Christina Hendricks

I find her to be one beautiful woman.  She's got a great bod that isn't your typical Hollywood bod.  She plays a pretty awesome character on a pretty awesome show.  She has great style.  She has an ability to rock her features in ways that are unfathomable.  She recently got married and had a beautiful wedding.  And she looked FABULOUS at the Golden Globes:

I think that both the dress and the color are absolutely beautiful, and the shape really suits her well. It makes me happy!

She looks really gorgeous in this photo too:

Last, just look at her wedding party!  I'm really digging the fact that it was Mad Men-esque.  It looks like a lovely wedding.  Check out more of it here.

Last, just look at her wedding party.  I'm really digging the fact that she went Mad Men-esque!

After our California trip, I'm even more excited about our upcoming wedding.  It's all coming together!   Check back for more posts about our trip after I finally take the time to upload our pictures.  Unfortunately, I was too forgetful, and manged to fly out there without having charged my camera battery.  It was dead as can be.  So I only have pictures of Lake Tahoe (which is gorgeous).  My bad!


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