Plant help!!!

Aaaah!  Disaster struck while we were in California.  And who's to blame?  That's right.  Kitteh.  Apparently, his claws got hold of the curtain in the living room, which happens to have my beloved String of Pearls plant from Sprout Home hanging from the rod.  The plant came CRASHING down, spewing soil and strings all over the place.  Luckily our friend Jake was around to clean up the damage and hopefully put kitteh in his place, but what really saddens and maddens me is that my plant has been traumatized!  So I need some help, as I am a bit lost on how to repair the damage.  I mean, I truly LOVE this plant.  Everyone that has seen it loves it.  My mom has even been on the hunt for one since she came to visit me last. 

Does anyone, ANYONE have any advice for me on what to do?  Seriously, it lost the bulk of its strings.  I just want to break down in tears because this plant is so awesome.  And I JUST replanted it since it was growing so nicely.  I'm so sad :(

So thanks a lot, Gus.


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