Feeling under...

Under the weather, that is.  It's Tuesday night, I've been at home for about 4 hours (minus sleep) since last Tuesday and I'm exhausted. My throat hurts and I'm feeling whiney.  Sorry about that last part, everyone.  

Lately I've been feeling bits of guilt for not giving my all to this blog of mine.  It's nothing personal, I'm just feeling so overwhelmed by it all and it's sometimes hard to sit and write a post so late in the evening when all I want to do is sleep.  I hope you'll forgive me - and continue with me as a new year begins, things slow down and the land freezes over.  I hope to be back in touch this week (most likely), however, some very special friends are headed our way for a quick visit on their way back home.  I'm giving them my undivided attention because quite frankly, they deserve it 110%.  

Hoping you are having a terrific and healthy week!

Long Weekend Recap

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing well! We just got back from a 4 1/2 day stint in Kansas and it was definitely well worth the 11 hour drive.  My family was awesome and I felt truly blessed as I looked around and took everything in.  Knowing I have all of them in my life makes me ooze happiness and I am thankful for each and every single one of them.  Some highlights of the trip include ::

  • Extended family Christmas - all the siblings between my mom and stepdad (there are 5 of us and we're all married) gathered at my folks house to celebrate a few days early.  All 9 of the kids opened presents, we had some incredible bite-sized peanut butter pies and sat around for hours chatting and making each other laugh.  It was the perfect welcome home!
  • My brother had a work party on Friday afternoon so I insisted my nieces and nephew come over to play.  A nerf war ensued - for hours, my husband, mom, stepdad and the kids hid behind forts and army crawled around the basement, laughing hysterically the whole time.
  • Friday night pizza and a game - my favorite kind of night
  • Friday Night Lights the movie - it is weird to see Billy Bob Thornton play the role of coach.  The movie is good but it's just not the same seeing Connie Britton married to BBT and not Eric Taylor.  I did however learn that my stepdad lived in Odessa, TX during Permeon's hay day.  He described everything about it and I couldn't help but listen in awe!
  • Saturday my husband took me out to visit my father's grave.  Last Wednesday marked 18 years without my father.  I hadn't been to visit his grave in a long while but it felt really good.  
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - holy me oh my, this movie ruled.  If you're a fan of the book or just a fan of Daniel Craig (oh, Mikael), I suggest you clear an afternoon/evening and spend it watching this film.  
  • Christmas lights! We drove through a display, checked out a house with lights set to music on the radio and admired it all.  While listening to Christmas music the whole time, of course.
  • Baking - my stepdad and I made pumpkin pies, I made a raspberry chocolate trifle and we all worked together in the kitchen to prepare dinner.
  • Family arrived late afternoon, we opened presents and ate, then spent the remainder of the evening playing nearly all the boardgames we all got for each other (can you tell what kind of family we are?!)
  • After we said our goodbyes, we journeyed over to my stepbrother's house for their annual Christmas night party.  I reunited with a friend I've known for 22 years (whoa!), made friends with a childhood friend of my brothers and ate the crap out of Georgia's world-famous hummus.
  • We finally made it back home to Louisville with just enough time in the evening to exchange gifts with each other.  

What a holiday! How were all of yours? I'd love to hear! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I'd still love to hear how your weekends were!

Here's to a terrific last week of 2011!



Today we leave for Kansas to visit my family for Christmas.  I am excited to see everyone again, to get together with extended family and to stay cozy and warm in my parents home.  We'll play lots of board games, eat lots of food and play with those cute lil' kiddos.  I just wish it didn't come paired with a 12-hour drive.  Here's hoping the weather is good the entire duration and that our audiobooks and new music will make the time fly by.

Posting will be sparse until we return.  If you don't hear from me, I wish you a very merry happy holiday!  

Etsy find :: Lucius Fine Jewelry

Recently, Christy of Lucius Jewelry traveled to one of Chicago's airports and showed off her fine jewelry.  Lucky for me (and all of you), my awesome stepmother-in-law (seriously, there should be easier terms for these kinds of relationships to people) happened to be traveling that day and happened to have me in mind when she spotted these lovelies.  I'm completely in love with the longhorn skull necklace and I'm pretty sure I would wear that ring all the time.  The earrings are such a nice touch of sparkle and considering I have birds tattooed on my body, I'm a fan of the bird necklace.  What do you think? Do you see a Lucius piece of jewelry in your life soon?

