As of Sunday, I'll be a 27-year-old.  I always wanted to be 27.  Is that weird?  It just always appealed to me as the cool age to be.  I guess we'll see.  So far it's looking like the best year yet! 

We're having a picnic on Sunday across the street along the boulevard in Logan Square.  We're going to grill pizza!  And eat delish food and cake and drink good booze, etc. I can't wait!

Something about this maxi dress really appeals to me.  I've never worn a maxi dress before (wasn't ever sure how one would look on me considering I'm 5'2" - on a good day).  But after wedding dress shopping I've realized that I do look good in long dresses!  I don't know what it is, perhaps it's the belt that really makes the dress.  Mayhaps it's the tank top, perhaps it's the overall airiness that works for me.  I dont know but I like it.

Speaking of wedding dresses, mine is still slightly too big but I felt beautiful in it nonetheless.  I can't wait for it to be finished and completely Mo-sized!

Elevators are Scary

Friends, I had a traumatic experience yesterday afternoon on my way to lunch.  You see, I work downtown in a super secure building on the 9th floor.  I take an elevator up and down several times a day.  Sure there has been the occasional rickety ride, but never before have I been as terrified as I was yesterday afternoon.

OK so it wasn't quite as dramatic as this picture leads one to believe, but it was SCARY.  The elevator wasn't coming to squish me or cut off my hands, etc.  But I really thought it was the end.  We stopped on the 8th floor and my elevator companion got off (seriously, why do people take the elevator down a floor if their knees are fully functional?) leaving me all alone.  Normally not a problem, but this time I would have done a lot of things to have had another person in there with me.  All of a sudden, I was on a roller coaster going what felt like 90 mph towards the 1st floor.  My life flashed before my eyes.  I almost fell over.  I had that feeling you get when you drop a great distance at a fast pace.  The elevator dropped 2 freaking floors!  And then out of nowhere it came to a screeching halt.  Such a screeching halt that I could have had whip lash.  The emergency brakes kicked in on the 6th floor and as soon as the door opened I BAILED.  My heart was racing!  I hopped on another elevator to my surprise, I really should have taken the stairs down.  I made it out, alive, thankfully.  So I immediately told a security guard what happened who sent someone to fix it.  He later called to thank me for letting them know (but I didn't get an apology for the frightening event that ruined my day). 

So because I came out alive, I went to H&M and exchanged a cheap skirt I didn't like for a cheap summer dress to "reward myself" for going through that.  I take any excuse I can to buy myself frivolous things....


What a crazy 24 hours I have had.  Tons of wedding stuff has been done/planned/brought up, like the stuff that makes you go OH MY GOD THE WEDDING IS SO FREAKING SOON!  Last night I ventured over to my dear friend Inna's house and after Anna showed up and we had some fabulous cocktails and some good quality outdoor garden time, we dove into the whole hair and makeup trial thing.  Whoa.  Seeing yourself all dolled up for the big day is kind of a lot to handle.  Luckily I had lots of silly distractions to keep me from having an internal freak out.  But needless to say, I looked lovely and am very much excited to see myself in my dress with my hair and my makeup all done up nicely!  And because the boy reads the blog from time to time, I can't post any pictures until after he sees me on the big day, so I'm sorry friends!  But you can get the idea through these pictures that I find very lovely indeed:

Tonight I also have my second dress fitting, which means I will go and try it on and it won't be 3 times the size of me.  It might still be twice the length of me but if it fits my body like a glove then I really won't care.  It's a lot of work for miss Toula to tackle but she's been in business for 35 years and I have every bit of confidence in her.  I'm excited.  But since I'm quite tired I kind of forgot some essentials at home.  Luckily my groom saved the day.  Hooray! 

Wedding Favors

Loving these flower favors from Emerson Made.  Your guests each get a pin to put on a wear around!  You can pick any three colors to match your palette and watch all of your guests transform into super festive and adorable guests!

If we weren't spending an arm and a leg on a photobooth, I would totally order these as favors.  Emerson Made has the cutest hand made stuff in the cutest packaging, so go check it out if you haven't already!

Tell EPA: Take away BP's billions in federal contracts

Just thought I'd pass this along:
It's time to stop playing BP's games and make the company take responsibility for the pattern of reckless behavior that led to the growing Deepwater Horizon disaster in the gulf.

The Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to bar BP from receiving U.S. government contracts. Suspension of BP contracts would mean the loss of billions of dollars and effectively stop the company from drilling in federally controlled oil fields both on and offshore.

I just signed the petition to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson asking her to impose "discretionary debarment" and strip BP of all federal contracts. You can take action too by clicking on the link below.


