Spring Resolution

For some reason, spring feels to me like a better time for fresh starts than does the new year. Perhaps it's the sudden boost of energy I get from more sun and flowers - who knows?!

I just spent a fun evening with my friend who's training to be a nutritionist and we talked all about balanced diets. For me, this is a constant work in progress, especially as I'm learning to be a healthier vegetarian. I really enjoy learning how to cook interesting foods with useful properties.

Apparently rice and beans are not only tasty, but a perfect nutritional combination. And darn cute:

Another favorite of mine is tea. For those of you who know me well, you know that tea + me go everywhere together. OK, I'm English, but just look at all the weird and wonderful brews out there!

So this spring, I vow to eat better and explore more. What resources do you use for cooking and learning about foods? Favorite superfoods? Any hints and recipes gratefully appreciated!

Photos here, here, here and here


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