Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep

So as Mo and Badge have done run off and got hitched, I've been hanging around Chicago, anxiously waiting for pictures and news of the lovely nuptials. I've watered Mo's plants and fed her (extremely vocal and sometimes violent) cat, Gus. I've also tried to keep A-M's fish alive, but with slightly disastrous results. Sorry, A-M.

Anyhoo, I've also had a chance to try out some amazing new recipes. And since I eat 20 bajillion calories these days (hey, thanks, miracle of life!), I have polished off every last morsel. Let's see some of these beautiful creations, shall we?

Peach and blueberry cobbler from Smitten Kitchen. Holy, wonderful worlds of wombats, this is so good. I poured heavy cream all over it and ate it standing up. So there.

Whole wheat pancakes with strawberry rhubarb compote from Two Peas and Their Pod. And they're made with whole wheat, so they're healthy! Right? Right???

And lest you think that I am only interested in sweets (which I pretty much am)....

Fettuccine Alfredo from A Cozy Kitchen. I know it's a little boring, but there's a reason this stuff is so popular. It's just plain GOOD. I actually used heavy cream and a little lemon zest in mine, and made sure to use FRESH pasta (the dry stuff can't stand up to the rich sauce).

Well, all this food talk has made me a little peckish. I'm off to feed my gullet with sugar and heavy cream (and prenatal vitamins and healthy stuff too). I know we all can't wait for Mo and the gang to return!!!! I'll be sitting on pins and needles (with a plate of spaghetti).


Mo Pie, Please August 13, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

I have actually been dreaming of that fettucini since you served it to me. Mmmmm, so good and lemony!

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