Thursday Randoms

Well.  Today is supposed to be the day we pack up our moving truck.  But notice...I'm still here.  Yesterday we received some bad news from the bank.  We weren't going to be able to close on Friday because some forms needed to be rerun.  So now it's looking like next week for the move/closing and both of us are completely heartbroken.  Neither one of us were mentally prepared for this giant hiccup (especially myself, I am not happy with the way I've handled it so far).  Our apartment is seriously all packed up with the exception of some stray things we've been using.  It sucks.  Because this weekend is a holiday weekend and our original plans were postponed, we've decided to make the most of it.  We're already why not take a trip!?  With the help of our lovely friend Anna-Maria, we've decided to journey east to Michigan to visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes!  We realize this is totally last minute and it's a holiday weekend so we run the risk of every camp site being taken or there just being an insane amount of people trying to get out into nature.  But we don't care.  We need to get out of here and spend some time outdoors.  Hoorah!

As an example of how we're trying to make the most of the situation, when life gave us lemons, I insisted we drink vodka lemonade.  So we did.  It was good.

This eco-friendly handprinted clutch from Etsy shop seaoats has my heart all aflutter.  It's my favorite hue, I'm a lover of design with birds (put a bird on it!) and it's totally affordable.  Be sure to check this shop out as she has a lot of other cool things in there!

Have you seen this split-screen love story?  The video won the Nokia Shorts Competition of 2011 and it was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 phone.  The screen is split between Paris and New York, meeting up in London at the end.  It's worth the few minutes of your time :)  Via Refinery 29

This Midnight Coral shirt by Rachel Rose is too beautiful not to share.  The colors, the design...brilliant!

Last, how awesome is this twinkly entryway?  It would put me in a cheery mood every time I came home.  The rest of the flat is pretty neat too.

As I mentioned before, all of our plans are all kinds of messed up now.  Our closing date/move in date is still up in the air, but hopefully there won't be any more set backs.  The bank is completely at fault for this one but it really sucks to know we have no control over anything at this point.  I imagine truck rentals will get expensive and I have to forget about the fact that we reserved it weeks ago with the best rate possible.  But I digress.  

I am bidding you all adieu for the long weekend but please check in tomorrow as I have a very special guest stopping by!  You won't want to miss it.

Feeling Festive

The 4th of July is right around the corner - it really snuck up on me this year!  Independence day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  What's not to love about fireworks, outdoor parties and a good reason to make all kinds of delicious treats?  Growing up, we always went to my grandma and grandpa's house to celebrate with our entire family.  My cousins and uncles would usually go a little bonkers with the fireworks, which was usually pretty awesome to enjoy (if you block out that one year they did that one thing).  Since I've met my husband, we have had some fun 4th of July's together and I'm hoping this year will be another happy one.

Above are some festive ideas for hosting a celebratory party.  How cute are those little burger bite cookies!?  And the corn dog cookies?  I'd love to see the reaction of those who get to enjoy!

Not sure what to wear? Want to wear something a little festive but not end up looking like a block of cheese?  Here are some style tips of ways to look the part without embarrassing us all :)

4th of July

Aubin Wills scoop neck top, $70
Cacharel cuffed shorts, £117
American Eagle Outfitters stripe swimwear, $15
American Eagle Outfitters stripe bikini, $15
Kork-Ease leather shoes, $125
Vintage shawl, £280
Madewell oversized retro sunglasses, $134
Bow hat, $13
4th of July Tableware - Patriotic Party Themes - Party City
4th of July Tableware - Patriotic Party Themes - Party City

* Images L to R 1, 2, 3
2nd row 1, 2, 3


Last night, I had a dream about an art show.  I was a photographer in this dream and I had already taken some incredible "polaroids" with my Fuji Instax Instant Camera.  They were full of bright colors and the shots were perfectly set up.  I had been given an assignment in which I was required to photograph some buildings from the ocean (what?), in which case I promptly dropped my camera in the water.  Now I'm not sure what my dream means or anything but as weird as it was, I woke up feeling oddly inspired to take loads of polaroids.  So I think I'll try to do that.  Does this ever happen to you?