When I lived in Lawrence, my bff and I worked at a gas station which happened to be a BP gas station.  Sucks. 

Going West

My friends are so awesome.  For so many reasons.  But one of those reasons (and the reason that this post is all about) is because a few days prior to this wedding-of-the-century (he he) of mine, we're going camping at a really awesome location in a really rad place.  And it's all thanks to my friends who took it on and planned one hell of an adventure for us all.  Thanks guys!

About 10 of us are going camping at Point Reyes National Seashore off the Pacific coast for an unforgettable experience  with nature.  I can hardly believe it!  It's going to serve as our last hoorah as Badge and Mo, the unmarried couple, and it's going to be fun.  I mean, just look at it:

There will be lighthouses! And whales! And...sharks (apparently the most infested shark waters around).  Our campsite is a 2-3 hour hike, which means beauty will abound like mad!  I seriously can't wait.

I can envision it now.  We'll cruise on up there in our rental convertible (we're spoiling ourselves, it's our wedding for crying out loud).  Listen to great music with the top down and shades on.  Meet up with our friends and pack up our rented REI camping equipment and set out for the hike.  There will be friends.  There will be booze.  There will be food.  There will be (no) blood. 

And today's Refinery 29 email left me more than excited for the Western part of this all. 

Have you ever been camping out west?  And what is your favorite camping experience*?  Are you even a camper? 

*B and I went last summer before 4th of July at Bong Recreational Park, snicker snicker.  It was the worst experience ever, thanks to the close proximity of the most obnoxious a-hole teenagers in existence.  They were seriously teh worst people.  Just the worst.

Michelle Kendrick

If you don't know who Michelle Kendrick is yet, then please, head over to her blog and her Etsy shop and get to know her! 

I bought this Kansas print and can't wait to frame it and hang it on the wall.  It's so unique and such a cool way to show off my home state pride. 

Each print sells for $25 or you can buy the original painting for $60.  Michelle has such talent that I couldn't resist devoting a post to her.  Please support her dreams!

United States of Tara

Since I was sick last week, I had a lot of spare time to dive into a new TV series and watch movies, etc.  And since my guilty conscience is telling me to justify spending the monthly money on Sho and HBO, I decided to give this show a try.  And I am so glad I did.

John Corbett is amazing.  But instead of referring to him as John Corbett or Max, his characters name in this show, I shall refer to him as Aidan, just for the hell of it.  Anyway, he's married to Tara who has several different alters, which sleep with various people, beat him up physically and emotionally and pretty much do everything possible to drive away any man.  But he stays.  For 18 years, he has been by her side.  Talk about admirable (I know it's just a show but you know that he's the kind of guy who would do that in real life too, I just know it).  The show is great, it takes place in Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City which is near and dear to my heart and the preview for the next episode supposedly takes place in Lawrence (even though it's probably just a set in Hollywood) which is very near and dear to my heart.  So I like it, for many reasons.  Have any of you watched it?  I need to see the first season I think.  And there's only 2 episodes left of this season.  Just when they reel me in! 

P.S. - he's dating Bo Derek?  He's a country music singer?  How interesting.


I'm loving the use of old wooden crates as flower decor.  Our welcome dinner is at a B&B brewery in Calistoga, and is being held in their private beer garden.  Flowers like this would be the perfect touch for this event, don't you think?  They put a smile on my face and feel just right!

Via Ruffled

Aah...summer weather

As I hoped, the weather was perfection yesterday (and today too, I want to be outside SO BAD).  So lo and behold, Raegs and I took advantage and headed to the Hollywood beach.  It was so amazing to put my fingers through the sand and feel that piping hot sun on my pale pale skin (lathered up in sun screen of course).  And since today is Monday, the sun shining and 80+ degrees helps out with the classic 'case of the Mondays' that I inevitably have every. single. Monday. 

How were your weekends?  Besides the beach time, we saw MacGruber.  It was REALLY FUNNY, I'm serious.  We walked to the theater, which for us means a nice stroll along the boulevard.  It was very nice indeed.  We had brunch with friends, ran errands which allowed us to drive in the sun with the windows down, jamming to good summer-time music.  And we hung out with a super old friend of mine that I've known since 3rd grade.  It had been 5 years since we saw each other last - not cool.  I also watched the finale of Grey's.  Holy crap!  Nightmares!

Anyway...happy Monday everyone.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend so I'm sure this week will crawl by at a snail's pace.

Pic via here

Happy Weekend!

Even though I was out sick for a good part of the week, it's still been a long one and I am so super relieved that the weekend is upon us. 

Sunday the high in Chicago is supposed to be in the 80's so I think it might just be the perfect day to go to 'the beach' don't ya think?! 

