Funny Girl

New York City is one of those places that has stolen an enormous amount of people I love.  And while I try to remain not's a challenge to not be.  I mean, it's taken some good people from my life and is never giving them back.  Oh well.

One of the people I speak of is a good friend, who happens to be engaged to a really wonderful friend of mine whom I have known for quite some time.  Megan & Daniel are good people and I miss them dearly.  Their move out to NYC has been successful.  Both are pursuing their dreams/interests/goals, etc., and having fun doing so, so I'm very happy for them.

Megan is one funny lady and New York City seems to agree.  She performed at Comix Comedy Club last week and I saw the video which was hilarious. 

"I'm actually trying to have a baby, yes, thank you. 
I'm trying to have a baby because they're worth so much on the black market! 
And I don't have any money because I don't have any marketable skills except my uterus! 
So I think this will work out well for me."

If you're in the NYC area and are into funny people, you should consider a friendship with this girl. I consider myself very lucky to have had many nights of laughs with her and I can't wait 'til I see her (and Daniel) again!


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