A Giveaway + Sponsor Love :: Marissa B

Introducing ::

I wanted to officially say WELCOME! to my newest sponsor, Marissa B!  I can't get over how beautiful Marissa's jewelry is.  From the colors to the style, she's got a good thing going on here.  I think we can all agree.  

"Marissa B. has been designing up-scaled fashion jewelry from a new perspective since 2002. The collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces reflects modern artistic style.
From her Boston-based studio, Marissa works with a delicious array of colorful semiprecious gems and metals. Each piece goes through a rigorous design process of crafting and perfecting before it is turned over to the hands of the skilled and talented artisans she works with to create the final work.
Marissa B. jewelry sells in independent boutiques and department stores worldwide.
Whether you crave a simple line or a bold statement, Marissa B. jewelry satisfies every time."

Welcome to the Mo Pie, Please family, Marissa! I'm so glad you're here :)  

Now on to the best part of all! Marissa has kindly offered a giveaway for all of you readers!

For a chance to win these beautiful pom pom earrings (right in time for the holidays!) simple do the following ::

Mandatory Entry
  • Visit Marissa B. and comment letting us know what your favorite item in the store is
  • Be a follower Mo Pie, Please on GFC

Additional Entries (leave a comment for each)

The giveaway will close next Sunday at 10 p.m. est, so be sure to tell all your friends!  Best of luck!

We didn't start the fire

We didn't start the fire

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Creamy whites and raspberry! Navy blue tights and boots! It must mean that the holidays are upon us, what with my brain focusing on these colors.  They have me thinking party - I would love to attend a holiday party sporting this number, would you?

Just because it's Tuesday, let's all listen to one of my fave Arcade Fire jams.

Weekend Recap

What a week! I think I am alone on this one but a part of me is slightly relieved it's Monday.  But let's pretend I didn't really just say that.  You see, I had a very wonderful week, full of the 3 most important f's = family, friends and food.  For over a week, we had family and friends staying at our house, keeping us company and full of warmth.  But now Monday is here, we are back to our same ole routine and the kitty can peacefully sleep in his favorite spot(s).  Normalcy has returned and I'm feeling thankful for both warm and fuzzies and also normalcy, sweet normalcy.  

Some highlights of the last week include ::

  • Games! We played so many we lost count.  I won pretty much all of them, and that is fun to admit.  
  • Bourbon's Bistro! We treated my folks to a gourmet Kentucky meal for my mom's birthday.  All of our food was prepared with bourbon, naturally.  We ate with smiles on our faces and laughed about the Scotty Davenport show being filmed behind us.  
  • Birthday karaoke!  Our friend Alex turned the big 3-0 and to celebrate, we all put ourselves out there and jammed some karaoke tunes to a broad audience.  It was pretty fun, needless to say.
  • TURKEY DAY! Holy me oh my was Thanksgiving good.  My mister is seriously the best person ever.  He woke up and started churning out one success after another.  By the time I woke up and had my coffee, mostly everything was done or in the oven.  I was impressed.  We successfully hosted one of the best Thanksgivings of my life and I am so thankful for that.  I'm also so very thankful for so many things - but most importantly for every single person that was there that day.  How great is it that both the mister and I's folks are fun for our friends to be around?!
  • Mammoth Cave + Jim Beam Distillery Tour!  We trekked down south and embraced my stepdads geology love.  We walked through a mammoth cave and stared in awe at all the beauty. It all blows me away!  Jim Beam was on the way home and what better way to end your stay in Kentucky than to tour a distillery!  We took a quick tour and sampled two of their top shelf bourbons.  
  • My folks left early Saturday morning so we spent the remainder of our weekend with visiting friends.  
  • Vegging on the couch.  It was truly needed.  Such a great way to end such a crazy good week.

How were your holidays? I'd love to hear!  Again, congrats to Erin for winning the Shabby Apple giveaway! And hello to all of my new followers - so excited to meet you!

Last, if you live in Louisville - don't forget to go to Proof on Main tomorrow to meet myself and Alison of {long distance loving}!  Sign up here!

A Winner!

Erin is our lucky winner! Congrats, Erin!  I'll be in touch :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you all the best today - the best pie, the best turkey/ham/tofurkey, the best of family times and more.  Today I am so thankful for my wonderful family and the fact that they're getting to come together to celebrate in our home.  It's sure to be a good time - but in the meantime, man, we have a lot to do...

Have a great holiday, everyone! Don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway! You have until Sunday night!

Shabby Apple Giveaway!!

I finally get to host my own Shabby Apple giveaway and I am so excited about it!  I chose to giveaway  this lovely Nothin' Like A Dame dress to one very lucky reader.  You're definitely bound to look stunning, whoever you are. 

