Weekend Recap

Hello, again.  How is it possible that it's Monday all over?  The holiday weekend really flew by.  We were only blessed with one nice day and one partially-dry day, so we didn't exactly make the most of it.  For the 4th, it rained and rained and rained, so we stayed in and ended up drinking margaritas around the 4 o'clock hour.  They were delicious and very simple and tasted exactly like a classic margarita (I added a little more lime juice and a dash of sprite to take the edge off).  Since our pool plans were ruined on the 4th, we celebrated the next day by venturing across the Kentuckiana border for a few hours of pool time with the babe.  It was overcast and in the low 70s, not exactly ideal, but we powered through.  Baby dressed up in his pool essentials - swim diaper, swim trunks, swim top, sunglasses, hat, etc., and dipped his chunky little lower half in the water for approximately 10 seconds, then cried and screamed until we changed him out of it all and wrapped him up in a warm blanket.  Worth it? Yes.  Yes it was.  Friday night brought about a million fireworks since the rain held off. Our neighbors a few houses down have put on an extravagant show both years which we watched from the comfort of our backyard.  The dog hated it though, and we held her tight until bed time.  Saturday brought about brunch with grandma, a hefty trip to Lowe's and Trader Joes sans baby and Scrabble to finish off the night.  Sunday was a doozy since the sun was out so we ventured to the nearby trail with the dog and baby in tow and tried to power walk 2 miles but ended up only doing half of that because of Murphy's Law.  Baby cried.  Baby demanded milk.  Dog pulled on her leash and lunged at other dogs.  I think dog forgot how to go on walks.  A giant (like, biggest I've ever seen in the wild) snake took up residence in the middle of the trail and husband and dog nearly stepped on it. There were some other disturbing things we saw (the downside of being around wildlife) which just proved that our trip was doomed from the start.  After getting the baby to nap we power-washed our back porch and have got mostly everything ready for the big tile project to begin.  Hooray!

How were your weekends? Wonderful, I hope.  Hopefully your holidays were better than ours and everyone stayed safe!


Leslie July 8, 2013 at 10:23 AM  

Your weekend sounds productive in spite of all of those obstacles. I would be freaked out if I saw a huge snake, much less if I almost stepped on it. One time the husband and I saw a poisonous snake on a trail we liked to go on. After that, I didn't want to go back. Ahh, the joys of the wilderness!

A Crimson Kiss July 8, 2013 at 1:06 PM  

Is it wrong that margarita looks so appealing at 11:06am? Weekend, take me back!

rooth July 8, 2013 at 10:36 PM  

Awww, poor little guy doesn't like swimming. Have you seen the video of diving babies? It's so cute

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