DIY, baby!

As of Sunday, our friends Inna & Alex have begun their long but super amazing DIY project.  Inna bought a house, located sort of in the Ukranian Village here in Chicago, and together, they're going to totally "flip that house"!  I'm so impressed already.  We stopped by their place last night, and Inna had already set up and unpacked almost everything (she obviously hadn't done much sleeping).  Alex already painted some and is quickly going to begin working on ripping out cabinets and laying down new countertops in the kitchen (which, trust me, can use some cosmetic work). 

This project really fascinates me.  I'm so excited to see my friends' talents shine.  Inna is so amazing when it comes to interiors, DIY, well pretty much you name it and she's good at it.  Alex is such a wonderful artist and creative genius, and is really handy and experienced at re-doing houses.  It's going to be so incredible to watch the transformation.

Check back for various updates on the project.  Inna's taking off for Europe for a month but once she's back, there will be progress made!

Yay!  See look, he's excited...

(photo via cuteoverload)


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