Sweet glorious weekend!

What's everyone getting up to this weekend?  It's a special weekend after all.  Whether it be Valentine's Day weekend for you, or President's day weekend or the celebration of Raegan/Anna/Bort's birthdays with a burlesque themed party.  Oooh la la!  It should be a good weekend.  And you know why?  Because it's the weekend!  Nuff said.  Aside from the burlesque birthday bash, Badger & I are skyping w/my dear sweet lovely friend Jess who is creating our invitations.  We're also going to go ring shopping (yay!) on Sunday to be romantic but away from all the crowds and such.  Then maybe we'll head back home and drink that 13-year-old bottle of Chardonnay we brought back from Calistoga.  Mmmmmmmmmm, wine. 

Whatever you get up to, enjoy yourself this weekend!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Happy Anti-Valentine's Day (if that's how you roll)!

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Anonymous,  February 13, 2010 at 12:19 AM  

Are you really getting married this weekend? I couldn't tell from the comment you left me on my page! If so, well, hell! Congrats!
I was contemplating taking my sir to the Publican on Fulton for dinner (have you been there? If you don't eat meat, well, don't go. But if you do, by all means you must!); but we're both a bit poor at the moment and I decided to splurge my money at whole foods instead and make a gigantic dinner. More intimate... and his roommate will be gone all weekend, so we're taking full advantage of that!

Mo February 13, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

oh whoa, I didn't realize I wrote it that way! Haha! We're getting married in the summer (August 6th). I think what I meant by that was because we're getting married we could be making our friends barf about it all!
I've never been to the Publican but have heard great things. No, I don't eat meat so places lke that are sometimes a challenge. However, we went to the Bristol not long ago which I hear is similar to the Publican, and it was fantastic. I had a pasta dish - can't go wrong with that. But the boy had some delicious meat dish and we rant and rave about that place. The drinks and the atmosphere are fantastic! Have a great weekend of love!!

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