Have a Lovely Weekend!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a lovely weekend! I wish I was spending mine in this photograph, don't you? So magical!  Instead I'll be playing with the baby while husband and his dad work on getting the floor tile project a little closer to completion (this kind of stuff takes FOREVER when you DIY).  Hope you all enjoy yourselves!

Color Crush :: Linden Green

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Fall is right around the corner (what?!) so I was perusing the color trends and immediately fell in love.  I've always been fond of the mustard yellows and army greens and this shade seems to be a perfect fusion of the two.  What do you think, will you be sporting this hue when the air turns crisp?

P.S. - today is our third wedding anniversary!  The time really flies when you're in love.

Hello + A Winner!

Hey, y'all!  Happy Tuesday morning (said sarcastically, as I am not happy to be awake so early today).  I just wanted to drop in and say hi, show you two delightfully adorable pictures and announce a winner from the Firmoo giveaway.

Congratulations, Katie! You've won yourself some new specs of your choice!

Now how about that baby?! Little Wyatt turned 4 months yesterday and I can hardly believe it.  Things are really starting to get exciting with him.  We're settled into a routine, he's consistently sleeping through the night* and  he's cracking us up all the time.  Ever since he's discovered his voice, he won't stop babbling.  I freaking love it.  We have conversations all day, we're always telling jokes and he giggles so hard.  Sometimes it's too much to handle, you know?!

And how 'bout that doggie?! Stevie may not be as spoiled rotten as she once was, however, she's so amazingly gentle and careful around Wyatt.  She is incredibly protective of him and loves to get some baby sniffs in every chance she gets.  I love this picture of her so much because she was going a little nuts over something in the backyard.  Turns out it was a groundhog hopping through the grass, a little leery of the cat I suspect.  Lately we've had all kinds of creatures hanging out in our yard - owls perched on a branch to admire while washing dishes, mama and baby deer grazing every day (the cutest), beautiful, vibrant birds and who knows what else.

We even got to go on a date! We enjoyed tapas, mojitos and sangria for dinner and followed it up by a stroll on the big four bridge downtown.  After our walk, the ice cream truck reigned us in and a perfect summer night was complete.

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!

*Mostly sleeping through the night.  Mostly.

Firmoo Giveaway!

Boy, what a giveaway we have in store today! It's been awhile since I've hosted one but when Firmoo contacted me, I couldn't resist.  Being a glasses/contacts wearer, I know this stuff is expensive.  Firmoo offers incredibly inexpensive eyeglasses and sunglasses that are super stylish and one lucky winner will receive TWO pairs of their choice from the classic series*. Free glasses? What's not to love! Go ahead and enter, you know you want to!

All of their eyeglasses include 1.50 single vision lenses and sunglasses include zero-powered lenses.  Even if you're not the lucky winner, their glasses are a heck of a deal.  

My #1 choice ::

If you're one of the lucky ones in life who have perfect vision (*ahem* husband) you're not out of luck.  Firmoo offers stylish sunglasses as well and you're more than welcome to choose those should you be the winner.  See? Something for everyone. I would choose these ::

or these ::

Look how fun those are!

I secretly wish I was the kind of gal who would look good in these.  These are fun too, and would look amazing as sunglasses.

So here's the coolest part about this company - they offer a first pair free program so everyone has the chance to correct their vision.  Like I said before, glasses are expensive.  With this program, they offer limited quantities of free glasses daily (first come, first served) that include 1.50 single vision lenses, cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories.  You just pay shipping and full refunds are available if you're dissatisfied.  Pretty cool, right?

For a chance to win, please visit Firmoo and leave a comment saying which pair you'd love to win.  For an additional entry, visit Firmoo's Facebook page and give them a like! 2 chances! That's nuts!  A winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night so be sure to tell all your friends over the weekend.  Good luck!

* Prizes do NOT include shipping but the frames and 1.50 single vision lenses are free.  Be sure to check out the shipping and tracking page to be sure they ship to your country and for shipping rates.

Thursday Loves

Have you guys heard of Mur wall decals?  They are only pretty much the best and I want so badly to have a wall or four of them in my home.  Ever since I bought these Mae Wall Decals for Wyatt's nursery, I've been a fan of anything in similar fashion.  Recently, I purchased a sweet stencil for "wallpapering" a room but that involves paint and precision and frankly, ain't nobody got time for that.  Lucky for us, Green Wedding Shoes is hosting a giveaway in which THREE lucky winners will be chosen.  How sweet is that?!

Tumbleweed Handcraft has some amaaaaazing sunglasses - I can't believe I only discovered them this week!  At $85, you can't really beat the deal of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wood veneer badass sunglasses, now can you.

