And we're back!

{the sunset on our drive to Wichita}

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Our was pretty great, pretty relaxed and chock full of boardgames.  We had 2 official Thanksgiving dinners, luckily on separate days.  We spent the actual holiday at my aunt and uncle's house where I got to see my cousins and their kiddos (I met a new baby cousin who is as cute as can be).  We caught up, watched football, ate a lot and then retreated back to my parents house to play some games, drink some beer and have a nice night in.  The next day, we cooked a giant feast for our "immediate" family which is rather gigantic these days.  I made the fancy mac n' cheese and my oldest niece LOVED it.  The others liked it until I spilled the beans about there being onions in it.  Oops!  We drank wine from our wedding (hooray, my mom surprisingly had an entire box full of Hans Fahden wine waiting for us!!), played more boardgames with everyone and enjoyed some bad jokes and good laughs.  We finished the night off watching Hot Tub Time Machine with my stepdad, which is actually a rather funny movie.

My favorite part of the trip was spending time with my parents, just sitting around the table drinking coffee and chatting in the mornings.  Everything was so laid back and everyone seemed to come over to us all week/weekend long.  I got a lot of Mimi time in with the kids (hooray!) who are growing up way too fast.  We also got the chance to see my stepbrother's awesome band play, Spirit of the Stairs.  They were so good even though we couldn't see a thing!  

Yesterday was an incredibly windy day but luck was on our side throughout most of our 12-hour drive back home.  There was a strong south wind that pushed us right along.  We were all set for arriving an hour and a half early (going the speed limit, thank you) until the highway was closed off by a bunch of cops and there were no signs directing us how to get back on to the highway we needed.  Luckily we had an atlas to direct us but then we got a FLAT TIRE and that took us awhile to fix since it was dark and windy and we had to pull off into the grass to avoid death by speeding semi's.  We still made it home in 12 hours and were able to watch Zombieland to recover.  Oh and have I mentioned that both of us are sick?? Yeah, that's right.  A trip home couldn't be complete without getting sick.  Sore throat sick.  Boo! So that's where I'll be today - under the covers watching movies and drinking herbal tea.  

Stay tuned - a big announcement is coming to Mo Pie, Please this week and you don't want to miss it!

SPIRIT OF THE STAIRS • Noob Saibot from Lonny Quattlebaum on Vimeo.


Dancing Branflake November 29, 2010 at 1:26 PM  

Welcome back! I cannot wait for your announcement!

la petite coquine November 29, 2010 at 1:34 PM  

Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving-it sounds like a perfect weekend! Can't wait to hear the announcement, either!

Signe November 30, 2010 at 3:25 AM  

Welcome back :)
That picture looks amazing and I am glad you had a good time!
And now you got me all exited over that announcement...


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