* Images 1, 2, 3, 4

Weekend Recap

I am pretty sure I loved every single second of this weekend.  Which is truly a fantastic way to feel after your last weekend in the city you've called home for the last six years.  Some highlights include ::

  • Dinner at Union in Evanston.  This pizza place is delicious and I mean delicious.  We each ordered a different pizza and shared in the glory.  So good.
  • After dinner we had drinks down the street where good conversation was had
  • Packing, packing, packing.  Our apartment is a disaster right now and you have to step over several boxes every time you get up.  But we're making serious progress, folks!
  • French toast at Victory's Banner
  • Cheer Accident @ The Hideout - I'm so so so glad we were able to go to The Hideout one last time.  That place is such an amazing venue and being there always warms my heart.  They had hung up gold tinsel along all the walls that week so it was extra shimmery inside.  
  • Going away party - our friend Jacob just moved into a spacious apartment complete with a big back yard, so we spent the entire day outdoors drinking, eating cake/pie/cupcakes/chips.   It was one of those parties where you say you're leaving 800 times but then end up staying another hour. Needless to say, karaoke showed up when the sun went down and I had to sing one final karaoke jam for Jake.  I hope everyone who heard (including the neighbors on both sides who were all just staring at us) had "sweet dreams" last night.

Now, the final countdown has approached and it's time to hustle.  So if you don't hear from me much this week, just know that my life is in disarray right now but that I love you all.  Also, I've got exciting guest bloggers lined up for next week while we settle into our new home.  Get excited!

How were your weekends? I'd love to hear!

Friday's Fancies + Have a heartfelt weekend!

1Steven Alan striped tank top, $104
2. Sass And Bide The Moment Jean - Neon Nights, $249

3. TopShop leather flat shoes, $90
4. Tortoise sunglasses, $150
5. French Connection wood handbag, $168
6. House of Harlow 1960 gold jewelry, $25

7. House of Harlow 1960 tribal hoop earrings, $115

Well, it's our final weekend in Chicago.  It's totally bittersweet.  I don't know how exactly I'm feeling - a mix of excited, sad, emotional, eager, etc.  But at least my last weekend in Chicago will be a good one, full of awesome people and good times.  Tonight I'm headed to Evanston to hang with two cool cats to eat wood oven pizza and have a lot of laughs.  It should be nothing short of awesome. Sunday is our going away party - hooray!  I'm excited to gather everyone in one backyard and have a fond farewell.   Lots of packing will be had and hopefully some good food and drinks thrown in the mix.

Today's Friday's Fancies outfit is a casual outfit I'd love to wear at any point this weekend.  But only if the weather cooperates.  The weather has been a bit of a downer as of late...grr.  Hey, how about that wood clutch?

Whatever you get up to this weekend - I hope it's a good one.  Until Monday, friends!

Thursday Randoms

This handbag, found via Svpply, needs to be in my hands as soon as possible.  Not only is it beautiful, but it was made by a collection of beautiful women in Stellenbosch (embroidery, hand-stitching

This wedding cake is how I imagined my own wedding cake to look.  Minus the amazing cake topper we had, this cake is perfect.  I love the way it's frosted - kind of messy but still beautiful (our coordinator/bakers didn't seem to understand what I meant and instead gave me a cake that was frosted without a flaw).  In fact, so many things from this wedding resemble my own.  The boutonnieres look exactly like ours, her bouquet resembles my bridesmaids bouquets and so forth.   

This couch has it all.  Style, shape, color, not to mention the serious attraction our cat's claws would have.  But the cat aside, this beauty would make a nice addition to the new house.  I imagine spending winter evenings perched upon it and snuggled up in front of the fireplace.

This lovely sunroom has been bookmarked as inspiration for our own sunroom/screened-in porch.  I have big plans of transforming that room into something magical.  Some spanish tile perhaps, festive lights and boatloads of plants will make it the space of my dreams.

Last but most certainly not least, EmersonMade never ever fails to impress me.  Her lovely E.M. India collection is incredibly dreamy and I want every last piece.  Here's hoping I win Joanna's shopping spree giveaway!

Etsy find :: Phoenix Botanicals

Today I came across Phoenix Botanicals, a Brooklyn-based, handmade line of herbal skincare.  Friends, I'm in love.  I want to go on a shopping spree and completely immerse myself in all of the products found in this store.  The packaging, the combination of scents - it's heaven.

Did anyone else have blogger issues this morning? I wasn't able to use the photos I uploaded until about 10 minutes ago.  So frustrating!

Welcome, Summer

Today is officially the first day of summer and I couldn't be happier.  I love summer, and summer's in Chicago feel like something I can't quite pinpoint.  It kind of feels like if you blink it will be gone.  You can't take these summers for granted because they don't seem to last.  They're like pure gold.  Anyway, I'm glad summer is officially here because I love so many things about it.  Camping (especially with dogs who drink whiskey), watermelon, ice cream, the lake, long walks and summer drinks - just to name a few.

