The Most Interesting Bar Trick in the World

Last night, a few coworkers and I headed over to Cactus for some post-work/Cinco de Mayo festivities.  Dos Equis was sponsoring said festivities but sadly, the most interesting man in the world did not make an appearance. His cardboard cut out did, however.  Shortly after we guzzled down our first bucket of beers, some scantily clad dancers walked in (adorned in Indian headdresses of all things), and we were given noise makers and mardi-gras beads.  I thought, OK, this is getting weird.  It really was.  So just to make things as weird as possible, we were approached by a man who claims to be a part of the most interesting show in the world. 

"Wanna see a trick?" he asked us.
"Duh" we replied.
"Are any of you squeamish?"
"No, no!" (a big fat lie, I am really squeamish but why would that matter with a deck of cards inside a bar?)
"She is!" said my coworkers boyfriend, about his girlfriend (seriously, why are boys so mean like that!?)
"Great!  Will you please pick a card from the deck?"
She picks a card from the deck and shows us all.  It's a 7 of clubs. 
She sticks the card back in the deck.   He shuffles.  Then....
He gets out this black case and I kid you not, PULLS OUT A SCORPION.  A REAL LIVE SCORPION!  STINGER AND ALL!
Here's where I should insert the picture of the scorpion, but I will spare you.
"Holy crap!" Says the coworkers boyfriend who volunteered his girlfriend to be mean.  He steps back and it's clear to us all that he's freaking out.  Karma!
So the Dos Equis guy proceeds to let the scorpion crawl all over him as we're all getting grossed out and worried of what might happen. 
The scorpion starts clawing at the cards but soon latches on to one in particular. 
Lo and behold, with his little scorpio-sense, pulls out the 7 of clubs. 
"Woo! Hooray!" we all exclaimed. 
Now put that thing away and get outta here, we all silently thought.
It was nuts!  And this picture of Gob here really sums it up, sans scorpion:

Photo of Gob via


sarah :: this is jackson riley May 6, 2010 at 10:57 AM  

did your post just end with a picture of Gob from Arrested?!?!


hip hip gin gin May 6, 2010 at 12:37 PM  

Oh my god!!!!! I would have died. Or peed my pants. Probably both, not necessarily in that order. I can't decide if I'm more freaked out by the scorpion or more amazed by his card locating skills! Craziness.

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