I think I'm in trouble

Today, I discovered something I really shouldn't have.

During work, I like to get out of the office and get some exercise but not in the tradtional way. I like to power walk all around the loop (I'm pretty good at it, except when people get in my way) and sometimes I like to treat myself to a little therapy and go shopping.  It really does help me (or so I convince myself and the bf that this is true) and there are some decent stores along State Street that often turn out to be quite successful (too successful if you ask the bf, I'm sure).

There has been construction going on across from Macy's for quite a while now, so today I decided to zoom on by there to check out what was coming.  Long and behold...it's turning out to be a goldmine.  Anthropologie is coming!  ANTHROPOLOGIE IS COMING!  Crap.  I mean, just look at these temptations.  And this!  Oh my!  Oooh and this (although, why the heck is that so expensive?  I could make that, well, someone I know could, haha).  But anyway, the point is, I love this store, with all my heart.  I do.

There's more stores but I won't get too into it.  Although I did catch myself inside this store called Zara (I've never heard of before, have you?) and they happened to have tons of H&M-priced clothing that was rather nice. 

So see what I mean?  This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E!


Anna-Maria January 8, 2010 at 5:00 PM  

I love that store, but I'd love it much more if I could afford anything from there.

Zara's here???! Yippee, that's an old favourite from Blighty. I think it's from Spain originally but I got some pretty nice stuff from there when I lived in Oxford.

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