I'm so ready to go camping, too!  As soon as we get settled in, I'm begging people to go camping with us.  We got a new-to-us tent (thanks, brother), a lantern and other camping accessories while I was home last time (Wichita is home to Coleman so prices are dirt cheap) so we're ready to go.  Just seeing the tent and fire below has me giddy!


Vintage top, $17
Old Navy long sleeve top, $6.97
Old Navy floral denim shorts, $23
Keds wedge sneaker, $30
Progressive Microwave Smores Maker, $9.99
Festival chairs - music festival seats - chairs for festivals -..., £9.99
Cabela's: The North Face® Base Camp Duffle Bag, $100
Camping Equipment Sticker - Embellishments, $4.59

Summer, I'm so glad you're here!

* Top photos first row l to r = 1, 2, 3
second row = 1, 2, 3

Weekend Recap

This weekend was everything I had hoped for - full of laughing and hanging out with friends.  Throw in many hours of pure productivity and boom!  Another great weekend was had.  That's right.  Some highlights include ::

  • "Babysitting" so our friends could go out for a date.  Lil' buddy was asleep the whole time, which is why babysitting is in quotes.  We just went and hung out at their house the whole time.  You know, played their games, snuggled with the dog and cats, dressed up in all their clothes.  Wait, what?  Just kidding about that last part ;)
  • Moving supplies - not so much a highlight but getting all that stuff together took a lot of the copious amounts of stress away.  
  • I'm not going to lie - Badger made me the worlds best homemade mojito with vodka.  I'm spoiled and I like it.
  • LOUIS C.K.!!!!!!!!!  Goodness sakes, this man is funny.  I enjoyed every minute of it and my face hurt pretty bad afterward from all the laughing.  The special guests were a serious treat - I mean, we the audience were spoiled that night.  
  • Our spare room is packed up for the most part.  Our cat is confused and had himself convinced we were leaving him.  We packed up several boxes, got rid of so much stuff and took a giant bag to the dumpster - all in a few hours.  Now that we've made a dent, I can feel some of that stress melting away.
  • Dinner + Euchre with friends.  Most epic euchre game ever.  
It's looking like a busy but good week for us.  Tonight we're planning on seeing Super 8!  Cocktails with my girls tomorrow, a tentative trip to the zoo later this week and lots and lots of hours spent packing I'm sure.  

How were your weekends?  Terrific, I hope.

Friday's Fancies/Have a sunny weekend!

Spaghetti strap dress, $195
James Perse shirts top, $50
Friis & Company sandals, €63
Hobo International leather clutch, $118
Unisex sunglasses, $89
Tasha Polka Dot Wire Headband, $28
NARS Nail Polish (Nordstrom Exclusive), $17

Today's Friday's Fancies was copied off of this outfit from Kendi Everyday.  I don't have any shame in the fact that I copied it - because yesterday I wore my own version of this outfit and quite frankly, I plan to wear it again tomorrow.  Not only is it comfortable, but I felt good as I walked around the neighborhood.  But I have to give her credit because there's no way I would have thought to do this on my own.

This weekend is one of two we have left here, so we're going to try our hardest to make the most of it.  We've got tickets to see Louis C.K. tomorrow night at the Chicago Theater and I couldn't be more excited.  Do you guys watch Louie on FX? It's an awesome show and the new season premieres June 23!  I suggest you check it out.  We've also got a million and one things to do this weekend to get moving on this whole moving business.  So I have a sneaking suspicion that this weekend will fly right on by.

What are you all up to this weekend?  Terrific things, I hope.  Whatever it is - have a terrific, sunshiney weekend!

Thursday Randoms :: White Out

Why hello, beautiful kitchen!  It's nice to meet you with your beautiful cabinetry and subway-tiled walls. You would be a joy to be in morning, noon and night.  

Oh dreamy bathroom, you look as if you consist of a warm summer breeze bringin hints of fragrant flowers from what must surely be an incredible garden right outside those windows.  Your paneled walls and canopy shower curtain have perfection written all over them.

A soda crate turned into a garden tote.  How is it that something so simple and ordinary could turn into something so amazing?  

Oh BHLDN, why weren't you around last year when I was getting married?  If I had the options you're giving everyone now, perhaps I could have saved money on the perfect dress.  Le sigh.

Oh Zara white pleaded skirt, your simplicity is killing me right now.  Please be mine.

