2012 was a pretty great year for us, but even so, I'm rather glad to see it go.  2013 will be a BIG year for our family, and quite frankly, I can't wait.  

I did not intend to slip away from this blog.  I did not intend to desert my blog friends or shy away from sharing amazing internet finds.  It just sort of feels right to spend less and less time in this corner of the internet of mine.  For that I apologize, and for that I thank you for understanding.

2012 brought a lot of pretty cool things.  We got a doggie! And as of tomorrow, we've officially had her for an entire year!  She has changed our lives (maybe not Gus) for the better, even if her breath smells like the garbage.  We had so many awesome visitors!  We traveled to Jamaica where I celebrated my 29th birthday!  We gardened! We replaced our expired septic system.  Please note, that one does not deserve an exclamation point, but I am relieved that it a) works properly and b) won't need replacing for a long, long time.  And last but not least of the highlights of 2012 - we got PREGNANT!  

And for your curiosity...

We found out two weeks ago, but honestly, we already knew.  I had a feeling from the moment I knew I was pregnant - and so did a majority of our friends and family.  My mom wouldn't even step foot in the girls section and bought us plenty of boy stuff long before the ultrasound confirmed it.  We're very excited, needless to say, and have started to go a little bonkers with the registry and setting up the nursery.  Christmas was good to our son, so project organizethenurseryasapbeforethecatgetstrappedundercopiousamountsofclothes needs to start now.

We have no big plans for NYE this year.  I'm okay with that.  Being pregnant for me means I can't enjoy things the way I used to.  However, I found some alcohol-removed champagne and I may paint my nails something festive.  It'll have to do :)

I'm happy, healthy and ready for the new year.  So welcome, 2013!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Jolly Weekend!

Happy Friday! Hooray for the weekend's arrival, hooray for holiday plans right around the corner and hooray for continued birthday celebrations.  The theme of Friday's Fancies this week seems only appropriate!  What are you all up to this weekend?  We're celebrating husband's birthday with family tomorrow night and Sunday we leave for a week long trip to Kansas.

I couldn't resist the urge to use the Free People Shimmy Shimmy Party dress since the theme of Friday's Fancies was Serious Sparkle.  Seriously, I want to own this dress and pretend to wear it (maybe I could next year?).  I'd love to pair it with navy pumps and red lipstick and whatever accessories tickled my fancy on that particular day/occasion.  Wouldn't it be fun to spin around in it?  Have you guys checked out Free People's dress selection lately? Holy shopping spree!

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful and jolly one.  Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away? Yowzas!

Thursday Loves + A Special Birthday

Need a blast of winter....fast?  These instant winter scenes from Etsy shop Kate's Cottage Shop will have you feeling cheery in no time.  

I need some snow in my life, can you tell? Isn't this winter barn absolutely gorgeous?  Via

The perfect snuggly sweater to wear while visiting the wintery barn, above?  I do declare.  And I love the price tag - $32.74!  Via She Inside

This hallway feels so cozy and I really wish that I could copy it into my own home.  Sadly we do not have a hallway of these proportions so mimicking it is merely a pipe dream.  I guess I'll just continue to stare at its beauty while pretending it was all mine.  Via

Last but certainly not least, today is my husband's birthday.  He is most deserving of the best slice of life there is and I want to wish him a very happy birthday in every way I can think of.  He's pampered me to no end throughout this pregnancy (happy halfway mark to me on Sunday!), rubbed my feet every night, cooked me dinner, taken the pooch out most every time, let me have the remote when I've had enough football, bought me flowers and he never forgets to tell me I'm beautiful.  David, you're the absolute best.  Via

Thursday Loves

I have a complaint to voice and it might not merit any sympathy.  It's been really warm here, like, 74 degrees.  In December.  And it has only felt like winter one day.  I'm not happy with it, even though most people probably are.  I just want it to feel like Christmas is coming, in terms of weather.  Would it kill mother nature to just do me a solid with this one?!  The wildlife in our neighborhood is acting confused - it sounds like early spring every morning.  Dang it, global warming!  Photo via

If handmade holidays are your thing, consider checking out Carnivale Clay on Etsy.  The artist and I share a mutual fondness for a certain friend, not to mention she makes gorgeous stoneware for the home and garden.

Oh Free People.  You've done it again.  You've wooed me with your holiday sparkle.  Too bad my every expanding belly couldn't even begin to fit into this without busting the thread that holds every last sequin on to this beautiful dress.

I'm not sure if this house could be any cooler.  Via

Can I have this strawberry, basil and goat cheese panini for lunch, please? Oh my!  Via Cookie + Kate

Hope your weeks have been swell!


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