Things I like...from Hadley

So...I've never posted on this here site. But after sitting and ruminating about my awful day, I decided I needed something to pick my spirits up. Helll-oooo, online window shopping!

I found a few yummy little things. Let's see if I can figure out the whole picture/link thing.

This, from Etsy:

Cute, huh? I love the barely-touching, delicate leaves
with the crystals! So pretty!

And then, these little pets:

Something tells me my friend Mo would like these too!

I want to hang this in my bathroom:

It reminds me of a clean, dancing jellyfish, which is sort of my avatar when I'm fresh from a bath. Speaking of baths, I've only just lately discovered the true bliss of my bathtub. Last week, after a particularly draining

day, I climbed in with some olive oil and vanilla, extremely hot water, and an enormous glass of wine. Clicked on the Pandora, opened an old copy of Middlemarch (I heart you, George Eliot), and went completely,

utterly thoughtless. I got in touch with my inner coma. By the time I tried to get out, I was a withered prune of my former self. Plus, the wine had gone to my head and the water gave me the spins. So I took a nap.

And that was my Tuesday.

Of course, I woke up to a million piles of cat vomit, three hundred papers to grade, a sink full of dirty dishes, and a sick husband.

Tee hee. Thanks, Natalie Dee. You always brighten my day.

Anywhoo, thanks for letting me show you the product of my mindless cyber-wandering.


Mo January 27, 2010 at 2:43 PM  

Yay for Hadley posts!

Mo January 27, 2010 at 5:59 PM  

OH, and you're right. I do love those earrings, very much!

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