Winter Water Factory

This Brooklyn-based clothing company, Winter Water Factory, is comprised of oodles of goodness, wouldn't you agree?  The organic materials, beautiful textiles and affordable prices make me a serious fan.  If only my little guy would let me know how long he'll be fitting in a certain size, I could place an order! I swear, Sunday, his current clothes fit fine.  Yesterday and today, I've noticed the sleeves hang off his shoulders because you have to pull on the bottom part so much in order to snap it shut!  Dad and I keep joking (but it's likely the truth) that this kiddo will grow to be 7 feet tall.  My little Wyatt the giant.


Johanna June 26, 2013 at 8:05 PM  

Thanks for the introduction! I love everything you posted. Wow...the patterns are just so cool and not overly girlie or dudeish.

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