Have a great weekend everyone, hope it's stellar!

* Pic via Polanoid

Mark Jenkins

I stumbled upon this site today and am pretty much digging every single piece of art he has on there. 

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

On Sunday, my not-so-little anymore nephew will be 8.  EIGHT YEARS OLD.  I can't believe it.  It was seriously just a few years ago that I was picking him up and spinning him around and laughing for hours with him as a little toddler.  And now the boy went and grew up on me!  No fair!  Anyway, he'd be mortified if he knew I was saying these things :) 

So without further ado....Happy Birthday Cameron Andrew.  I love you!

Top photo - he is too cool for school.  I think he was 4 or 5 in that photo, helping out his daddy.
Last summer Cam came to visit us with my mom, so we took him up to the Sears Tower (I refuse to say Willis) and we popped a squat on the new glass lookout overhanging scary things, haha.  And the photo below, well, Cam has his own email account now so we sent him a short and silly pre-birthday email last night with this photo attached.  He'll probably roll his eyes but we're hoping for a good laugh at our expense.

Hooray, it's Friday!

What the what?!

I loved this article.  It made me laugh. And it has good points.  Plus I love 30 Rock.  And Tina Fey.  OK, and SATC

"Liz Lemon is recession America's Carrie Bradshaw."

What an interesting thing to say, right?  It's certainly a comparison I would never have thought to make. 

What are your thoughts?  Would you agree?  And are you going to see the new movie? And do you love 30 Rock as much as me and my beau do??


The Willows Home & Garden: Sea Bag Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, have you seen or heard of these fantastic Sea Bag's?  Sea Bags are custom-made totes using recycled sails.  Based out of Portland, Maine, their slogan is "sailed around the world, recylced in Maine".  How cool is that? 

Willows Home & Garden is giving away one tote bag of choice to one lucky winner (which will be announced on Monday the 24th).  You have until midnight tomorrow to enter.  All you need to do is head over to Willow's blog, become a follower and leave a comment expressing your desire to win one of these bad boys. 

I thought I'd share because who doesn't like free things?!

(I do wish it was Mo Pie Please giving away this awesome bag but sadly, we're not quite there yet!)

* All images via The Willow's blog


So handy, isn't it? 

Hit me with your best joke about this.  Seriously.

Blogging when hungry...

Is dangerous.  Sort of like going to the grocery store when you're hungry, except, well, no, scratch that.  It's dangerous because now I might slip and hurt myself on all this drool from looking at these delightful photos of delicious food...

OK, that's gross.  I apologize.

But take a look for yourself and tell me you're not doing the same?!

The delicious aged cheddar and apple melt found via Cup of Jo.  It's so easy to make and I already know it's delicous without even trying it.

Then, I stumbled upon this "watermelon pie" via Lovely Little Things and quite frankly, I need a slice of that, pronto.  MO PIE, PLEASE!

Then Poppytalk posted this quick and easy summertime pasta salad, which looks fantastic...

And that's not even me diving into blogs stricly about food.  I'm not even going to go there.  Nope.

I have found so much more but I shall spare you this time, as it is post-lunch now and I'm sure all of your bellies are full.

Ryan Hendrix Arts

My friend Ryan Hendrix takes some pretty rad pictures, and I couldn't resist sharing these four-legged cuties.  This guy is so talented it's not even funny.  Check out his website and browse around.  If you're in the KS area and need a photographer/designer/animal lover, Ryan is your man. 

Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway is wonderful in this movie.  Have any of you seen it?  It is SO INTENSE.

Anne plays Kym, an addict who's been clean for 9 months and is released from rehab to visit home and attend her sister Rachel's wedding.  Everything from their past gets spit out over most of the movie as relationships tense up and the drama unfolds.  

Maybe it's just my wedding fever, but I found the first half of the movie (all taking place at the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner) to be very endearing and entertaining even with all the drama.

As the movie progresses you start to learn pain and suffering not only experienced by Kym but by the rest of her family as well.  

To take a quote from Newsweek: "Kym is a major pain in the ass, and Hathaway's raw, spiky performance makes no attempt to ingratiate.  Yet she makes Kym's inner torment so palpable you can't help but feel for her, however insufferable she may be.  It's a terrific performance."

It really is.  And can every single one of my friends show off their wonderful talents at our wedding?  Please? That would be great, thanks!

* Photos via here, here and here

UP! Engagement shoot

How adorable is this UP! themed engagement shoot?!  It's so creative and cute it hurts!

UP! is their favorite movie and sure makes for a delightfully adorable theme.  All the hard work that surely went into this really paid off, as these photos really deserve their own room in the home of these soon-to-be newlyweds.  


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