My Old Kentucky Home

The sun shines bright in My Old Kentucky home,

'Tis summer, and people are gay;

The corn-top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom

While the birds make music all the day.

The young folks roll on the little cabin floor

All merry, all happy and bright;

By 'n' by hard times comes a knocking at the door

Then My Old Kentucky Home, good night!

Weep no more my lady

Oh! weep no more today!

We will sing one song

For My Old Kentucky Home

For My Old Kentucky Home, far away.

Chicago Flea Markets?

Lately I've been reading a lot of blogs featuring super awesome amazing flea markets.  You Californians are lucky to be able to peruse the Rose Bowl Flea Market and you New Yorkers are pretty lucky to go to the Brooklyn Flea.  I haven't been to a flea market in quite some time.  I remember being a kid and going with my mom and grandpa.  Flea markets were their thing.  Grandpa went hunting for old horseshoes all the time (many of which I have as remembrance of him, he played in a league every week and I have all the stickers from their team; their colors were baby blue and yellow and they had those satin jackets and trucker hats with sunflowers on them, he wore that hat everywhere and it's making me laugh just thinking about it). 

Anyway (boy I'm good at side notes)....

Tell me, Chicagoans.  Do you know of a good flea market to go to?  I've never been down to Maxwell Street but I heard it's changed and it's not as good.  Is this true?  Do tell!  I want to go to a flea market SO BAD!

It's a warm, sunny day in Chicago.  All I want to do is skip work, lay in a hammock with Gus and Badge, grab a good book and have some sangria.  Is that too much to ask for?  I think not.

* Photos via here and  Polanoid


Because it's so nice and sunny out, I really want to go frolic in a field with a dog.  I want to snuggle on a sunny porch with a cat.  It's a great day for a horseback ride.  And maybe just hang with a silly goat.

* Photos via polanoid

Thursday dose of cuteness

I couldn't resist sharing these cute photos I found via Flickr...

Photos by Grana Padano

Grasshopper 510

I am loving these recycled/sustainable/reclaimed pieces sold at Chicago's eco boutique, Grasshopper 510.  The necklace above, crafted by Chicago designer Julia Failey is made out of reclaimed metals and has been seen on the necks of quite a few celebrities. 

How great are these earrings?  And these rings?  I'm so smitten...

I'm also loving designer Toby Pomeroy's 14 karat gold hoop earrings made from solid EcoGold. 

Any other Grasshopper 510 fans out there?  Do any of you own any jewelry from their boutique?  I'm curious!


By no means do I want this blog to be anything about politics, but...I am so sad.  You see, I just read this article, and now I want to cry.  I know it's a sensitive subject but this is by no means the answer. 

I don't want to offend anyone.  I just need to put this out there. 

I just believe that when you go to the doctor you should be able to know everything that's going on with the health of your unborn child.  Doctors shouldn't be allowed to withold important information like that. 

Also, Arizona makes me sad too.  But this funny video helps (pardon the quality):

I really hope I haven't offended anyone.  I promise I won't turn into a political blogger! I really promise!


Do any of you out there have an easy time with swimwear?  Do all swimsuits just look wonderful on you?  You can order a swimsuit online, feeling completely confident of how it will look on you and then when it arrives it just fits you like a glove?  No?  Yeah, me either. 

Last week I ordered the darling swimsuit above from Anthropologie to wear on my honeymoon in Italy.  I've lost a lot of weight and have shaped up in preparation for my big naturally I thought I could pull it off.  But no.  It was almost right but, I kind of care about my appearance and since I'm already going to blind these Italians by my pastiness (even with my fake tanner), I shouldn't give them any more eye sores! 

So now I'm back to square one.  And I'm OK with that because let's face it, swimsuits this season are shaping up to be pretty specatcular.  I just need to try them on before I purchase!

So here are some swimsuits I am loving right now...

* Via Refinery 29 and Bluefly

It's the little things

I can't get enough of the rustic + romantic + earthy decor ideas that are all around the blogosphere.  I've got some super talented family and friends who are helping me turn all of these ideas into reality. 

First up, these adorable railroad tie centerpieces:

How cute are they!?  I love the succulents and the yellow flowers (I'm no good with proper names here) that add such a cute touch. 

This teeny cake is so very much how I want ours to be (except slighty bigger and our friend Alex said he would create us a cute topper)

The bride and groom silhouettes are darling, but I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.  My grandmother had a silhouette of me hanging up on her wall since we had it made when I was teeny.  So, I love them :)

The adorable flowers tucked into this adorable bride's hair...(not to mention all the awesome succulent usage)

Just a little over 3 more months!

Geek glasses

This weekend I went to a new eyedoctor.  It was quite enjoyable actually.  I realized I had been screwing myself over (financially speaking) when it came to my eyes, so I sorted my insurance out and found an awesome doc in Bucktown who runs his biz out of a cute storefront on Damen Ave!  So naturally, the one thing that has been on my mind since my visit is glasses.  Now let me just say, I have HORRIBLE no good very bad eyesight.  I mean BAD.  So glasses and I haven't exactly gotten along since my elementary days.  I mean really, when I wear glasses, I look like these children...

Now that I'm grown and more confident, I've decided to embrace my bad eyes and I'm going to go back next week after I've fully test-driven my slightly stronger prescription and I'm going to pick out the biggest, nerdiest glasses I can find.  Totally gonna rock the geek-chic look, at home.  For Badger.  Every morning and every night...

Maybe I'll shell out some serious dough for these chic Tom Ford glasses?

Or these Kate Spades (although I don't think they're quite nerdy enough)

Or these classic Wayfarers?

Christian Diors?

The possibilities are endless when you decide to nerd it up!  Happy Monday everyone.  I think it's apparent I had a rather uneventful weekend.  How about you my dears?  What fun and exciting things did you get up to this weekend?

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother

For those fellow Mad Men lovers out there, Bryan Batt, the actor who plays Sal Romano, has a new book coming out. It's a memoir, or as he is coining it, a 'momoir', and is a tribute to his mother who he calls a steel magnolia/Auntie Mame of a mother. 

Batt writes about growing up gay in New Orleans in the '70s.  He describes his childhood as Running With Scissors meets David Sedaris meets Tennessee Williams.  I don't know about you, but this sounds incredibly intriguing.  The release date is Tuesday, May 4 (just in time for Mother's day).  Check it out!

* Via

San Francisco

We're finally going to S.F. for more than a night, wooohooo!  4 days actually!  Therefore, we need a good hotel recommendation. 

So please, bring on the recommendations!

photo via

Speak-like-Shakespeare Day

Apparently so.

Do it.

Anna Bond/Rifle Paper lovin'

Anna Bond, I love you. 


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