a river.  Must be nice, right?

This guy was totally in my dream last night - talking to another animal that does not exist.  It was so strange - and I have no idea what he was saying to me but he talked to me alright.  It was an altogether strange dream that did not leave me feeling that good upon waking up, but a dream is a dream and nothing more.  Although they say..."To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life....If the rabbit is hopping in your dream, then it indicates fertility. You will be surrounded by children."  Interesting, right?!

I'm loving the simplicity of these teardrop-shaped terrariums.  Etsy shop TallPoppyGardens has some great stuff you should check out!  

How incredible is this?  You can snatch one up today on Fab.com (if you need an invite, let me know!).  Even if it is originally for a Norwegian magazine article about a mass murderer...it's still a cool print.  

How are your week's going? Sorry I've been a little silent.  That changes today! 

What's been inspiring you this week?  

Puppy Love

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Seeing as though we've pretty much been all things puppy lately, this post seemed more than appropriate.  I'm particularly smitten with the puppy lamp - the "Albie" puppy lamp by design duo JamesPlumb.   Wouldn't it be amazing to display anywhere?!

If only puppies were all cute and no work....sigh.  I'm serious I kid, puppies are the  bee's knees.

Except this one.  This one is rotten.

Oh Stevie.

White Washed

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 I dream of having a space like this - white washed and dreamy, neatly organized and simple.  I'm beginning to doubt it's even possible for me to have something like this but thanks to the interwebs, I can pretend.  But seriously, I want all these rooms.  Bad.  

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone.  Here we are again.  Monday.  Goodie.  

How were your weekends?  Mine was delightful.  It was very laid back and relaxed.  Some highlights include ::

  • Dinner at The Silver Dollar - I love going out to eat.  I want to every Friday.  Pretty much without fail.  The husband does too, so we decided to try something newish that would be worth the drive (because everything "cool" is a drive now).  The Silver Dollar was pretty tasty, I must say.  There's something for everyone and the decor was so cheerful.  Plus my whiskey cocktail totally hit the spot.
  • As usual, we lit the fireplace as often as we could.  We had family over on Thursday and lit the fire, we stayed in and snuggled on Friday and lit the fire and Saturday we had friends/family over and...you guessed it, lit the fire.
  • Stocking up on wine at Trader Joes.
  • KU victory - just barely, but it'll do.
  • PUPPY LOVE!  She pretty cuuuute
  • The Logo Game - have you played it?  It is awesome.
  • Delicious homemade food including lasagna, quiche, lettuce wraps and twice-baked potatoes
  • The newest addition to the Badger side of the family is here - on Friday afternoon, baby Ava was born!  We haven't met her yet but we get to this week and I'm excited!

Hope you guys got up to some fun this weekend!  Here's to a great week ahead!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Lovely Weekend!

Friday's Fancies

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Happy Friday, friends! I'm so glad the weekend is upon us as it's time to snuggle up by the fire and relax all weekend long.  That probably won't happen (and it's supposedly warming up this weekend), especially if Stevie has a say in it - we'll likely be running laps in the backyard and playing tug-of-war all weekend long.  

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about outfit inspiration.  I think I needed this theme because I've been so uninspired by fashion as of late.  Is it just me?  I haven't enjoyed my clothes in awhile and haven't been inspired to go looking for new ones.  There's something weird about that!  I'm a pretty big fan of Marianna's looks in general, but this one is perfect for the wintery day many of us are having.  

What are you up to this weekend? Something fun, I hope.  We're waiting with anticipation on the news of a new arrival - the mister's stepbrother is having a baby today (at least that's the hospital's plan) and I'm kind of hoping to rope a certain somebody into getting started on a bathroom project.  We'll see how that one goes :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday's Randoms

I've been smiling ever since I spotted this vintage poster.  I imagine it must have been pretty cool to have this hanging in your room as a young teenage girl back in the day.  Part of it is also kind of gross, too.  Hah!  Whose lips would you be smooching?  My vote is for George.  Via

The color combination that is gray and aqua is by far one of my favorite color combinations ever.  Comine that with paneled walls and pops of color here and there and I think we've achieved perfection.  Now I just need to find a way to incorporate this into our home!

