Super-8 Videos & Photobooths

There are only a few things I've come across that I absolutely MUST have as my selfish splurge items for the wedding. 

1. I desparately want a photobooth.  I've wanted one since I started all this wedding planning nonsense.  When I went to my friend Sarah's wedding in NY, they had a photobooth which just made me even more determined to get one for ours.  I love, love, love photobooths.  Especially vintage ones, with pics like these:

Via Pitch

Photos via Hula Seventy

I can only imagine all the possibilities.  All that beer & wine + our goofy friends = great photos.

2.  When I originally saw this video from The Flash Dance, my heart melted.  And still, every time I see it I swoon.  I am so in love with it.  That is why I am bound and determined to get some super-8's, assign some crafty friends to the task and (quoting Tim Gunn here) MAKE IT WORK. 

Everything and everyone in The Flash Dance is incredibly talented and awesome.  I wish I could be friends with them!  But I have amazing friends with amazing talents so this WILL happen!!


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