Starting the day off right!

Ladies, this morning I read an article that brightened my day.  Do you love drinking a glass of wine or a beer (and so on) on weeknights (not to mention weekends, that's a given)?   Well researchers are now saying that light to moderate drinking may keep us from gaining too much weight.  While this may not be the green light for getting sloshed at every tick of the clock, it is a breath of fresh air to know that those high-calorie alcoholic beverages that I so love and adore aren't all that bad for me.  Because, as many of you friend of mine know, "mama loves her hooch" (hee hee hee).  But, I also don't like gaining weight!  So thanks, ABC News/Health, because now I'll have a glass of wine tonight without the pang of guilt eating me alive since I'm trying to shape up for the big day! 

* I do not normally buy into these studies, I simply use them to my advantage when I see fit. 

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