Be sure to check out her blog and Etsy store (after Christmas).  Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Recap

Good morning, everyone!  We're back to reality after a blissful weekend and I'm already counting down the days until my work week is over.  Christmas is SO soon and we leave for our trip to Kansas on Wednesday! Yowza's.  This weekend was excellent and I'm really in the Christmas spirit big time.  Some highlights include ::

  • Holiday music + baking whoopie pies and "chicken" buffalo dip
  • Holiday party! The potluck was a success and we merrily partied the night away 
  • Cozy Saturday in our pj's
  • Dinner at the Village Anchor - it was incredibly cozy inside and quaint on the outside, it was decorated for Christmas and the fire was lit.  
  • Yahtzee in front of the fireplace.  Even Gus hung out in the box...
  • Sunday fun day - friends/family came over for dinner and we all watched Home Alone.  Sunday's are really pretty great when spent like that
  • A new dresser! The mister's grandpa made us a beautiful walnut dresser and it was dropped off as an early Christmas present.  It smells so wonderful and looks absolutely stunning.  I'm in love!

How were your weekends? Festive and warming, I hope.  Here's to a lovely week, my friends!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Cheery Weekend!

Friday's Fancies - Holiday Party Sparkle

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Happy Friday, friends!  This week's Friday's Fancies is all about sparkle and shine - two things I happen to love in small doses (unlike my mother these days).   Since it is the holiday season after all, what better excuse to don this amazing Alice + Olivia frock (that's for you, Anna)?  Paired with red suede Yves Saint Laurent pumps? Yes, please.

What have you planned this weekend? I'm very excited - tonight I am headed to my first holiday party! My lovely sister-in-law and her 2 best friends are hosting the shindig and I am totally going to enjoy every last bit of it.  If only I could wear something so lovely as this.  The rest of the weekend is wide open, so I hope we get up to awesome things.  After all, I've been holding down the fort while the mister is away and he leaves yet again on Monday for a holiday party of his own.  So we better make the most of it ;)

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it's amazing! xoxo

Thursday's Randoms

I want to go to there.  So magical.  So so so pretty!

This guy is ready for snow and sledding.  Yet he doesn't look amused in the slightest...

After Tuesday's post on my newest sponsor, Judy Kaufmann, a sweet reader clued me in to Elizabeth Graeber and I am definitely smitten.  Perhaps you will be, too.  So check 'em out.

I may have already posted this cake before - but friends, it is DELICIOUS.  I made this for my husband's birthday the other day and I can't stop drooling.  It was a whole process, but it was an enjoyable process and I am getting better at decorating!  It might not have been prettily piped like she did but it was tasty nonetheless.  

Today The Beauty Department has a tutorial on the basic manicure! I find it to be very nice timing because my nails are too long and are making me uncomfortable at the moment.  I'm totally going to use this today and hope for the best!

I love the color palette in this cozy bedroom.  It's a rainy day today - maybe this looks more lovely than normal because I'm in a snuggly mood?

Happy Thursday, everyone!  What's inspiring you today?

Sponsor love :: Judy Kaufmann

Introducing ::

I wanted to officially say WELCOME to my newest sponsor, Judy Kaufmann!  Judy is a Barcelona-based illustrator who creates some incredible things - specifically illustrations of quirky celebrities (ahem, Woody Allen).  Not only does she run her amazing Etsy shop, but check out her website full of goodies including things like prints, t-shirts and iPhone cases!

Just in case you were wondering, Judy has an awesome blog as well - so good luck not spending hours of your day browsing through it :)

Lovely readers, please take a moment to welcome Judy Kaufmann to the Mo Pie, Please family! I'm so glad to have you!

Don't forget to visit her shop, website and show her blog some love, too.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Last but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUSBAND!