I've been pouring through Old Loves today and couldn't stop laughing when I came across Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh on their wedding day in 1989.  Look at that dress! Oh.  My.

This beautiful grecian gown from designer Katie Jean is quite lovely, and I'm rather fond of her styling in the rest of her shop.  If you're a bride-to-be and want to support an up-and-coming designer, be sure to head to her shop and check out her designs.  It could be a perfect match!

Are you as intrigued by this as I? I found this recipe from 101 Cookbooks for lemony olive oil banana bread.  I love a twist on any classic recipe - and I just so happen to have an overstock of frozen brown bananas perfect for bread.  We also just so happen to be hosting the in-laws for dinner tonight so this may end up on the menu.

What's inspiring you today? And what are you up to? It's been a CRAZY week around here.  The husband was out of town, Stevie hit her "ohmygodI'macrazypuppyandIcan'tstopbitingyouandcryingandbarkingandI'mgoingtodriveyouallstarkravingmad" phase and there were 4 reported tornadoes in the Louisville area on Tuesday.  Then it snowed a bit that night.  Crazy, right?  One of the tornadoes just so happened to be a few miles away from our house/the doctor's office.  We were all huddled in a windowless room at work, with patients and people who work upstairs.  The sirens were blaring, a funnel cloud was looming over the city and there was a calm before the storm.  Holy shishkaballs.


 I feel like I talk about biscuits and gravy a lot on this blog of mine, so when I stumbled across this amazing print, I had to share.  I think I need it.  Because it totally rules.  Yee-haw Industries, baby!

Etsy find :: Statements2000

Artist Jon Allen really has some serious talent and it shines through all the pieces in his Etsy shop, Statements2000.  Here you will find abstract metal art - items such as clocks, wall hangings and sculptures.  The sculptures are very reminiscent of architecture such as Frank Gehry in my opinion, and what's not to love about that?  If your house (or say your folks house?) needs a little sprucing up in the fine art department, be sure to check the shop out.

Weekend Recap

After being dazzled all night by the Golden Globes, it's hard to return back to reality today.  Did you watch? I found it enjoyable and particularly loved seeing Octavia Spencer win best supporting actress for her role as Minny in The Help.  I am so glad she played the role instead of Queen Latifah (phew) - and she most definitely deserved to win.  What are your thoughts about the Globes? Best dressed? Worst dressed?  And most importantly - how were your weekends?  Mine was rather lovely.  Some highlights include ::

  • Friday night mexican food + margaritas!  You know how this goes, chips + salsa, margaritas, cheesy deliciousness.  
  • Chill time w/Stevie - this happened pretty much nonstop throughout the weekend and it was awesome all around.  Her aunt came over to hang out and giggled over her all night.  
  • Both Saturday + Sunday mornings were spent in pj's til lunch time, reading books and magazines while sipping coffee and petting the pups.   With occassional (okay, very often) trips out to the yard.
  • I didn't leave the house Saturday at all and on Sunday, it was only for a quick trip to get cat food.  I loved it.
  • Good Will Hunting - I had only seen this movie once and it was in the late 90s, so thanks to Netflix instant watch we were delighted.
  • Sweet curry, biscuits and gravy, chili.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  
  • No more cords exposed - okay, this sounds weird, right?  But husband is the best - per my request (begging) he puppy-proofed/aided my neurosis and mounted the power strip and all the cords (with command hooks) to the back of our media console AND we finally organized the top and arranged it just right.  Now if only we could get around to actually rehabbing the console.
  • Golden Globes!  

Here's to a good week ahead!  My sir is away on business so it's just me and Stevie pup until late Wednesday.  Wish me luck - it's the first time she's alone all work day.  I could be done for ;)

PS - isn't she cuuuute?

Friday's Fancies + Have a Cheery Weekend!

Friday's Fancies

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This week's Friday's Fancies is all about color crushing. Lately I've been smitten by Chanel's Orange Fizz nail polish - I can't get enough! So when I saw this blouse, I fell pretty hard. Isn't this outfit chic and tough all at once? I wish I could wear it out this weekend.