Shabby Apple is an online boutique full of hip and adorable dresses, skirts, jewelry, etc.  Bloggers are their biggest fans and Shabby Apple is the biggest online retail supporters of bloggers like you and I!  Even if you aren't the lucky winner, I highly suggest you check out their shop and maybe even do a little Christmas shopping (he he).  

To enter - Mandatory ::
  • 'Like' Shabby Apple on Facebook
  • Follow Mo Pie, Please via Google Connect
  • Visit Shabby Apple and leave a comment below with your favorite item in the store

For Additional Entries ::
  • 'Like' Mo Pie, Please on Facebook (one entry)
  • Blog about this giveaway (one entry if you leave a link in the comments)

One lucky winner will be chosen at random next Sunday evening, November 27th at 10 p.m. est.  Best of luck!

Weekend Recap

Hello again!  How are you?  How were your weekends? Excellent, I hope!  Our weekend was one of the best weekends and I'm feeling so very warm and fuzzy as a result.  Some highlights include ::

  • Chicago visitors!!!  Some of our bestest friends came in for a weekend visit and it was glorious.  The time flew by unfortunately (as it always does) but we made the most of it.
  • Pizza + wine/beer + fire.  Oh yes.  So.  Cozy.
  • Morning coffee + chats.  I can't get enough!
  • Baby shower - only two more months to go until we meet the newest addition to our extended family.  
  • Champagne + euchre = perfection (except for losing to the boys)
  • MY PARENTS!!  They arrived safely and right in time for dinner!  
  • Tofurkey roast/pot roast dinner.  It was so tasty and so awesome to have the dinner table completely full with so many of my all-time favorite people.  
  • Taboo night - Taboo is super fun with teams of 3, let me tell you.  Us girls totally ruled that one.
  • Apple pancake brunch - a great way to send off the friends.  
  • Bears victory!
  • Delicious manicotti followed by some awesome r n' r.  I love weekends.

It's good to be back, it's good to be with family and it's good to be excited about Thanksgiving!  Here's to a wonderful week ahead!


Hello, friends!!!

I am SOOOOOO sorry about my unexpected silence last week.  Lightning struck our modem, the husband was out of town and our internet provider and I couldn't work out a time for an appointment.  It was frustrating to live without the internet and be away from the blog, but I'm back in business.  I'm sad to see that a few of you stopped following during the downtime...but I do hope you'll come back.  Regular programming is scheduled for the week and I will try my best to make the rounds as well.  My folks are in town for Thanksgiving and I am oh so excited about hanging out with them and eating loads of delicious food!

Hope your weekends have been swell!

The Listeners/These Train Tracks

The Listeners/These Train Tracks is an awesome children's book and 7", handcrafted by artist/musician, Michah Middaugh of Breathe Owl Breathe.  If you haven't heard any of Breathe Owl Breathe's stuff, you're missing out.  Seriously.

If you're a fan of cuteness, music and well-crafted art, please check this out.  You won't regret it.

Take a listen.

The book/7" is set to release on December 6th, for $28.50.  Pre-order your copy here!

* When we have kids, I promise you, they're totally gonna jam to stuff like this.

What do you think?

Sponsor Love :: Coni Lab

Introducing ::

I wanted to officially say WELCOME! to my newest sponsor - coniLab!  Coni's Etsy shop is filled with lovely screen-printed sentiments, sure to brighten up your day.

"After working with diverse designers for many years I started my own journey creating and printing my own designs. My chosen technic: completely handmade screen printing… the type of work that makes your hands hurt… and gives you a lot of joy after seeing the printed results!!

I love language and typography. I love old etchings, viynets and signs, simbols and icons! In my artwork you will find a little bit of all these things."

Please be sure to head over to her shop, browse around and order everything ;)  I find it hard to resist!  

Lovely readers, please take a moment to join me in welcoming Coni and coniLab to the Mo Pie family! We're so happy to have you!

Want to advertise or sponsor Mo Pie, Please?  
Email me for a very low rate (and not just for a month!) 
Meaganpie (at) gmail (dot) com.

Weekend Recap

Good morning, lovelies!  How were your weekends? Wonderful, I hope.  Ours was pretty good - aside from the fact that I spent most of it just trudging through, feeling a little off.  I still haven't become officially sick, but I can't tell if the fatigue and scratchy throat is going away or if it's just going to be kept at bay for awhile.  Does this happen to any of you?  

