Fire up your printers!

Today I was on the lookout for a fun printable to-do list so I can put it on my fridge and hubby and I can stay on top of things this year. Unfortunately I didn't find the perfect template (yet), but I did find some great resources online for pretty printable stuff. has some beautiful prints that would make great greetings cards, d├ęcoupage, or excellent gifts if you put them in just the right fancy frame.

Their selection is huge, but their galleries are arranged by topic and color, so you can narrow down exactly what you're looking for.

Plus I just can't say no to a website with a baby tapir on their homepage!

On you can find some fabulous downloads for notepads, calendars, gift-tags and all sorts. I love this site.

It's definitely not too late for this calendar, either.

I'm inspired to get crafty :-)

Pictures c/o and


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