I'm so into the designs of all these fabrics from the Etsy shop, Bloomerie.  They are a mother-daughter team based out of Virginia who are both avid sewers.  How cute is that?  I've often thought about teaming up with my mom on some things and these two are making me think about it that much more.  I also love how it says this on their great blog - We’ll be here to help you bloom creatively.  I'm no sewer, I sucked at the sewing portion in Home Ec, but seeing these fabrics makes me wish I had it in me to be half as talented as my mom is or my grandma was! 


Anonymous,  December 22, 2010 at 7:00 PM  

I'm tempted to pay them a visit. You know if they have a storefront in VA?

S and O December 22, 2010 at 7:18 PM  

Those are such cute fabrics, I love the designs!! ^_^

Tiffany from HOLIDAY December 22, 2010 at 8:30 PM  

really cute fabrics! love the very bottom two.

Punctuation Mark December 22, 2010 at 8:39 PM  

beautiful patterns and use of color!

Marisa Midori December 22, 2010 at 9:01 PM  

Such lovely prints! Cute and graphic. I'd love to team up with my mom on something like this.

Tee, Passports and Postcards December 22, 2010 at 10:00 PM  

These are so cute! Like you, I wish I'm good at sewing cos then I'd be able to make lots of things.

Ashley December 23, 2010 at 1:01 AM  

oh my, do I spy porcupines? I think I'm in love. :)

Samantha December 23, 2010 at 3:05 AM  

Cute prints! :o)


Anonymous,  December 23, 2010 at 6:36 AM  

I love sewing. It relaxes me. I really think you should give it another try, usually with age the approach is better. In my family everyone sew, I couldn't escape from it!! these are very nice fabrics!

Danielle December 23, 2010 at 7:38 AM  

Such fun fabrics! I''m always looking for fun patterns like these to use for my projects. The mother-daughter team idea is sweet, too :)

Molly @ Joie de Vivre December 28, 2010 at 7:00 PM  

Gorgeous! I love how bright + warm the prints are.

O. December 30, 2010 at 11:56 AM  

cute fabrics, I have a couple of those prints :)

FASHIONABLE PRIS December 30, 2010 at 2:45 PM  

I love the prints of the fabrics too!!! so cute and happy:)

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