Have any of you perused the products on wisteria.com?  I somehow stumbled upon this online store and immediately fell in love with so many things...and from the sale section nonetheless!

I love these botanical paintings.  I recently framed some leaves from the tree in front of our window after seeing a DIY project on Design Sponge.  I think these would mesh perfectly with the frames I have, wouldyou agree?

 These French seaside birds are so charming, I want the whole collection!

I'm starting to think that my niece, Allyson, desparately needs all of these and she needs to share with her Aunt Mimi.  Oh the cuteness!

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a log bench like this?  Maybe not so much in our tiny apartmnet, but in the big home I'm dreaming of, full of amazing rustic-chic things and a husband who walks around like a lumberjack and the goat grazing out in our woodsy backyard...seems like a perfect fit. 


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