aubin and wills

I'll take this please.  

And I'll be wearing this underneath:

Paired with these jeans:

When I saw this outfit in the June issue of Lucky, I went a little weak in the knees.  It's so perfect for chily days like today, and it's an outfit that I would never get tired of.  I will also never get tired of the t-shirt, yoga pants and hoodie outfit I currently have on right now (how thankful I am to be at home on the couch now, where I belong, with some r&r for the rest of the day).  Anyway, aubin & wills has my heart.  The price? Not so much.  So if any of you are so inclined, I can start up a 'buy Mo lots of cool, hip clothes' charity and y'all can contribute and write a 'we are the world' type song to sing on the telethon that will be hosted on PBS.  Ok, I kid.  But I can really set up a pay pal account if you're going to insist!

Their mens collection is pretty handsome too.  I must say, my tall skinny fiance would look mighty handsome in this Yoxford henley.  

They even have housewares, such as shaving brushes

And cute glass jars and such for holding candy and other things (mine should come full of candy, please)

So, I'm pretty much sold on this store, can you tell?  It's apparently all the rage in the UK (is that true, Anna?  Daniela?) and it's now available to us online.  But hopefully it will make it's grand entry to the states soon enough, so I can lust after these ensembles in the store instead of getting drool on my keyboard!  


Stephanie May 17, 2010 at 3:29 PM  

My husband recently got into shaving old school. He loves his shaving brush. As for me, I love jars and that one is no exception. :)

sarah :: this is jackson riley May 17, 2010 at 6:33 PM  

i have Always (capital A) had a special place in my heart for nautical-eque clothes, like the red jacket and stripped hoodie :)

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