Yesterday, I saw a small shivering feathered bundle taking shelter underneath a parked car; it was a sick sparrow.

I couldn’t bear to just walk on by, so I called Bart (this was just outside our house) and asked him to bring some towels and a box, to catch the sparrow.

Poor sick birdy - Patient Peep just hung out in the box, she couldn’t fly.

She wouldn’t eat the birdseed, but she drank some water off a plastic spoon.

I looked online and found a group of volunteers that rescue injured wild birds. There was a volunteer working late at the University of Chicago last night, so we drove Patient Peep over to him real late at night.

He says he’s going to try and save her, and if she can’t be released, she might come live with us! We’ll keep you posted, and we wish Patient Peep a speedy recovery.


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