Hello everyone!  We are back from Christmas vacation!  It was a good one minus the stomach flu my mom and I both caught which prevented us from going to the Christmas party at my stepbrother's house that I have been excited about for a month now.  D'oh!  All in all though, it was a great time and it was wonderful to see all of my family.  My parents went all out on everyone's Christmas gifts and we are now totally ready to travel with our new 4-piece high-quality luggage set! 

We just booked a little mini-vacay to California in a couple of weeks.  We are SO EXCITED!  The vineyard that we are getting married at is having an open house so we'll get to meet with vendors and check the place out all dressed up for a wedding all in one day!  So convenient, and it even happens to take place over MLK weekend so it couldn't be more perfect.

Because the valley isn't as beautiful as it is in the summer at this time, we decided to treat ourselves to an exploration around the Northern California area.  Our trip will start in San Francisco where we'll stay in the heart of it all and have a little while to explore the area.  Next we'll drive up to Calistoga and attend the open house and THEN....wait for it...we're driving to LAKE TAHOE!!  We seriously are so stoked at this.  I've never been (although my mom will probably say I've been there when I was wee) and neither has he, so we're in for a real treat.  Have any of you ever been?  If so, what would you recommend?  I'm afraid of skiing because I'm a puss, but I know that boy really wants to do it.  I'm sort of into the idea of snowshoeing and we're both really into the idea of relaxing around a fire in a cozy lodge with some delicious ales in hand, hah!


Aaaaah...heaven awaits us.

How was everyone's Christmas?


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