Happy Monday...

I'm still in a state of bliss after the lovely day/night my sweet baby provided me with.  We agreed long ago to go ring shopping, even if it is a tad bit early.  Hey, it's free (for now) and it's romantic!  Since the store I wanted to go to was closed, we ended up going into Tiffany's!  Aaaaaaaah, Tiffany's.  He tried on rings, I tried on rings, we laughed, we smiled - we had a good time.  Oddly enough, I wasn't that into any of the rings I tried on.  Boy found some good ones but man were they shiny.  He's not so much a shiny kind of guy either.

After our afternoon of shopping, we headed to The Wit, where Badger had booked us a room for the night!! Our room was amazing and the views were stunning.  And how strange it was to wake up and walk to work. 

We ate dinner at Cibomatto, which was scrumptious, had the best cocktails at Roof (indoors of course) and then settled in for the night.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Thanks for the amazing night, babe!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

(photo via gothamist)


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