Weekend Recap

Good morning, everyone!  Although I wish it was still Saturday morning, it's nice to say hello again to all of you.  The weekend was great - it flew by as fast as possible (as it always does), we had a lot of fun and I'm sad it's over.  Some highlights include ::

  • Dinner + high school girls basketball - the in-laws treated us to dinner and took us to see my husband's stepsister beat their rivals in some bball.  It was pretty freaking awesome.
  • Lazy Saturday - I wrapped Christmas presents, ate chilaquiles, took a long, hot shower and had a mid-afternoon cocktail.  
  • KU victory over Ohio State!  Oh how sweet it was.  Then it was followed by IU beating UK and I was in heaven!
  • Birthday dinner! The mister turns 30 on Tuesday so our friends came out to dinner with us and we feasted on deliciousness at Ramsi's.  
  • Mini birthday party!  Just the way we like it.
  • Christmas shopping - we're getting so close to being done now.  There are a lot of presents wrapped under the tree. Needless to say, there are some lucky family members, ha ha.
  • Our Idiot Brother - it's really pretty funny (although, as with every movie in this genre, it gets cheesy/sappy toward the end) and I enjoyed the cast thoroughly.  It's the perfect movie for Sunday nights when you need a good laugh (we did, we watched the Bears blow a 10 point lead in the last couple minutes against the Broncos.  No good, Bears, no good.)

How were your weekends? Excellent, I hope!  Here's to a great week!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Festive Weekend!

Holiday Party Time

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Happy Friday, everyone! While I may not be going to a holiday party this weekend (it's NEXT weekend) I still couldn't resist taking part in this week's Friday's Fancies theme - Holiday Party!  I've really got in the Christmas spirit again this year and have been anticipating the events coming up.  If money were no object, I'd totally sport this look (along with some black tights and a dressy coat).  It's not too dressy and not too casual - so perfect for the occasion.

What are your plans this weekend?  We're hopefully getting together tomorrow night with friends to celebrate the mister's birthday a few days early - he turns 3-0 on Tuesday!  Other than that, we'll see where it takes us.  Whatever you get up to, I hope you have an excellent weekend!

Thursday's Randoms

I think I might have to copy this.  If the candles really do make the house smell like coffee, well then I am 100% sold.

Isn't this garland + red house combo just delightful? I love how cozy it feels and how rustic it looks.  Surely they painted that red just to achieve perfection during the holiday season!

It's time to get a new calendar for the coming year, and this simple but sweet one from Anthropologie is looking like the new front runner.

This artwork is so stunning.  That's all I can say.

It's that time of the year again.  Time to make sugar cookies and put those cookie cutters to use.  To ice and decorate - of which I am no good at.  But I will still try.  I've got one batch of crinkle cookies made and ate, I guess it's time to start making more.  If only I could do half as good as the Flourishing Foodie.

What's inspiring you today?

Gift Guide :: Boys + Girls

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Bear leggings, badger finger puppets, sophie the giraffe and train sets!  I think I might have had a certain little booger in mind for this one (he loves Sophie, or at least used to), but I couldn't resist.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The Velveteen Rabbit, American Girl costumes, Adorable Modern dresses and a personal growth chart.  So.  Freakin'.  Cute!
P.S. - to make you laugh, check out what my nephew snuck onto his Christmas list!  

Gift Guide(s) :: Him & Her

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

1 / 2  / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Here you have it, friends.  The beginning of this season's gift guides!  I know I'm a little late compared to many of you, but truth be told...I haven't even started shopping yet.  Woah!

I figured I would start with him and her, she and him.  There is so much stuff out there these days and it's hard to know where to even start.  I figured I'd ignore the fact that I'm probably buying nothing like this for my husband, nor he for me.  So you know, I'll embrace it virtually, or something like that.  

Is anyone else kind of at a loss as to what to get or where to start?  Do you have someone special in your life with a birthday near Christmas?  Boy, it sure does make it hard sometimes.  Not only is his birthday 2 weeks before Christmas, he's also turning 3-0.  No pressure.  But I digress.

Anybody have any ideas to share? I'd love to hear!

Weekend Recap + A Winner!

