Once in a Blue Moon...

Happy New Year everyone!

Tonight's a blue moon! 
I'm so happy that the new year is upon us.  I've been ready for it for too long!  2009 just had to get both Badger & I one last time with sickness (and mine was certainly not pretty).  It hasn't been a good year for us with our health.  In January, we found out Badge has a heart condition after he fainted in the movie theater while we were watching The Wrestler (not serious, but it scared the bejeebus out of me).  This summer he threw his back out and found out he has scoliosis.  So now he's an old man with a bum back.  I have been sick so many times and had so many different health issues I've lost track. 

But there were some good times as well.  Like for instance, OUR ENGAGEMENT!  Some of our very best friends got married and we got to be in the wedding party!  I took a trip to New York with my stepbrother to see our friend Sarah get married!  We went to the Bahamas and California (both awesome).  We went on some cool trips to Louisville and Kansas to visit family and had some very great moments with very great people.

2010 will be an amazing year.  I'm keeping my chin up and staying positive.  My health will be better, I'll maintain good weight and get in better shape.  I'm geting married...to the most wonderful man.  In California!  Loads of other friends of ours are getting married this year too.  And I have family members who are expecting.  It will be joyous :)

I wish the same for all of you!  Have fun tonight, here's to hoping for that perfect new years kiss!  xoxo.

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