A Non Sequitur

Hey all! This is Mo's friend Hadley. I don't write here often (not because I'm busy, but rather because I'm a massive procrastinator, and I'll usually have a half-written post pulled up on my computer for weeks before I think about pushing "publish," and by then, the thing is outdated and stupid and garbage).

HOWEVER, I just finished reading the world's most amazing blog piece, and I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, so I needed to share it with the world.

But first, a little background:

Firstly, I'm about 2.5 months pregnant (10 weeks, or 68 days, or 1632 hours, not that anyone is counting). So beyond the normal emotional ups and downs, I have a fiery, burning, heaving, passionate connection to all things baby, including stupid baby blogs. Hence, the following.

Secondly, New York Magazine published this story about "unhappy parents" last week. It's received a lot of flack from the parenting community (duh), but the author (a parent herself) has some valid points. In fact, when I first read the piece, I found myself reticently agreeing with some of the things she said about parenting; sometimes, it just plain sucks. But the whole time, I felt this inner nagging. Won't my experience be different? If children make parents unhappy, why do people continue to have them?

And then, my girls at GoFugYourself led me to this doozy. Oh. My. God. A story recounting the trails and tribulations of raising a special needs child, this piece rocked me to the core. I mean, we're talking fiery, burning, heaving, passionate tears. Right after I put on makeup, too. Girl can write.

Anyway, long story short (too late), I'm back on board with having this gosh-darned kid. I promise that this will be one of only a handful of baby posts (this ain't no baby blog, after all), but I hope you all will put up with me in the meantime.


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