Interesting. Very interesting.

Last night, we watched a recorded episode of Jeopardy!  Say what you will, laugh and sneer, but we love that show and look forward to watching it every night.  So the particular episode we watched last night was Celebrity Jeopardy!, featuring Anderson Cooper, Aisha Tyler and Cheech Marin.  I kid you not, it started out just like the classic Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy! skits.  You know the kind, where "Sean Connery" and "Alex Trebek" bicker and Connery throws out "that's not what your mom said last night, Trebek" burns?  Or how "Burt Reynolds" would change his name to Turd Ferguson or come out wearing an oversized hat that he "found backstage". 

Anyway, this episode really started out that way.  Nobody was following directions, Aisha buzzed in and said the correct answer AFTER she already buzzed in once with the incorrect answer.  It was funny, to say the least.  But what really, really baffled me was this.  Cheech Marin beat Anderson Cooper with flying colors.  At his own categories too.  Categories that Mr. Cooper should have owned.  I loved it.  Seriously.

I just wanted to share because I find it so awesome.  Congrats, Cheech!  Way to show the world that guys like Cheech & Chong are smart! 

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