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Attention everyone:

I need help.  I seem to have perused the website of every clothing store I can dream of, looking for an olive green dress.  Why is it so hard?  Is that color 'so 2003' or something?!  You see my dears, I'm looking for the perfect olive green dress for my sister-in-law, Gina, one of my lovely bridesmaids.  The poor thing has been searching up and down, inside and out, around the town, the web, you name it, she's looked.  My mom is constantly on her case about finding the dress (my mom is worried she'll end up naked at the wedding or something, who knows).  And not exactly for the sake of urgency-oh-my-God-I-need-this-right-now-can't-wait-any-longer-or-she'll-end-up-naked-at-the-wedding do I need to find this dress, but because I feel bad, because the poor woman is a) not a shopper and b) we just want to put my mom's mind at ease.  So I'm asking, begging, on bended knee, for some serious help. 

For those of you that don't know, the wedding is in August, in sunny wine country, California.  My bridesmaids are all wearing shades of green, on the sage side, with some brown cowboy boots.  So not only does the dress need to be a specific color but it also needs to be comfortable, supportive (physically and emotionally I suppose) affordable (she found a dress she likes but the price tag doesn't seem to like her!) and preferably re-wearable.

So.  Wow that really rules a lot out, eh?  No wonder we're having trouble.  But I thought this would be easy! (stomps feet on the ground in a fit of rage). 

So please...help?  I would so very much truly appreciate it.  So very much.




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