White lion, you rule.  I'm not sure if you're even real, but that doesn't matter.  

Summer Bucket List

As some of you know, this summer is kind of huge for us.  We bought a house and are packing up our life in Chicago for a new life in Louisville, KY.  We're moving in a super short amount of time, which leaves me freaking out on a regular basis.

Our house is awesome. It's everything we wanted, it has many bedrooms and bathrooms, a big yard and a lot of character.  We're both incredibly excited to move, to start a new chapter of our lives and to put down some roots.  But we're both sad, incredibly overwhelmed and feeling nervous about all of the change.

Last summer was huge for us - we got married.  But that didn't really change much of anything, except for the fact that we can say 'husband' and 'wife' and we both wear rings and my last name is different.  But we didn't pick up our lives and leave behind good friends to try and make new ones somewhere else.

So my summer bucket list is kind of a strange one.  As much as I want to do anything and everything in Chicago while we're still here, I keep finding that we're not doing anything we thought we'd do.  I haven't been to Millennium Park for a free Monday night concert.  We haven't visited any of the museums we said we would.  We haven't gone to those restaurants we'd never been to, or the blues bars I have been wanting to experience.

Even though summer has just begun - I feel like it's already ending.  I have to do all of this stuff within the next two weeks or else we'll have to save it all for when we visit.

Before we move, I want to ::

Go see a show at one of the two best venues in Chicago - The Hideout or The Empty Bottle.  It's been too long since I've gone to either of these two places and that really kind of breaks my heart.  

Spend an evening hanging out at Kingston Mines with two very close friends.  I think this one will happen for sure (hint hint)

When I first moved here (and even before I moved here) I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art many, many times.  It's such an incredible museum - the art is so much more my speed and the size isn't at all overwhelming.  The first time I went, I fell in love because I was able to see some of Cindy Sherman's work in the flesh.  I haven't been in years and will be a little heartbroken if I don't make it down there before I go.  I would also like to go to the Museum of Science & Industry again, but I really want to go there with my littlest niece, Ally.  She is big into that kind of stuff and I can't wait to potentially see her face light up!

Most importantly, I really just want to spend the remainder of our time here with my friends.  I've made some incredible friends here and I'll miss them with every beat of my heart.  They're the kind of friendships that will last forever and ever, and I can't even begin to express how much that means to me.  

After our big move, the bucket list includes spending as much time as possible outdoors, going down to the lake with the in-laws, going for long walks at dusk to explore our new neighborhood and most importantly - get a puppy!  Oh and then there's the whole "getting settled into our house and buying new furniture, painting and carefully decorating the house room by room".  But I imagine that will take a long time and I've got no plans of rushing it!

Thanks to Jillian of Cornflake Dreams for the link up - be sure to swing by her lovely blog to read more bucket lists!

Laura Evans Photography

This weekend, I spent a great portion of my time browsing through Laura Evans' Flickr account.  Her photos are absolutely breathtaking and provoke a dream-like quality.  The tones in the photos are so unreal - I could stare at them for hours and hours.  I can't even decide which one is my favorite, which is why you can find all of these on my Pinterest.  I'm so in love.

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend for the books, friends.  The weather went from what felt like the dog days of summer to what should have felt like spring back in April & May.  Why does the weather never make any sense in this city?  I can't complain too much, it actually turned out pretty nice (a.k.a. the kind of weather where you're so hot one minute and super chilly the next) and ended up being great for all the walking we did on Saturday.  Some highlights of our weekend include ::

  • Using one of our last Chicago Groupon's to enjoy dinner together after 5 days apart.  I had a few mojitos which made everything that much better
  • Sleeping next to my husband - what's normally an every day occurrence (of which I'm thankful for) felt like a rarity this weekend.  Maybe that's because he's gone yet again for another business trip (this time he'll be back on Wednesday though, whew) 
  • The Old Town Art Fair - surprisingly, he wanted to go (he hates crowds) but it was a great Saturday afternoon activity and it was much lower scale than something like the Taste of Chicago.  We grabbed a few beers, walked around for a few hours and found it funny - the only thing we ended up buying was a new pump for our fish tank from the Old Town Aquarium (that place is awesome if you've never been.  Save your money, don't go to the Shedd, go here instead)
  • Since we were out all afternoon, we opted to stay in and be lazy together a.k.a watched The Big Lebowski 
  • Logan Square Farmer's Market - we missed the opening weekend but made it out yesterday.  It seems bigger than it was last year and I'm not complaining.  We came home with some fresh whitefish, a jar of passionfruit curd (outstanding), a single horchata cupcake, rhubarb and a jar of the hottest pickled mushrooms my husband has ever had (ewwww).  
  • I ate a tomato + goat cheese crepe (well, half a crepe) the size of my head.  He had a banger sammy.  
  • Sunday afternoon cards + wine
  • The best fried fish EVER (husband, you know how to fry up some fish lemme tell you)
  • Wayne's World!  My favorite movie of all time.  Schwing!
  • Oh and last but not least - SUCK IT, LEBRON!
How were your weekends? Eventful, I hope!  