{we did it!}

I can't believe it's Monday again.  The weekend flew by - probably because I had an amazing time and did things I love with people I love and ate good food.  I mean, that's all it takes for a weekend to be terrific, right?  Some highlights include ::

  • Christmas tree!!!  We picked ours out at a lot down the street and supported the marching band for a local high school.   Our tree was $10 cheaper than we ever paid in Chicago and we know where the proceeds are actually going.  It's all big and fluffy and even though it doesn't smell like a fresh tree should, it's still perfect.
  • Decorating!  We bought the biggest outdoor bulbs we could find, bought a few wreaths and a couple strands of garland.  I had fun, needless to say.  And the mister did too - it's not every day he gets to climb out on the roof with a staple gun in hand.  We also couldn't resist the urge to light a fire while hanging the stockings and lighting the tree.  Total warm and fuzzies.
  • Lunch with Nanny, my husband's grandmother.  She treated us to an afternoon in Shelbyville, KY, eating at The Science Hill Inn (which totally weirded me out, I felt like I was on the set of The Help and it was rather uncomfortable) and looking at very expensive antiques.
  • Bardstown Aglow - Shop local was the theme of the night.  Even though we didn't buy anything, we enjoyed "shopping" the local bars afterward.  
  • Wild Eggs - see where I'm going with this?  Lots of good food was consumed this weekend.  Lots.  My mother-in-law treated us "kids" to brunch at one of Louisville's finest spots - Wild Eggs, all for taking our picture.  Luckily we live down the street from their newest location because - It. Is. Superb.
  • Last but not least, we stocked up our holiday bar (well, somewhat) and sampled our newest selections.  It's bad how much fun it is to go on a shopping spree at the liquor store.  I promise though, we're not as bad as it might sound.

How were your weekends? I'd love to hear!  

Finally - to announce our winner of the Marissa B. giveaway!  Congratulations, Erika of Tiptoe Butterfly!  May you rock those beautiful earrings all year long!

Friday's Fancies + Have a Great Weekend!


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Sorry for the late post today, lovelies!  But I couldn't go another week without creating a Friday's Fancies!  In honor of World Aids Day yesterday, the theme this week is (RED) - in order to help spread awareness.  Be sure to visit the website and do your part to spread the message ;)

I couldn't resist choosing the fun, cropped, bright red J.Crew pants, especially paired with those gold-toed flats.  Swoon!  The weather is warming up this weekend here in Louisville so an outfit like this would pass perfectly.  

What plans have ye this weekend?  Tomorrow we're going to brunch with my husband's grandmother, Sunday we're having brunch and taking a family Christmas card photo and hopefully we'll find some time to hang Christmas lights on the house (I'm so excited about this!).  We're getting our tree this afternoon/evening and I'm also on the hunt for a pretty wreath to hang on the front door.  

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have a terrific one!

Be sure to enter the Marissa B. giveaway!

Thursday's Randoms

I'm finding it hard to believe it's December 1st today.  But I'll get over my disbelief and will quickly get into full on holiday mode.  I'm thinking today, my day off, is the perfect day to make the husband go pick out a Christmas tree and outdoor lights.  Don't you agree?!

Thinking about copying this idea somewhere in the home.  I mean, what a big impact for such a little price.  They make it look so chic!

My goodness this looks good.  I mean, really, really good.  Hey, I got some new nikes the other day, I'm bundling up and hitting the trail so I think I could have a similar version of this today, right?

So, husband and I are in the process of finding the perfect doggie to add to our family.  We've been sold on German Shepherds for awhile now because of their intelligence and beauty, but we've had some mixed reactions when telling people that's what we want.  Then my coworker told me a story about her sister's dog being mauled to death by the neighbor's GS and well...now I'm not so sure what to do.  Last night we found Maddie here, who is described as one of the sweetest dogs around.  She's at a foster home in Lexington and you can read some more about her here.  I think she's beautiful and by the description, she sounds pretty perfect for us.  But we're hesitant.  What do you think? Any thoughts on German Shepherds?  I could just really use some advice!  Our other option is going to the humane society and checking out some adorable border collie pups they've got.  Eeps!  But that means housetraining, ick.  Minka Maddie (oops, I keep getting her confused with another GS named Minka) is already trained!

This dress needs to be in my closet as a winter staple.  I love the cut and the print both!

Last, don't forget to enter the Marissa B. giveaway! She is graciously giving away a pair of her crystal pom pom earrings in chrome - perfect for the holiday season!  I think they're so beautiful and would look lovely on all of you!

Happy December, everyone!


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