V-day Gifts

Since I posted about my love for this holiday that most people hate, I thought I would add to it with some lovely gift suggestions. 

For him:

Men our age really need a tie, whether they want it or not.  There are many occassions to wear it.  Business meetings, the obvious, necessitate a tie for a lot of young professionals.  Weddings definitely necessitate a tie for the most part.  Dates (pending on the tie - I'm thinking a black, skinny tie will do the trick). 

So thanks to Martha, you can buy a tie and wrap it with love!

A nice bottle of booze.  What man can refuse that?  Mine certainly can't.

For her (moi):

When is there a better time to buy intimate wear for your woman!?  I quite fancy these (in case you're reading, and you know who you are)

I also enjoy jewelry and perfume, accessories and wine/champagne.  While we were in Calistoga, we stopped and bought a bottle of vintage chardonnay for the occassion.  And I always love having cake on V-day.  And flowers.  And delicious food :)


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