Thanks to everyone who took the Berenstain poll.  I'm still so annoyed by it all!  

Last, do any of you Chicago bloggers know of a great place to go berry picking? I've been itching to do that for awhile now!

Berenstain Bears

Just a quick survey here, out of nothing but curiosity.  Tonight we were watching a pre-recorded episode of Jeopardy!  The question was, "It's the last name of the bear family seen here, as well as their creators Stan and Jan."

The contestant answered BerenSTEEN, as did I.  My husband agreed with me.  Alex agreed with her.  Then, a few clues later, Trebek informs her she answered incorrectly and the real pronunciation is BerenSTAIN, therefore they could not accept the answer.  I mean, what the what?!  We were infuriated. I grew up adoring the Berenstain Bears books, tv shows, etc. and so did he.  AND THAT'S HOW WE PRONOUNCED IT, TREBEK!  BerenSTEEN.  I do not whatsoever recall ever having ever pronounced it BerenSTAIN.  Psshaw.

Also, why are the judges so inconsistant with pronunciation?  I understand if your mispronunciation means something else entirely, but let's face it.  When Badger says "ri-cote-ah" instead of "ri-cot-ta", you correct him but at least understand that he's talking about the same thing/knows how to spell it in order to save $1,000 on his Jeopardy! score.

Later, the same contestant was robbed some more money for adding an 's' on the end of a name and also lost the game by a mere $200.  Poor girl.

So I just want some input on this.  If you can remember, did you pronounce this family as BerenSTAIN or BerenSTEEN?  If you could so kindly reply at the top of the page to your right.....

* image

Friday's Fancies

Friday's Fancies

Marc Jacobs sheer tank, $299
Marc Jacobs crew neck top, $269
Skirt, $385
TopShop wedge shoes, $110
Mar Y Sol raffia handbag, 75 GBP
ALDO tribal jewelry, $9.98
Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple, 14 EUR

My sir gets home tonight!  What a week it's been.  What I though would be a lonely week turned out to be chock full of friends and good times, hurrah!  Because the huzbadge and I have been apart for 5 whole days, we'll be having a date tonight and I can't wait!  In a dream world, I'd be wearing this outfit accompanied by the perfect makeup and hair.  Because Friday's Fancies isn't just about the perfect clothes, it's about the whole enchilada, folks.  So there it is.

What are you all up to this weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope it's terrific!  And be sure to give a hug to all your loved ones while you're at it.

Thursday Randoms

This messenger/laptop bag is one of the most practical and adorable bags I've ever seen. I am totally in love with the colors and the pattern and feel I would look endlessly hip toting it around.  Via SHELTER

This incredible card pretty much says it all - camping is exactly where I'd rather be.  Via Ashley Pahl Paper Goods

Yesterday I went to the beach since we were suffering through a heat wave (which I didn't suffer, I quite enjoyed) and the public pools aren't open yet (come on, it's June!).  The moment I stepped foot on the sand, it was everywhere.  In my beach bag, on not just my legs but my arms as well, all over my book and it didn't forget about my cell phone and keys! The water was freezing as per usual but it was a pleasant spot to soak up some sun and make some progress in my current book.

This Viva Vena for Vena Cava dress is perfect for summer.  It's simple, easy to wear and the screen-printed detail is pretty awesome.  Plus, it's on sale!  Via Refinery 29

This vintage cake tin is calling my name.  I'm such a complete sucker for vintage kitchenware even though I only have a few vintage pieces right now.  But this tin with its adorable floral decoupage would be pretty amazing to have, don't you think?  Via am radio

Last but not least, this Vessel print from Treat is full of vibrant colors that spark something within me.  Maybe it's the aqua + red combo with hints of yellow and black (my favorite color palette ever) or maybe it's something else.  Either way, I love it and feel inspired from it.

What's calling your name today?


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