Brace yourself, this could get sappy

So, these last few winter months have turned me into a NCAA basketball fanatic, like, dude style.  Say what?  Yeah, it's true...but the boy quite enjoys it.

It's strange to say that it's true, I'm a huge fan of the KU Jayhawks EVEN though I grew up hating them and loving the other Kansas team.  But then I went to school at KSU for a year, absolutely hated it and then moved to Lawrence where I finally felt at home.  And now, here I am in Chicago, finally following the Jayhawks' every game with my man fully supporting them as well. 

They're currently ranked # 2, which is a shame as they have been in the #1 position throughout most of the season.  But that's not stopping them from winning the championship like they did in '08 (man, that game was so intense and nail-biting, but they won and it was FUN to be at the KU bar in Bucktown).  They're totally going all the way, and I can't wait for March (mustache) Madness to seriously kick in. 

So what am I getting at with all this blabber?  Well last night's game was an important one.  Not only because they defeated the KSU Wildcats (in a blowout), but it was senior night.  The team only has one senior...Sherron Collins.  They've got a bunch of seriously super talented youngsters who know how to play together, but the reason they work so well as a team is definitely due in part to Sherron's leadership (not to mention their coach Bill Self, a real stand-up guy).  He is their go-to guy for every situation and when he's not having a good night the rest of the team feels it. 

Last night was an emotional night in Allen Fieldhouse.  Seriously, it's not every day you see a bunch of 6' something grown men shedding tears and sharing embraces. 

They won the Big 12 championship and secured their solo spot with last night's victory. 

Collins' family took bets last night over how long it would take him to break down and cry during his senior day speech, but he didn't even make it to the speech without some tears pouring down his cheeks! 

# 4 Collins will go down as the winningest player in KU history.  Which is awesome as he is in competition wth some NBA greats such as Paul Pierce, Kirk Heinrich and the legendary Wilt Chamberlain.

I'm always impressed when outstanding players choose to actually stay for four years in the NCAA.  All of KU's team have amazing academic scores and that makes me proud.  Last night was a night full of love and that is why I'm sharing this with you.  I'm full of sap right now, apparently. 

My favorite quote of the night:  "You cannot help but love a place like this." - Collins

Ok, sorry for the sports post.  But this is a blog about things we love and I do love KU basketball.  Please keep reading the blog!!

(photos via SI, here, here and here)


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