I've never been, but I most certainly want to go. 

Mountains, Forests, rivers, wineries, microbreweries, coffee, food, art, goes on and on! 

Warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.  So much better than unpredictable summers (mostly cool) and brutally cold winters. 

Portland is the hub of American DIY youth culture.  The greenest city in the U.S., second in the world!  Lightrails, Streetcars & Aerial trams! 

We're currently saving up money not only for the wedding, but also for our future.  We want to buy a house soon, with a big yard and a driveway and a big garage for all those tools my family has given Badge for Christmas and his birthday (they're going to make him a handy man whether he wants to or not, although I think he's really into it).  We can't get that here unless we're filthy rich.  So I'm exploring our options and hoping for advice/opinions from all of you!

So, since I've never been - can anyone give me a reason to not want to move to this state?!  Because it's so appealing....


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