The fastest way to "hip" up your home - these mini geometric planters would look any room look 10 times cooler.  Etsy shop Shade on Shape has some very pretty things worth checking out.

Sometimes I wish I could plan weddings all the time.  Minus the stress.  But really, the stress is only really bad when it's your own wedding, right?!  Anyway, these straws from Bhldn are so incredibly beautiful, and they're STRAWS.  Why wasn't this store around when I got married??

I leave you with a recent picture of my little meatloaf, as charming as ever.

Hope you are all surviving the week - it's almost Friday! Be sure to check back in, an exciting post is in the works!

Dreamy Accessories

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Hi, everyone! Sorry I went MIA again.  I was off in Chicago enjoying a lovely extended weekend with friends, which consisted of swooning over a pile of babies. It was awesome.  Much recouping was necessary after a road trip with a baby.  Seriously, when are babies going to understand that sometimes you have to be in your car seat for long periods of time and crying doesn't help the situation? Gah!

Now where was I going with this...

Since you all have been informed that the mister and I are currently knee deep in a screened-in porch makeover, I thought I'd put together a board of just a few items I'm coveting for our new outdoor room.  We've been using this porch as storage for the last 2 years, sadly.  We have no garage, no shed.  But the time has come to say, "screw it!" and put it all in another spot that doesn't make sense.  Thus paving the way for my dream porch, with beautiful tile, many plants and the perfect patio furniture and accessories.  

1. This throw blanket from Terrain is absolutely gorgeous and I would throw down the money for it in a heartbeat if I knew it would remain pristine.  Both colors are gorgeous and would look wonderful on any piece of furniture, don't you think?

2. The Belvedere Collection from Target has been my favorite among patio furniture collections in the affordable category.  We've been waiting for the end-of-summer sales to snag something up.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for outdoor furniture sets aside from the usual suspects? I'd love to hear.

3. I love these pillows from Crate & Barrel for the bright colors and geometric patterns.  They would look good indoors or out.  They might not match the others on this list but, whatever, I say. What. Ev. Er.

4. Also from Crate and Barrel - the Tampico Lantern.  It's soft touch and soft glow would leave us feeling warm and snugly at nights.  Plus, it's on mega sale!

It's so fun to play this game.  If only they could all be mine!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so relieved it's here because I could really use some rest and relaxation.  Sadly, I don't think that's on the agenda, but perhaps I could squeeze some in there unexpectedly.  We've made progress on our tile project, all of our tile has come in (including the specialty/decorative pieces) and we've done all the primer jobs we could do.  I expect big progress this weekend. Just don't hold us to it!  I do believe we have a family pool gathering on Sunday afternoon so I'm hoping to get the chance to share Wyatt with everyone and enjoy myself.  What plans do you have this weekend? Please do share!

Happy weekend - enjoy yourselves!

Thursday Loves

I love everything about this image.  Can we road trip in California, stat?  No? Instead, we'll be road tripping through Indiana next week to visit awesome friends in Chicago (long overdue).  We'll be cruising in a car, not a van, with a baby who probably won't be into it whatsoever.  Wish us luck...

How amazing do these raspberry & lime sangria popsicles look? Yes, please!!

This also makes me want to road trip in California, and camp by the sea.  Such a beautiful, hand-crafted teepee from Orourke Shop.

I love Georgia's new prints in her Etsy shop, The Big Harumph.  We have several throughout the house and this one and this one are hanging in Wyatt's nursery.  Now through the end of the month, receive 20% off your purchase when you become a Facebook fan!

This dining hall evokes a lot of memories of mine, spending weeks in the summer at camp in the mountains.  It will be so exciting to send my boy to a summer camp. This place looks pretty amazing, Great Camp Sagamore via Martha Stewart.

Hope your weeks have been lovely - it's almost Friday! 

Summer Staples

Friends, are any of you living in anything other than t-shirts, shorts and sandals?  I can't even bring myself to wear a dress. Maybe that's because I know I have to change my shirt frequently due to spit-up and drool stains and maybe it's because this is the most comfortable outfit my weird post-partum body is into.  I don't know, but this summer is all about the casual staples, day in and day out.  What are you living in these days?

Handmade Fashion

I'm lovin' the Etsy finds this week, especially the Fleur + Dot get-up.  There is so much cuteness out there for little girls (and little boys, too).