What's in store for you this weekend? We don't have any plans so far (I'm not complaining) and with the roads being sort of slick out there, I'm not too inclined to drive anywhere just yet.  We'll see where it takes us.

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you make the most of it!  Enjoy the snow, Chicagoans.  It's about time you had a good amount on the ground, I say.

Thursday's Randoms

The mister and I have been in talks about the bathroom in our bedroom and how we will fix it up.  Right now it's pretty "meh".  The paint is not at all appealing to me, but it's been tolerable.   The countertops are perfectly fine and so is the shower, but it's not very tranquil and that is something I definitely long for.  Plus, it doesn't even begin to match our bedroom, as that was the first room we painted.  I would love to be able to recreate this bathroom - view included.  Although our view is pretty rad if I do say so.  It overlooks a meadow and many mornings I have looked out and watched groups of deer frolicking, with their fluffy white tails bobbing up and down.  I'm thinking we'll paint the walls the same shade of minty blue green as our bedroom and hang wainscot halfway up the walls.  We'll add some shelves and pops of red and voila, the perfect bathroom shall transpire!

Between taking care of Stevie, work and well, taking care of Stevie, there hasn't been much motivation to knit.  I've been trying to work on finishing up a last-minute Christmas gift (that obviously didn't really turn out to be a last-minute gift considering it's mid-January practically and it's no where near being done) and still have a lot to do, but when I'm done, I'm thinking this beautiful pattern is my next project.  The last hat I knit for myself was definitely a learning project.  It was completely unwearable even though it looked good over all.  

How chic are these mittens?  I love the zipper and I love how warm they are making me feel.  They're on sale, too!

I purchased a bar of soap a few months ago from a boutique here in Louisville and I've been loving the way it feels and smells.  If you're in the Brooklyn area, check out Saipua - a family-owned soap and flower shop with amazing scents.  They're carefully handmade in the store and they have some pretty great packaging too, might I add.  If you're not in Brooklyn, the soaps are sold across the US!  I have the gardener's soap and I love it, but I really wish I could wash my hands with the coffee mint right about now!

So many of us are experiencing winter today - finally.  Since I have the day off, I'm thinking that curling up by the window with a book is the best idea.  

Happy Thursday, everyone! What's inspiring you today?

Etsy find :: Sophia Clothing

I'm feeling rather smitten with today's Etsy find - Sophia Clothing.  Designer Sophia Zhang has been making clothes for 15 years - and you can definitely tell.  Her outfits are unique and look very well made, don't you think? I could stand to switch a few of the stylings - for instance, get rid of the flip flops! They're in every summery outfit it seems.

What do you think? Do you ever support designers such as Sophia?



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I'm dreaming about soft winter pastels for my wardrobe lately.  To me, these colors are quintessential January.  Even though it doesn't quite feel like January outside, I'm aching for the weather to satisfy my mood.  Also, the walls of my home are aching for this print, seriously.

What is in your January wardrobe these days?

Weekend Recap

{she was studying hard}

Good morning, everyone.  Too bad it's Monday again, but it's sometimes nice to get the week going.  The weekend was really good - it was productive and relaxing at the same time.  Some highlights include ::
  • Pooch session! Canuba and Uncle Dubs stopped by for a play session with our mary puppins.  It was as adorable as it was chaotic, especially with Gus in the house.  I loved it though and it was great to see Stevie interact with them.  Watching her grow has also been pretty incredible.  She's got a big ole belly now and her face is changing every time I look at her.
  • Yoga, puppy love, reading on the couch
  • Family dinner - we were all treated to a lovely dinner which was followed by exchanging Christmas presents since our schedules coincided finally.  Christmas was good to us!
  • Hot tub!
  • Lazy Sunday
  • Another pooch session!  This time she got to go on adventure AND meet Lucy AND play with Canuba and Uncle Dubs again.  Man, life is pretty good for her so far.  And we got to eat more good food.

Sorry for all the puppy talk.  It's obviously consumed my life.  I promise to tone it down...soon.  I mean, come on. She totally poops and potties outside lately.  I feel so proud!  You know you would too ;)

What do you think about the new look? It's still in progress, so expect another change or two.  Have you heard of Blogmilk yet?  I recommend heading over to Ana's site and exploring her new templates.  I had a hard time choosing! 

