Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning quite surprised.  I didn't expect to look out the window and see this:

Ok, maybe it wasn't quite like that (I wish).  But it was surprising and made me a bit happy. 

We set up our Christmas tree on Saturday.  I never knew my fiance was the kind of guy to get the biggest, bushiest tree there is.  It's well over 7-feet tall and it eats up our entire living room.  When we were deciding on the tree, I said, well Clark Griswald, I guess if you want it let's get it.

After the craft show last night, Inna gave me two boxes full of lights, ornaments and various other decorations.  So now that there's snow on the ground and a beautiful tree, I think I shall rush home after work, drink a warm alcoholic beverage, turn a Christmas movie on, start decorating more and get completely engrossed in the Christmas spirit.  Have any of you lovelies turned into Christmas geeks yet this season?


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