I have to admit,  I really like Valentine's day.  Ugh you say?  I understand.  Before Badger came around, I wasn't so into it.  But I can't really say that, because when I was younger, my dear sweet mama would always provide my brother & I something really sweet.  Every year, no matter what.  Brandon & I would always get a basket full of candy, a cute card and usually I would receive a necklace or a CD or something she knew I would love.  Isn't that sweet of her?!  She also helped her friend out in the floral department at our neighborhood grocery store during the month of February just because she enjoyed working with flowers and the help was needed.  So she always made V-day a good time for us.  So I love it for that reason.  I also love it because yes, I'm in a relationship and can celebrate it for that reason.  Also, because 4 years ago, Badger invited me to hang out with him and Mr. Bort for a night of food, booze and Skat.  I knew he was into me so I was pretty stoked when he invited me up.  I stayed way longer than planned because him and I ended up talking until the wee hours of the night.  And I totally ditched class the next morning.  And now the rest is history.  So even though we don't recognize V-day as our anniversary (we chose the first kiss as the day to celebrate, which is towards the end of the month) I still enjoy the celebration with him in more ways than one. 

Anyway...onto the actual reason for this post.  For the last several years, I have made a sweet card for him out of random materials found around the apartment.  I'm insistent upon it - not too sure why, but why not?  So for inspiration and ideas, I naturally turn to Martha Stewart.  I mean, you have to admit that her ideas are usually pretty awesome.  Her cupcake recipes are always delicious and she is of treMENDOUS help with the wedding planning.  And just look at these card ideas...

PS - I just received a link to a live stream of PUPPIES!!


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