Happy Monday, my friends.  Hope your weeks are all swell!

Friday's Fancies + Have an Awesome Weekend!

Friday's Fancies
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Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so glad to be back to my usual blogging routine - especially Friday's Fancies! It's been so long!  This week's Friday's Fancies theme is "best foot forward" and because of that, I couldn't help but fall in love with these embellished Brian Atwood pumps.  Aren't they gorgeous? They're my favorite color (and color combo, honestly) and would look great with so many things.   And there's that scalloped clutch again - calling my name!

What plans do you have this weekend?  Tonight we're having some people (and dogs) over to love on Stevie.  We're trying to socialize her as much as we can from here on out, and Canuba and Dubie coming over is the best way to do so (because we get to reap all the benefits, too).  She has been doing so good for us - she's sleeping through the night now, although that does come with accidents.  We're hoping to get a baby gate/play pen area to keep her enclosed so her potty training works better when we're asleep (and you know, so she doesn't destroy anything...).  So our weekend is naturally going to be centered around her.  We're also finally celebrating Christmas with the Badger family and going out to eat with everyone.  Should be a good weekend - and if there are no trips to the ER this weekend, it will be about a million times better than last!  

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have an amazing few days!  Happy Friday!

Thursday's Randoms

How cute is this? I can't bear it.  It's too cute for words.  As is pretty much everything from this awesome Etsy shop, Red Red Completely Red.

Hello, yumminess!  Even though the mister and I are on a bit of a detox (yeah, how could we not be after Sunday's events?), I think this cocktail might be a nice treat once it's over.  I mean, could it be any more apt?  This honey badger don't care!  

I recently ordered myself a Christmas coat from Anthropologie.  It was on major sale but was also on backorder.  I have been waiting and waiting for it to ship but was saddened to receive an email saying the item was cancelled.  I guess it wasn't meant to be after all.  So I got to thinking about how I've been carrying the same purse around for well over a year and a half (who knew an Aldo bag would stay in perfect condition with every day wear for this long?).  While this scalloped clutch from Topshop isn't exactly ideal for every day use, it is pretty irresistible.  `

I could really use a little r n' r in this spot right now.  It looks so calming, relaxing and breezy.  Le sigh. Via 

We have decided to name her Stevie!  After both my stepdad and our friend Daniel suggested we name it Steve in two entirely separate emails, we figured why not go with Stevie?  I like the idea of a boys name used for a girl and it has a feminine ending, so why not?  Lil' Stevie Nicks, Lil' Stevie McQueen, etc.  She even slept through the night on her bed and only made a couple of accidents.  She is getting bigger already and smarter by the second!

Cute puppy, name unknown

Introducing ::

Well...hmm, we still don't have a name.  

Even though she kept us up most of the night, we are in love.  Even though she poops everywhere, we are in love.  Even though she tries to nurse everything in sight, we are in love.  I have to admit though, she's getting pretty good at peeing on her training pads.  

She's pretty much full of personality.  She whines a lot (hence keeping us up all night) but that's because she's so young and misses her doggie mama.  She cries when one of us leaves the room, and she was right there in the action when I did some yoga earlier.  She's starting to play with her toys and she is sleeping in her bed.  What's not to love?  

We're studying up on training so we can have the best little pooch this side of the Mississippi.  Because seriously, I don't want to be the person who goes to the bathroom and comes out to find this ::

So considering the fact that I'm on a dangerously low amount of sleep, do you have any tips for making our next few nights a little easier?  It's funny how quickly I believe everyone saying puppies are like having a baby.  Man.  Oh.  Man.

Gus seems to be doing well with her to our surprise.  He stares at her.  A lot.  And moves around to get better views.  But I have high hopes for a future best friend status.  Then we can get some more animals and one day have a portrait like this ::

Or not.  But I needed to share this with everyone so that your Wednesdays are that much better.

I promise more pics of the unnamed pooch are to come.  I tried taking more but the lil' booger wouldn't hold still for a second.  Which makes me smile just thinking about.

More to come, I promise.  And more regular programming when things settle down and more sleep is had.

Til' tomorrow...happy tails to you ;)

PS ::


I love you!


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