Weekend Recap

Hello, again.  How is it possible that it's Monday all over?  The holiday weekend really flew by.  We were only blessed with one nice day and one partially-dry day, so we didn't exactly make the most of it.  For the 4th, it rained and rained and rained, so we stayed in and ended up drinking margaritas around the 4 o'clock hour.  They were delicious and very simple and tasted exactly like a classic margarita (I added a little more lime juice and a dash of sprite to take the edge off).  Since our pool plans were ruined on the 4th, we celebrated the next day by venturing across the Kentuckiana border for a few hours of pool time with the babe.  It was overcast and in the low 70s, not exactly ideal, but we powered through.  Baby dressed up in his pool essentials - swim diaper, swim trunks, swim top, sunglasses, hat, etc., and dipped his chunky little lower half in the water for approximately 10 seconds, then cried and screamed until we changed him out of it all and wrapped him up in a warm blanket.  Worth it? Yes.  Yes it was.  Friday night brought about a million fireworks since the rain held off. Our neighbors a few houses down have put on an extravagant show both years which we watched from the comfort of our backyard.  The dog hated it though, and we held her tight until bed time.  Saturday brought about brunch with grandma, a hefty trip to Lowe's and Trader Joes sans baby and Scrabble to finish off the night.  Sunday was a doozy since the sun was out so we ventured to the nearby trail with the dog and baby in tow and tried to power walk 2 miles but ended up only doing half of that because of Murphy's Law.  Baby cried.  Baby demanded milk.  Dog pulled on her leash and lunged at other dogs.  I think dog forgot how to go on walks.  A giant (like, biggest I've ever seen in the wild) snake took up residence in the middle of the trail and husband and dog nearly stepped on it. There were some other disturbing things we saw (the downside of being around wildlife) which just proved that our trip was doomed from the start.  After getting the baby to nap we power-washed our back porch and have got mostly everything ready for the big tile project to begin.  Hooray!

How were your weekends? Wonderful, I hope.  Hopefully your holidays were better than ours and everyone stayed safe!

Happy 4th of July

Hope you're enjoying yourselves today.  We're not really in the celebratory mood considering the dreary, wet weather we're having today.  We had big plans today.  Big.  Sadly, they're ruined by the all-day rain, so no pool lounging/sun bathing day for us.  Too bad, because I even got Wyatt a swim top to go with his swim diaper (so that I could basically dip him in the water because I'm too afraid to do much more!) and he's got a hat and sunglasses to boot.  We'll make it there some day, right?  It seems every single time we've tried to enjoy a pool day this summer the following has happened::

  • The world's worst traffic jam kept us on the highway for 2 hours, thus making us arrive to the party after everyone was done and over it and just in time for dinner.
  • Rain
  • Rain
  • Rain
We've made it in all of one time.  While my husband was actually "working poolside" so it wasn't really the best time ever.  Wyatt's legs were dipped in.  Then he napped the rest of the time we were there.  

So needless to say, I hope everyone else is enjoying beautiful weather, great company and delicious food :)

I think now it's time to booze!

The Softest Touch

 sachets // desk lamp // stool // print

Just a few of the pretties I've stumbled upon via Etsy.  I wish they could all be mine.

Weekend Recap

Good morning!  I thought I'd take the last few minutes of this little guy's nap to write a quick post and say hello.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Ours was a decent weekend, if you count being so tired that you're counting down the minutes until you can sneak in some shut eye as decent.  We had a good time on Friday night venturing out and seeing some bands play and socializing a bit.  Turns out we're not exactly capable of staying out late anymore, even if we do have a babysitter who tells us to do just that.  4 hours of sleep and taking care of a baby don't work together!  So we took Saturday to hit the refresh button, took turns napping and taking care of Wyatt and finally ended the night by watching Despicable Me and going to bed very early.  Sunday brought some friends over and we ended up dressing Wyatt up in his finest hipster attire for a prolonged photo shoot with Raegan.  I can't wait to see how they turn out - needless to say, he sported an American Apparel hoodie for part of the shoot and there were tons of "awwwwwww's" in the room.

I hope all your Monday's are splendid and that Wednesday evening rolls around faster than anticipated!

Happy Weekend!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! We went out last night and were up way too late.  We're paying for it dearly today - I have the energy of a sloth. At least we got to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and hear/see some really good music.  So refreshing.

Wyatt is 3 months old today! Where does the time go?

Thursday Loves

I've been so unbelievably happy ever since I heard the news yesterday.  Buzzfeed rounded up some of the best images and signs from outside the supreme court before and after the decision was made.  I'll admit, it makes me tear up to see all the happiness. Also, Wendy Davis, you're a real badass. Thank you for literally making a stand for women's rights.

