Mint and Green Tea Cupcakes

My main contributions to this blog thus far seem to have been food. Hmmm. Oh well, here's another: mint and green tea cupcakes.

I went all out on these as they're a gift for our friends who are moving to Ann Arbor and we're going to say goodbye to them this evening. Also, I have loads of fresh mint from my in-laws' garden and I'm thinking of fun ways to use it. Here's the pre-oven shot. I was drinking wine and lit some candles and really treated myself to a baking session.

I made candied mint leaves, which are pretty and really tasty. I also used the angelica my aunty sent me from England (thanks, Lyra). I even use mint flowers and buds because they're tasty too and look great.

I didn't have a recipe, I just went for it. But they're pretty and really delicious. Yay for green things :-)


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