Anyway...'twas a good weekend.  Some highlights include ::

  • MEETING DOGGIES!!  We're seriously starting the dog adoption process and on Friday evening we ventured down the street to meet a few pooches and to introduce ourselves to the foundation.  They're on the look out for the perfect match and I couldn't be more thrilled!
  • Cumberland Brews - we decided to go out to eat afterwards and enjoy some casual hang time with good people.  
  • Brunch - the husband's grandma came over and we served her biscuits + gravy.  Seriously, he makes the best biscuits and gravy.  He also watches a lot of Good Eats...
  • Spending the afternoon going to LaGrange for furniture shopping and also the mall for other shopping.  I can't remember the last time I can honestly say I went to the mall.  It was enjoyable and we totally got some double doozies from the cookie store.
  • Saturday night veg fest.  Since I'm not feeling 100%, I opted to stay in on Saturday while the hubs went to a bourbon party.  It was nice, I rested on the couch, knit, watched some of this and played some of that.
  • Homemade french toast.
  • U of L basketball!  Raegan treated me with a ticket to the Louisville men's basketball game vs. Lamar.  I loooove going to NCAA basketball games and she knew it.  It seriously made my month!  Even though the seats were so high up it felt like we could plummet, it was totally worth it.
  • Bears victory! I may have missed the majority of the game but that's ok.  
  • Chinese food + veggin' with friends.
All in all, a terrific weekend.  Add to it a 70+ degree November day and you've got some serious perfection going on.  I'd love to hear about your weekends!  Here's to a great week ahead of us, my friends.

Friday's Fancies + Have a Brilliant Weekend!

Friday's Fancies + Have a brilliant weekend!

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Happy Friday, loves!  I would be a little more thrilled today that the weekend is upon us, but I'm sad to admit that I'm feeling under the weather.  I thought about how I haven't been sick in ages yesterday and boom, a cold hits.  It was bound to happen working at a doctor's office.  Oh well.  'Tis life.

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about gold!  This week marks {av}'s 50th week of Friday's Fancies (holy moly!) and to celebrate, what better way than going gold for the golden anniversary? When I saw this J.Crew number, I knew the only way to enjoy it was virtually.  Same with pretty much everything else you see here.  The sex appeal of those Louboutin pumps is pretty out of this world, right?

What are you all up to this weekend? We don't have much in store (thankfully) but we are hosting my husband's grandma for brunch tomorrow (at least we are supposed to, I'd hate to get her sick).  Hopefully I'm feeling better and can enjoy myself!  Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have a brilliant weekend!

Thursday's Randoms

Seriously, how amazingly delicious does this cake look? I"m drooling! It looks like perfection in every bite.  I think I must add it to my list of cakes to bake.  Via Sweetapolita, where else?!

Love this print of woodland creatures from Etsy shop Chasing the Crayon.  I think it's easy to say that I'm just really into stuff like this, but I mean...how can you not be?!

I am totally itching to buy new sweaters, and J.Crew has a lovely selection right now.  I think everyone needs at least one new item per season and I have been a very good girl with our money lately. This honeysuckle one in particular is pretty great.  It's about time...right?

Many of you have experienced your first snows of the season recently.  While I am not at all jealous, I am getting slightly excited for what's to come.  Then again, I think back to that 2 feet of snow dumped on us in Chicago and I still shudder...Via

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we're already in the process of planning our menu.  I'm so so so excited to be able to host the holiday in our house and to have my parents drive all the way here for a week long stay!  It's going to be glorious, and I think for us vegetarians that there will be many dishes like the one above (broccolini and feta galette).  I can't wait!

I still can't stop thinking about this k.slademade clutch.  It looks a little monstrous in this picture but I think that makes it all the better.  I may not carry clutches too often but I would carry this all the time! I LOVE IT.

I Couldn't Think of a Title, So this is the Title


I couldn't think of a title, so this is the title

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"All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites." - Marc Chagall

Oh how I am a sucker for the photograph above.  It possesses a quality that ignites something within me; a fiery passion that wants to seep into everything I do.  The vivid colors spark chaos and excitement, creativity and wanderlust.  I'm in love with this photo and want the world to know it.

RC for Kids

Vintage inspired unique couture kids knits pretty much sums up everything about RC for Kids.  I mean, just take a look at how soft and fuzzy those cardigans are!  Not only are these knits handmade and hand-dyed, but they're mighty stylish too.  Look at those elbow patches! That's so this season, right?

Be sure to head on over to their Etsy shop, browse around and just try to resist the temptation to adorn all the wee ones you know in one of these adorable pieces.

