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Glad you enjoyed the banksy post, so I got inspired to share some more art I saw in London with you, but a little bit different this time.

I was lucky enough to catch a great exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, called The Real van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters. It was wonderful to see such a comprehensive and imaginatively put together exhibition of an artist who sometimes gets compartmentalized.

The exhibition showed the progression of van Gogh's art, his personal life and his mental state (without making too much of the overdone crazy artist thing), in large part by presenting letters to his brother Theo which described how he approached his art.

I was struck by how committed he was to mastering different techniques, including pen-and-ink drawing and impressionism, and how influenced he was by literature and pastoral scenes, like the one below.

Unfortunately I couldn't find much by the way of pics online to reflect much of what I saw at the exhibition. But, there's an incredible resource here from the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam where you can read all of van Gogh's letters. And the RA website on this exhibition is great too. Definitely worth a look if you're curious.


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