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Dear readers, I've been provided with such great content today that I can't hold off on posting.  I just wanted to share with you this picture from my stepbrother's house, taken by his lovely wife Georgia.

Their place is so rad.  And gigantic.  Love the red door and that is their Christmas tree, believe it or not.  It's awesome

Here is their living room/kitchen/awesome hangout space.  The wall to the right is where movies are shown on the projector.  It's really pretty sweet to watch a movie there (especially during a Halloween party).

Yes, this is their backyard!  The rope lights are an amazing effect. 

To top it all off, they have shipping containers just hanging out in the back.  Seriously, their place is awesome. 

They have a gigantic basement too, which is perfect for hosting shows and band practice and other things.  Both Torin & Georgia are artists and very talented.  They got a fantastic deal on this extremely cool place and it's so very easy to tell that they're completely happy in their new home. 


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