Mo clothes

Thought I'd share some lovelies that I want to blow some money on...

A Mo dress indeed!  I love you, J.Crew.  I don't love your prices though!

So so cute...

I'll admit - I bought this dress last week.  My first ever Anthro dress!  I've never felt like I deserve to spend over $100 on a dress that's not for any particular occassion, but I bought it for our engagement photos and I feel justified by it!  It's lovely and I feel lovely in it!

I love clothes, I love shopping. 

I realized that for those of you who don't know me, the name Mo Pie Please might not make the most sense considering there is little on this blog about food, let alone PIE.  Well my name is Mo.  Actually it's Meagan but not many people call me that.  To my friends I'm Mo.  To my coworker's I'm Pierce.  To my family I'm Mimi.  Anyway - the name's Mo and Pie came together from my cute friend Anna who shares this blog with me and we thought the name Mo Pie, Please suited us well.  So who knows, maybe you'll see some posts about Pie soon.  Maybe not.  But thanks for reading and following this blog - I really love it!


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