This image of a mama and her baby makes me warm and fuzzy.  Wyatt and I have been enjoying each other lots and lots and I've been seizing every opportunity to get tons of snuggles and kisses in.  He's been following a pretty consistent schedule lately and has been doing really good at night.  The night before last, he slept 11 hours straight! I've studied up on some secrets (this blog is amazingly helpful for any of you with young babes) and we've finally established a nice rhythm.  

Hello, flowy-easy-breezy Free People dress.  You are very lovely. I would love to travel on an amazing getaway with you in my suitcase.

The husband and I have committed to making over our screened-in porch and we're SO EXCITED! We've dropped some serious dough on amazing tile and we can't wait for it to come in so we can get started!  We ordered some terra cotta tile from Lowes and some specialty/decorative tile from a little store in our neighborhood.  Needless to say, it's going to be gorgeous.  

Recently, I made a delicious cherry cobbler and it felt quintessential summer.  It reminded me of our last-minute camping trip to Michigan two years ago when we thought we were moving to Louisville but fate had a different timeline for us.  That was one fun mini-vacation.  We bought roadside cherries, camped in a beautiful forest, hiked the dunes and canoed.  Cherry cobblers are definitely a labor of love, well, making anything with fresh cherries is a tedious task.  But so very worth it!

Hope you all are having lovely weeks! It's almost Friday!

Winter Water Factory

This Brooklyn-based clothing company, Winter Water Factory, is comprised of oodles of goodness, wouldn't you agree?  The organic materials, beautiful textiles and affordable prices make me a serious fan.  If only my little guy would let me know how long he'll be fitting in a certain size, I could place an order! I swear, Sunday, his current clothes fit fine.  Yesterday and today, I've noticed the sleeves hang off his shoulders because you have to pull on the bottom part so much in order to snap it shut!  Dad and I keep joking (but it's likely the truth) that this kiddo will grow to be 7 feet tall.  My little Wyatt the giant.

Fields of Color

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6  

I've had this image bookmarked for ages now because it is so captivating.  I love some good flower fields, but this one is truly at the head of the class.  I can't even imagine frolicking through the winding paths and being lucky enough to not only see this but smell it as well.  Surely there's something as breathtaking as this a little closer to home, right?

Color Crush :: Coral & Navy

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Friends! I have been itching, and I mean itching, to create blog posts for you that don't involve photos of my baby (but please indulge me when I do).  Blog posts that involve what I used to post about.  You know, like clothes, accessories, blah, blah.  So here we go, my first color crush post in...forever!

I love the color combo of coral and navy.  I would love to squeeze into that Madewell striped skirt one night and go for a walk in the park in those adorable coral Keds.  What do you think, are you a fan of the combination?


Life has been good lately.  Between the sweetness of summer and the sweetness of this little boy, we've been a happy Badger clan.  Sure, he has exhausted us to our core.  Sure, he gets super fussy in the evenings and we can never manage to eat a warm meal together.  With time, those things will fade away (and new annoyances will surely emerge).  For now, as long as his face continues to light up when one of us enters his line of sight, it's all worth it!

Golden Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday.  On the 30th.  Yeah, I just admitted it.  I'm 30.  Crazy!

Isn't it funny how much things can change in just a year?  For my 29th birthday, I lazed about on the sandy beaches of Jamaica, watched cliff divers plummet to the water at Rick's Cafe and didn't have a care in the world or a clue of what was to come that year.  This year, I'm writing this post as I'm covered in spit-up and spilled breast milk, functioning on little sleep and staring at my two-month-old son with a whole heart full of love.

While having a child restricts us from vacationing in Jamaica and such, the trade off was well worth it.  He might be a cuddly little monster, but he's the best birthday present ever.

Now bring on the cake!



Sir Wyatt has completely consumed our lives over the last 7 weeks, but would anyone expect otherwise?  He is a pretty amazing baby, even if he does keep us up for 2 hours some nights in the wee hours.  We're madly in love and that's all that matters.

We managed to go out on a date this past Friday night, consisting of delicious Mexican cuisine (hello, margaritas!) and The Great Gatsby.  It was lovely and much needed (thanks again, BeBe and Papa Badger!).  We managed to spend some time poolside as well, but only after a very trying afternoon.  It's so easy to forget so many necessary things when you're venturing out with an infant.  It's also so very easy for the world's worst traffic jam to ruin a very fine day.  Luckily, we were handsomely rewarded with a sweet baby giving us 7 straight hours of sleep.  Yes! Now that seems like good car...ma ;)

How are you all? I can't believe I managed a post, and with nursery pictures I promised forever ago at that! God bless nap time!


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