Golden Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday.  On the 30th.  Yeah, I just admitted it.  I'm 30.  Crazy!

Isn't it funny how much things can change in just a year?  For my 29th birthday, I lazed about on the sandy beaches of Jamaica, watched cliff divers plummet to the water at Rick's Cafe and didn't have a care in the world or a clue of what was to come that year.  This year, I'm writing this post as I'm covered in spit-up and spilled breast milk, functioning on little sleep and staring at my two-month-old son with a whole heart full of love.

While having a child restricts us from vacationing in Jamaica and such, the trade off was well worth it.  He might be a cuddly little monster, but he's the best birthday present ever.

Now bring on the cake!



Sir Wyatt has completely consumed our lives over the last 7 weeks, but would anyone expect otherwise?  He is a pretty amazing baby, even if he does keep us up for 2 hours some nights in the wee hours.  We're madly in love and that's all that matters.

We managed to go out on a date this past Friday night, consisting of delicious Mexican cuisine (hello, margaritas!) and The Great Gatsby.  It was lovely and much needed (thanks again, BeBe and Papa Badger!).  We managed to spend some time poolside as well, but only after a very trying afternoon.  It's so easy to forget so many necessary things when you're venturing out with an infant.  It's also so very easy for the world's worst traffic jam to ruin a very fine day.  Luckily, we were handsomely rewarded with a sweet baby giving us 7 straight hours of sleep.  Yes! Now that seems like good ;)

How are you all? I can't believe I managed a post, and with nursery pictures I promised forever ago at that! God bless nap time!

6 weeks old

Holy crap, you guys.  My baby boy is 6 weeks old already.  How did that happen?  I'll tell you how it happened.  The days blur together when you're waking up every few hours to feed a hungry, growing boy.

Just thought I'd pop in to say hi, that I miss you guys and I'm sorry to have neglected this blog so much.

Uh oh, it's time to feed him again!



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