Here's the best part ::

Robbie is offering Mo Pie, Please readers 15% off in her store by using code "MOPIE" at checkout!  Just in time for the holidays... :)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Weekend Recap

The ole weekend recap.  I can honestly say, it was another good weekend.  But really, when are weekends not that good?  It was a lovely fall weekend in Kentucky, with friends and family and a little bit of Johnny Depp.  Just the way I like it.  Some highlights include ::

  • Hang time at Z-Bar - 'twas lovely to be in the company of a lovely lady
  • Family lunch - I think it's still so strange (but in a good way) to just be able to go to these things now without a lot of travel.  We celebrated the mister's stepbrother's birthday with good food, followed by a trip to the casino (which I did not join in on).  The mister won $250! 
  • Since it was such a gorgeous and sunny day, I opted to not spend it inside a dingy casino with no windows, full of cigarettes.  I don't like to gamble anyway, so the sister-in-law and I went and popped some bubbly and hung out backyard style.  
  • Since the mister won $250, he treated me to a lovely tapas dinner at North End Cafe.  From the ginger mojito to the rosemary and olive oil sauteed shrimp, it was a delicious and tasty meal.  
  • We went back home, drank some Chimay and enjoyed a lovely evening at home (and some Charlie Day on SNL)
  • Sunday was another lovely day so we woke up and went on a 2 mile hike around Anchorage.  It is seriously so pretty this time of year.
  • After a relaxing afternoon, we went and saw The Rum Diary at the last matinee showing.  After all, if your mister randomly wins $250, you celebrate by doing things you don't normally do (especially when you've been on a spending freeze).  The movie was pretty funny and Johnny Depp was enjoyable as always.  You don't necessarily need to see this in theaters but if you're itching to go to the movies like I was, this is a good pick.  
  • We ended the weekend with some Dr. Mario and beers and yes, it ruled.

How were your weekends? Wonderful, I hope.  Here's to a great week ahead!

Friday's Fancies + Have an Exciting Weekend!

Friday's Fancies

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Happy Friday, lovelies!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I'm not sure entirely what's in store for us, but I do know that the weather is to be sunny and mild and that we have no projects we have to tackle.  Hopefully we'll have some fun, do some relaxing and just enjoy ourselves.  

I went rogue for this week's Friday's Fancies and created an outfit that I'd love to be able to wear out and about, day or night.  However, the rests of the Friday's Fancies posse has created looks from Lilly Pulitzer's Jungle Glam Resort collection.  I couldn't bring myself to look at it all, as it feels like a giant tease for a vacation in the tropics.  Instead, I chose to create something based off the current weather so that I could be excited for the chilly temps.  I love the LP resort look, don't get me wrong!  Be sure to head over to {long distance loving} to check it all out and to enter her amazing Lilly Pulitzer big giveaway!

Whatever you get up to this weekend, enjoy yourselves!  Have a great one, my friends!

Thursday's Randoms

Apple + Smoked Mozzarella Calzones? YES, PLEASE! These sound like the most delicious things ever. You probably don't even need desssert after snarfing down a meal like this.  That might be a lie though, you always need dessert.  Via here via Sprouted Kitchen

Today might be the perfect day to actually sit down and start learning how to embroider.  I have all the supplies but have not had the patience.  It's a cold, rainy day and I am not at work - so why not?  Via My Different Strokes

I love Pinterest for so many different reasons.  Seeing genius wrapping ideas such as this is just one of the many things that Pinterest does to spark my creativity.  Via here via Design Sponge

I am lusting over this dress hardcore, people.  With all its shine and beauty, what's not to love?  The color may not be that flattering on me, but that's ok. They have it in navy, too.  Oh Free People, I love you.

Can you imagine spotting a bearded fellow wearing this and not swooning?  That's just me?  Okay, whatevs.  But I would love to see my man walking around in this Mt. Rainier Design Inyo Jacket.  Too bad it'll never happen - the price tag is $685! And I thought North Face was pricey!

This is all my heart yearns to do - but alas, it is cold and rainy.  No autumn picnic in the works for me.  But perhaps this weekend I could make it happen.  I mean, afterall...a very sweet lady recently gifted me with a vintage picnic basket and a perfect plaid blanket.  It needs to happen!  Via

What's inspiring you today? And how have your weeks been?   I've got a free day today, so ready or not...here I come!

Ring Leader

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I'm loving the idea of stacking giant cocktail rings on multiple fingers these days - mainly because I can't get enough of all the gorgeous options out there these days.  I know many of you have been sporting beauties on your fingers in clusters for quite some time, and I totally adore you for it.  I just think it's time I jump on board as well.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

PS - I love you all.  I'm sorry my comments have been light so far this week.  That'll change come Thursday ;)


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Today begins November.
The month of excitement and dread.
The month where you look forward to the holidays, but dread the darkness that winter brings.
We have less than a week 'til we set our clocks back.
But only 23 days until Thanksgiving and all the sweet, delicious pies.
November, I've got high hopes for you.  So don't let me down.

I saw the lovely arch
Of rainbow span the sky,
The gold sun burning
As the rain swept by.

-   Elizabeth Coatsworth, November


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